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Beautiful manicure: 132 photos

Beautiful manicure: 132 photos

Any woman or the girl wants to become the most attractive and effective. And in order that to achieve it, it is necessary to watch constantly the appearance, a figure, not only keeping the beauty presented by the nature, but also in every possible way emphasizing it.

One of such methods of personal care is the manicuring and nails. Wealthier ladies are sure that the most necessary and qualitative personal care can be received only thanks to specialized salons. But isn't present! You will be able to make not less delightful manicure and houses, even is independent.

Care of nails

Even if to make madly delightful manicure, it will awfully look on not well-groomed and slovenly forms. That your marigold always pleased you, it is necessary to look after constantly them, following certain rules.

  • To maintain sufficient appeal of the hands without the assistance of professional cosmetologists, it is necessary to respect the hygienic rules of manicure initially. To observe that the thin skin round a nail didn't grow coarse, it is obligatory to wash nails, using a special brush, constantly to rub in the oil softening skin or any nutritious moisturizing cream.
  • If you have very dry shelled skin, then it is worth carrying out hot manicure from time to time. Instead of an oil tray for hands, grease them with special nutritious mix which is on sale in the relevant shops, and wrap up hands a damp hot towel or soft fabric. In addition get a habit daily to nourish skin the softening means.
  • Rather often the problem of the exfoliating nails meets. To help an organism to get rid of it, it is necessary to process carefully nails vivifying oil and juice of a lemon. And it is even better to do salt trays with use of broths of dried herbs. Simple hygienic lipstick too is rather effective in fight for beautiful tips of nails.
  • That on manicure in house conditions as little as possible time left, it is necessary to wash up hands by all means with application of a srub, thus quite carefully to massage finger-tips and nails. After accurately to put a varnish of the chosen shade and to give it the chance to dry out. And that efforts remained as it is possible more long, to perform all work on economy in rubber gloves better.
  • And the most important component of good manicure are high-quality tools by means of which it is carried out. First of all, health and beauty of your hands depends on their state.

Thanks to such simple ways you, without resorting to expensive services of professional experts, you will be able always to brag of beautiful and healthy nails.

Beautiful manicure: 132 photos

Main conditions for beautiful manicure

If you know some rules of the correct drawing a varnish, your nails will become for you a subject of pride and envy for people around.

  • The main thing that each structure of a nail had an identical form and length.
  • Before putting a varnish, the surface of a nail needs to be degreased. Also try to select carefully a decorative covering as the cheapest not only aren't effective when using, but also promote destruction of structure of a nail plate.
  • If you noticed that at least on one nail there was a varnish chip, you shouldn't wait, at once clear special means and anew put a varnish.
  • Before putting a repeated layer, surely wait for careful drying of the first.

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Scenery methods

When you buy nail varnish, first of all pay attention to color of the clothes, daily jewelry and accessories. Everything has to be combined with your style and is harmonious supplement it.

If you are going to decorate a nail by means of patterns that the form of drawing depends on the size of a nail plate, and where exactly it will settle down. It will be especially beautiful to look that pattern which will be harmoniously combined with a pattern on your dress.

Today there are many means for creation of a delightful ornament on nails. It and various pastes, spangles and bulyonka. The gentle lace executed on a surface of a varnish covering will be not less found to look.

Short marigold

Each girl literally dreams the long nails. But, naturally, not all were lucky, and the nature presented not everyone with a smart gift. Very many suffer, trying to grow long nails. They exfoliate and break, and through some unsuccessful manicures in general are cut off at the roots. And the latest technologies, such as gel and acrylic building come to the rescue.

But also this way doesn't yield the maximum result. There passes week and ideal manicure it is necessary to correct. And it is possible to speak about destructive influence on structure of a nail of such rather expensive building much.

But what to do if nails don't wish to be long, and to spend money and health for procedures of correction there is no wish? Many women in race behind bright effects absolutely forget about a charm of natural beauty. After all on a short marigold the manicure can be not less delightful, than on long. The main thing is correct to pick up it, to issue and constantly to watch a healthy and well-groomed look.

Faultless manicure on short nails

Beautiful manicure: 132 photos

Making out a shape of a nail, always pay attention to a structure of the finger. The rectangular shape of a nail plate is now very fashionable, but it is relevant only to at whom rather long shape of a palm. And it is better for rest to stop on the classical oval.

Constantly delete cuticles as it considerably increases short nails and appearance becomes more well-groomed. Visually to extend a plate, it is possible to apply drawings vertically of a look. And at especially wide shapes of a nail, it is worth putting a varnish covering only on the center, but without affecting the region.

Don't apply volume design, it will be absolutely inappropriate. And scrupulously select forms and the sizes of a pattern. You shouldn't do it ugly huge.

On oval structure flower compositions and any varnishes of bright, but gentle tones beautifully look, and on rectangular – it is possible to apply dark in combination with graphic patterns. And on all marigold the service jacket classical will smartly look.

Manicure French

Initially this manicure was also thought up especially for short nails. It is also ideal option in daily use. And for more festive it is possible to issue it a little in a different way and it is favorable to beat edge of a nail. Let's say to make an angular service jacket which looks very perfectly.

Monophonic manicure

Never trust those who will tell that monophonic manicure it is boring and banal. It is classical option! And the classics can't be boring. Especially as today's variety of color scales is so saturated that can satisfy any inquiries, even the most whimsical. And such manicure is the easiest option which doesn't demand absolutely any adaptations and special talents. It can be applied daily, only changing color scales.

Masterpieces on nails

Types of drawings infinite number. Each manicure with application of any element, becomes a peculiar and unforgettable masterpiece of art. If you independently decided to make drawing, then don't forget about some highlights.

Never you put a patten stroke completely all plate, what delightful it wouldn't be as it visually considerably will narrow it. And any line from decorative accessories or the very narrow strip dividing a nail will help to extend visually. On short manicure small hearts, berries, stars or peas, and also any lacy patterns will look rather pertinently.

And what your nails wouldn't be long, it is necessary to look after them constantly. To use the specialized complex of vitamins strengthening oils and the corresponding medical coverings. Never use varnish coverings expired and don't use too often acetone. It first of all will lead to destruction of nail structure.

And, lovely ladies, it is never necessary to convince himself that the manicure only for darling is made. Believe, the man is so arranged that he is capable to notice only or total absence of nail structure or three-centimetric, painted in poisonous tone, shoots. Do manicure for own pleasure and for a mood raising. And you can do similar manicure irrespective of length of your nails.


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