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The best nippers for a cuticle professional, responses

Unlike the western countries, at us the cut manicure is widespread. If in the European beauty shops of the master are afraid to cut off to the client a cuticle because of fear to get under court, in our country of such threat anybody isn't afraid. Though the European manicure and safer, but cut option of this service much more accurately and more carefully exempts a nail bed from the accrued thin skin. Besides nippers help not only to remove a cuticle, but also to get rid of agnails, to clean all flaws and the sticking-out skin slices with which gel on fruit acids won't cope. If all of you prefer the European method, pay attention to gel for instant removal of a cuticle of Sally Hansen. Also read how to clean a cuticle without trimming.

Besides often there is so rough cuticle that the European manicure "won't get at it". In relation to such cuticle the cut option of manicure is always used. And the basis of any qualitative cut manicure — is professional nippers from strong steel.

We will understand article — how to choose nippers, we will consider their most popular brands, and at what price on average we can get this tool.

 How to choose and use

To what features of nippers it is necessary to pay attention to choose the most qualitative:

  • Choose the professional tool. Such nippers can be found in the shops specializing on expendables for beauty shops and hairdressing salons. There is a lot of outlets, there are whole networks. It is more favorable to buy in networks because the prices are lower there, than in small points. Besides can get a discount card that is favorable to continuous purchases. And in large professional shops, as a rule, goods of appropriate quality. The best nippers for a cuticle professional, responses
  • If you are engaged in manikyurny activity recently, it is best of all to choose nippers with a small width of edges. The matter is that to be active the tool with wide edges in power only to skilled masters who already "got the hand". And first there is a high probability that you will constantly bite and pinch off skin slices back part of wide edges that painfully and does manicure inaccurate. The best nippers for a cuticle professional, responses
  • Take nippers in a hand and look attentively at edges at a gleam. At the high-quality tool of an edge at compression have to be ideally suited densely each other. If there is the slightest gleam, so nippers will qualitatively not cut off skin from once. It will lead to inaccurate manicure, cuticle "razlokhmachivaniye".
  • Check nippers for smoothness of the course. They have to be easy to be been active one hand. The tool has to contract and be unclenched without problems. Don't choose hard nippers — too many forces should be applied then in the course of their operation. It is very important to estimate quality of connection of two separate parts of nippers. The place of the hinge has to be reliable, possess the smooth and soft course.

On video professional nippers for a cuticle:

  • Check, whether the tool is well ground. Fine edges — 80% of successful manicure. Of course, subsequently you will sharpen them, but originally in shop nippers have to be ideally ground. It is impossible to work with a blunt tool — such nippers will only tear and "lokhmatit" a cuticle — and instead of accurate manicure still the worst result as a result will turn out, than was before procedure. It is considered the best the tool with an offhand grinding which provides long sharpness of an edge. After acquisition some years won't be required to sharpen the most qualitative models.
  • It is best of all to choose the nippers made of surgical steel. Tools of firm of Staleks and Yoko are that, for example. Surgical high-quality steel provides long sharpness of the tool and allows to carry out its deep disinfection. The best nippers for a cuticle professional, responses
  • Be convinced that the tool conveniently lies in a hand, is pleasant to the touch and doesn't bring discomfort. After all it is necessary to deal with it often, and to professional manicurists — it is constant.
  • Check that the product was executed accurately — without excess gaps, jags, any defects. Jags, concavities, other defects on an edge are inadmissible. It simply shouldn't be. Any hindrance and defect on this major part of nippers will bring in flaws in manicure. Definitely you won't call such tool qualitative.
  • You don't pursue the cheap price. Even if you didn't keep and bought nippers for 5 USD, and they seemed very sharp and convenient in the beginning, most likely, in a month of work they will become blunted. Often still happens that when sharpening the low-quality tool becomes covered by jags that is absolutely inadmissible for nippers. Therefore get tools of a famous brand better — you will avoid a set of troubles further.

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Review of nippers

We will understand what exactly nippers for manicure it is better to choose. We will consider the most popular brands representing this neobkhodimeyshy manikyurny tool in the market.



The average price of the tool of this brand — 300-27 USD.



The cost of the tool of brand of Yoko begins from 27 USD, the average price of-40 USD.



  • The company offers a huge choice of professional tools for manicure. Has excellent reputation and trust of most of manicurists around the world. The best nippers for a cuticle professional, responses
  • Various options of width of the handle, length of edges, the sizes of nippers allow to pick up the tool for any manicurist and for private use.
  • Nippers are made of surgical steel therefore also the very strong don't rust.
  • Offhand grinding.
  • Set of high-quality sharpening and especially strong steel gives a guarantee of that the first sharpening will be required only after 5 years of active operation. All this time of an edge will possess fine cutting properties — of course, on condition of appropriate leaving.
  • Edges have bilateral sharpening that provide their special sharpness. You will cut off a cuticle softly, one easy pressing. The main thing – is correct to calculate that distance of skin which is required to be cleaned.
  • Nippers at all the merits have the acceptable price that allows to use them not only in beauty shops, but also to get for house use.

The cutting tool of this brand can be got at the price from 17 to 84 USD.

On video professional tweezers of Staleks for a cuticle:





Cost — from 20 USD.

If the choice is made, you look how it is correct to cut off a cuticle in house conditions.


That those who already tried to work with the nippers presented in the review speak:

  • Ania, manicurist: "8 years I work in manikyurny business and from the very first day of study for me nippers of firm of Staleks. They were recommended on courses by the teacher. Since then also I don't leave them. It is completely happy with the choice, no other tool provides so pure and accurate processing of a cuticle. I think that these nippers are ideally suited for professional activity. I recommend".
  • Victoria: "I prefer to work with Staleks and Yoko's nippers. Tools of these brands to me seem the most suitable for work in salon. They long aren't in a stupor that allows to process a good flow of clients daily, conveniently lie in a hand, they can be disinfected even in boiled water that sometimes it is required as clients happen different. I would recommend for professional activity nippers of these firms".
  • Irina: "I got nippers of Staleks for private use and is happy completely. Though I was also warned that they have very fine edges and for want of habit I can be cut, it didn't happen — they have so smooth and obedient course that I wasn't cut in general. Besides the firm has a wide choice of length of edges, and I chose with short edges that it is most convenient for me — after all I am the nonprofessional master. It is completely happy. Already I use 5 years, I didn't sharpen never, they still same sharp yet, as in day of purchase. Here that professional quality means. I recommend".

The best nippers for a cuticle professional, responses

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Councils for leaving

  • Before using nippers, process their every time antiseptic liquid. It you exclude probability of infection.
  • As soon as noticed that nippers lost sharpness, so came to sharpen time them. Don't try to do it independently, bear to the professional grinder. It is possible "to kill" with illiterate sharpening completely the tool, having turned it into an unusable piece of metal.
  • For disinfection of nippers avoid aggressive solutions with bleaching powder or aldehydes — these substances are capable to destroy metal. If you use nippers of the house and only personally, simply wipe them alcohol from time to time.
  • You store nippers in the closed place, the cutting party of edges up — to avoid their zatupleniye.

Putting into practice our councils for a choice of nippers and further leaving, you will provide yourself for many years with the trouble-free tool by means of which hands of favourite clients and your own will always strike with the beauty, an ukhozhennost and accurate manicure. Perhaps, you are also mnteresut by the reasons why gel the varnish doesn't keep on nails. Here it is described why gel the varnish bubbles on nails.