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Whether pregnant women can paint nails: whether it is necessary to endow beauty

Whether pregnant women can paint nails: whether it is necessary to endow beauty We have our dear future mummies for you two news — good and bad.

Good news is that you can paint nails during pregnancy. Bad news – you have to be extremely careful in a varnish choice.

During pregnancy you have to study attentively structures of all substances caused on a body, whether it be nail varnish or a mask for hair. The content of carcinogens in cosmetics can become the reason of oncological diseases at future child. Categorically we don't advise you to use cosmetics of handicraft work.

How to choose nail varnish

At a choice of nail varnish it is necessary to be guided by the following rule – as a part of a varnish there shouldn't be following substances at all:

  1. Formaldehyde. This component is added usually for firmness strengthening. Thanks to formaldehyde, the varnish keeps on nails much better. The substance has destructive influence on nervous system, both mothers, and future child. Can cause an allergy. Cases of development of pathologies in a fruit are frequent.
  2. Toluene. Quite often is a part of nail varnish. Promotes its fast drying on a nail. By scientists it is proved that this toxic substance possesses narcotic action. Toluene can become the reason of oncological diseases, frustration of the central nervous system. Inhalation of substance can cause shortage of oxygen, both in mother, and in the kid.
  3. Camphor oil. On the one hand quite harmless substance. It is possible to tell, even very useful in certain cases. During pregnancy quite often has negative effect. Camphor oil quickly gets into airways. The component can provoke bleeding and an abortion.

Gel varnish for future mothers

About advantages gel varnish already many articles are written. Such type of manicure allows to keep nails in a faultless state more than 10 days. Such way of manicure to future mummies is how safe?

Advantages gel varnish:


  • At pregnant women durability of a covering can be broken.
  • The covering of nails gel varnish takes more time.
  • Procedure of removal of a covering is similar to removal of a usual varnish, only liquid for removal of a varnish should be held a little more long. During procedure future mummy can have a nausea or allergic reaction.

You after all decided to make manicure with the help varnish gel?

Take care of the following:

  1. Track that the master used only the sterilized tools and the most qualitative materials.
  2. In salon there has to be a pleasant atmosphere and a convenient chair that you felt at home.
  3. In salon has to be good systems of ventilation.

Be ready to unexpected manifestations gel varnish on your nails!

If doubts concerning safety of such type of manicure continue to torment you – we advise to consult to the attending physician. Experiments in this case can lead to deplorable consequences!

Whether artificial nails are safe?

Today pregnant women continue to argue on safety of artificial nails. Results of numerous researches showed that the chemicals used when building can have negative impact on a female organism.

Whether pregnant women can paint nails: whether it is necessary to endow beauty Acryle, equally, as well as gel, has a pungent smell and very harmful evaporations. Formaldehyde is a part of materials for nail extension (in insignificant quantity).

Nail extension isn't contraindicated to future mummies. We recommend to you to do it with extra care.

During procedure you can put on a gauze bandage the person. It will prevent hit of harmful substances in your organism.

Take care of that the master would use only the most high-quality materials.

After procedure to get rid of dust, properly wash up hands and a face with soap.

How to choose safe means for removal of a varnish?

By long tradition most of women for removal of a varnish from nails use usual acetone. Certainly, it is the easiest way taking couple of seconds.

For so short time the substance won't be able to do harm to a nail plate, especially, an organism in general. It isn't necessary to forget that acetone is the solvent possessing a caustic smell.

Getting to airways, it can become the reason of development of lung cancer. Experts don't recommend to use liquid for removal of a varnish which part acetone is, during pregnancy.

On what it is necessary to pay attention?

Today in the market the wide choice of means for removal of a varnish is presented:

  • gels
  • cream
  • liquids
  • napkins

All of them are in turn subdivided on:

  • with vitamins
  • with acetone
  • without acetone

Means which basis includes amyl-acetic ester and ethyl acetate are considered as the most sparing. Nevertheless, they are also toxic.

Whether pregnant women can paint nails: whether it is necessary to endow beauty The great popularity was received by the means in the form of gel and cream containing vitamins, essential oils, minerals and extracts of herbs. Thanks to these additives negative influence is softened. They are rather economical in use, add to nails gloss and moistening.

It is easiest to clear nails by means of napkins. The varnish is removed nearly one movement. Liquid which napkins are impregnated, doesn't contain acetone. Propylene glycol – solvent which also has toxic effect is its part.

Producers didn't think up safe means for removal of a varnish yet. Any contains toxic substance. Despite it, you shouldn't refuse beautiful manicure.

Rules of use of means for removal of a varnish:

  • don't use more than 2 times a week,
  • after use wash up hands salty water,
  • having removed an old varnish, you shouldn't do at once manicure, nails need rest,
  • don't forget about nutritious cream,
  • at a choice of means give preference only to the checked and qualitative means.

The campaign in beauty shop is strictly forbidden?

Many cosmetologists assure pregnant women of safety of carrying out procedure. We advise you to refuse manipulations of this sort! Thus, you reduce the chances to catch various infections.

Whether pregnant women can paint nails: whether it is necessary to endow beauty If you got used to do manicure only in salon, in order to avoid troubles, you bring with yourself the tools (a nail file, cuticle scissors and a stick for a cuticle).

Not in each salon tools give in to sterilization after use. Infections of nails will quite easily respond to treatment that can't be told about a blood infection. Such manicure will create real danger to a fruit.

It is best of all to visit the expert who is professionally working with future mummies. Such masters, as a rule, pass special training, well understand the used preparations.

How to avoid infection with an infection?

Remember that all tools in manikyurny salon have to give in to heat treatment.

Be not ashamed to check existence of the corresponding equipment once again. It will protect you from a set of the infections which are transferred by means of skin damages.

Danger of nail extension in salon

If you increase nails for many years and you don't want to refuse this pleasure during pregnancy, you should know the following risk factors:

  • use of ultra-violet lamps during building procedure, can lead to development of oncological diseases,
  • the raw tools, or insufficiently processed can become the reason of development of a fungus. Badly adjacent artificial plate will create for this purpose all conditions.
  • possible manifestation of allergic reactions. Material for nail extension contains methacrylate – the substance having negative impact on the woman and her future kid.
  • during procedure of removal of the increased nails the master can injure your nail. And it as you understand, a direct way for various infections.
  • frequent building increases chances to catch any disease. We recommend to you to lower campaigns in salon to a minimum.

Manicure and pedicure on deadlines for pregnancy

On deadlines for pregnancy you should have no problems with nails. You can accurately cut nails of the house or ask for the help the checked expert.

With a pedicure the situation is more difficult. Because of the sizes of your stomach, it will be difficult for you to make a pedicure independently. Of course, you can ask about the help of your husband or mother. You can also register to the skilled master in salon.

During procedure of a pedicure, don't forget about the following:

  1. on late terms of pregnancy the pedicure should be done at least 2 times a month. The positive effect will render also foot massage.
  2. doing a pedicure independently, be extremely careful during processing of feet pumice or a scraper. At pregnant women sensitivity of feet decreases.
  3. use the cosmetics only checked, resolved for future mothers.