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Caps for a pedicure: sand nozzles

The hardware pedicure — is polishing of feet and nails by means of the special machine completed with nozzles (mills). Feature of procedure that it is carried out without preliminary rasparivaniye of skin. For a softening special structures are used. The hardware pedicure isn't so injury-causing as cut, and has less contraindications. It can be carried out as in salon, and at home, on the equipment of amateur level.

Both for saloon, and for a house pedicure sand caps — available and effective nozzles are quite often used. Polishing with their help promotes preservation of smoothness of skin for long term.

Caps for a pedicure: sand nozzles

A variety of nozzles for processing of feet and nails

The hardware pedicure (especially professional) assumes use of the wide range of nozzles from various materials. They differ by efficiency, wear resistance, speed of processing of a surface, appointment and other parameters.

So, in the industry of beauty such nozzles are applied:

  • diamond and chrome - nickel;
  • the corundum;
  • mineral, or ceramic;
  • sand (emery, silicon-carbide) caps on a rubber basis;
  • metal (hard-alloy) mills;
  • silicone and silicone - carbide nozzles.

Caps for a pedicure

Masters carry them to "grinders". They are used for removal of layers of the become horny skin, removal of callosities and natoptyshy, smoothness giving to feet, lateral rollers, nails (both natural, and artificial). These products differ in high efficiency, safety and convenience of application.

Allocate about 20 forms of caps. The following versions are more often applied to a pedicure:

  • hemispherical (kruglokonechny);
  • the cylindrical;
  • the conic.

Make them by the same principle, as an emery paper: apply an abrasive dusting on a textile basis.

Caps for a pedicure: sand nozzles


The sand cap is put on on the holder who, in turn, consists of a metal shaft and a rubber head with notches for fixing. In a form and diameter it has to correspond to completely grinding nozzle. Sometimes the basis happens metal, and recently there were also plastic.

Holders of caps are subject to disinfection and, unlike the grinder, are reusable.

Bases of different diameter — 5, 7, 10, 11, 13 and 16 mm are issued.

  • Large (11-16 mm) caps are intended for processing big and rather equal, without pronounced bends, foot surfaces.
  • The small are used for polishing of small sites of skin (for example, surfaces of fingers), and also for removal of small local callosities.
  • Averages (10 mm) grind skin of feet and a small pillow of fingers. For processing of artificial nails cylindrical caps of the small size, mainly on a metal basis are used.

Pay attention! The more more roughly) the processed site, the is more and diameter of the grinder and the less there has to be a speed of rotation of a mill.

If the large nozzle rotates at too high speed, breakage of a shaft or basis is possible. It is possible to work as small nozzles and at high speeds.

Watch useful video with recommendations about a choice of kabidno-silicon caps and other mills for a pedicure.


One of the main characteristics of caps — granularity. The less its value, the is more rough the grinding surface:

  • 60 grit — a super large abrasive. It is applied to processing (partial removal) of very thick horn layer of skin, removal of cracks.
  • 80 grit — a large abrasive. Also it is used on sites with expressed giperkeratozy (fabric growth), for removal natoptyshy and rough, rigid callosities. Processing leather of feet coarse-grained nozzles, it is necessary to watch that didn't remain scratches: it is difficult to polish them.
  • 150 grit — an average abrasive. It is applied to polishing of the normal (not too coarsened) skin of feet (including — small pillows of fingers) or after a coarse-grained cap.
  • 280 or 320 grit — a small abrasive. It is used for final polishing of skin and nails, and also processing of especially gentle sites — for example, surfaces of fingers.

Small caps (5-7 mm in the diameter) don't happen coarse-grained, and no wonder — their application on rough sites of foot is inexpedient.

Caps for a pedicure: sand nozzles


Famous brands:

  • TNL Professional lets out goods for manicure and a pedicure, including — machines, mills and caps. The range of the last isn't too great. All production is made in South Korea and is in a stable demand for nail technicians.
  • RuNail — the Russian producer of the equipment and cosmetics for beauty shops. Lets out rubber nozzles for a pedicure and caps of various sizes (5-13 mm) and abrasivity degrees (80-180 grit).
  • The German firm Lukas makes grinders and rubber bases 80 years. Production differs in high quality. The choice of sand nozzles is very wide. In addition, the company offers also large nozzles (16 mm). Except standard, at the assortment there are waterproof and not heating up during the work caps.
  • The Chinese grinders of little-known producers (for example, Taiwan Tool) less wearproof, than firm, but cost not much. They are often used for a house hardware pedicure.
  • Altima — the Russian company which makes caps, being guided by development of Lukas and using similar materials. On quality production practically doesn't concede German, but differs in more democratic price.

The largest suppliers of goods for care of nails in Russia — Myslitsky Nail and Planet Nails.

As it is correct to apply sand caps

Sand nozzles in salons have to be utilized after single application. They are used only for dry processing of feet.

Attention! Caps aren't subject to disinfection and sterilization, and at contact with water from them the dusting is showered.

Each procedure requires some different nozzles and therefore its prime cost is quite high. The aspiration forces to save some masters to apply caps, already former in the use. For the client it is unsafe as textiles and an abrasive crumb are the favorable environment for development of bacteria.

Caps for a pedicure: sand nozzles

At individual use in house conditions the product can be operated until the abrasive layer doesn't descend from it.

Procedure of processing of feet happens in three stages.

  1. At first the layer of the become horny skin is removed a coarse-grained (60-80) cap of big diameter.
  2. Then polishing by a product with average granularity is carried out (150).
  3. For final polishing use a tip 320.

Selecting a cap, it is necessary to consider a condition of skin and possibility of the machine for a pedicure. The nozzles are larger, the less there has to be a speed of their rotation. Notice that at each milling cutter the technical characteristics: the concrete model can be incompatible with these or those nozzles.

When processing skin and nails the mill shouldn't stop for a moment. The movement is carried out without pressing and sharp change of the directions.

Useful video

Hardware pedicure with application of sand caps.


For a house hardware pedicure abrasive caps are the optimum decision thanks to the universality. With their help it is possible to process any surfaces, from the most rough to the most delicate. It is simple to work with them: a wide experience it isn't required.

It is more convenient to get expendables wholesale.