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Molding on nails: photo, video, technology of performance step by step

Molding on nails — the popular direction of a neyl-art with the metallized foil by means of which original and stylish patterns are created.

Tools and adaptations for performance of manicure

To make molding of nails, it is absolutely optional to go to beauty shop, any girl will be able to create magnificent manicure on the marigold, it is worth being trained and accumulate experience a little. For this purpose it will also need to buy necessary tools in specialized shop of a neyl-art: a set which some types of gel paints and shades of a foil, an ultra-violet lamp, brushes enter.

Advantage of molding is the low price of the used materials. If it is planned to carry out manicure not only itself, but also to clients, is much more practical to get a foil in rolls.

Two types of the metallized foil are issued:

  1. The translated represents sheets and strips on which the stamping and an ornament are applied. A foil bilateral, the top layer glossy, lower — opaque.
  2. Not translated is applied in aqua design. The drawings which are fastening on a varnish and becoming covered by the fixing means are cut out from a foil. Using a toothpick, the foil can be torn on slices and to lay out from them an original mosaic.

Modern materials for a fashionable neyl-art assume various color schemes of a foil.

The foil can be applied on black gel-paint with a sticky basis and on special glue. The first option is much more convenient for work as the created drawing is clearly visible, and here transparent glue will merge with a background. For the skilled master there is no basic difference, with what material to work.

It is first better for beginners to use a simple varnish as a sticky basis. He will much easier act from nail plates in case something becomes incorrectly, besides it will allow to save expendables.

Color gels will be required to create a background basis and various drawings. Also removal of a sticky layer from a basic covering requires special liquid on alcohol. Some producers offer more convenient napkins in application with impregnation.

Process of development of molding on nails is simple, but it is necessary to be ready to that from the first reproduce the magnificent manicure can  not to turn out. Sometimes not inexperience of the master, but a low-quality foil and gel therefore it is necessary to get materials only of the checked producer is guilty of unsuccessful result.

Quite often molding is combined with "liquid stones". It is in that case recommended to get special stained glass gel which creates effect of magnifying glass and does "stones" similar to the natural. For "liquid stones" it is better to use ready polymeric jewelry. The cost of such sets is also small — within 4 dollars.

Technology of molding on nails

The technology of molding will demand from the beginner of certain skills, and also patience and assiduity.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. To apply on nail plates polymerization gel — a basis of art composition. It is used both on all plate, and on separate sites.
  2. To dry nails in an ultra-violet lamp. This procedure takes no more than 2 minutes, but everything depends on material and firm of the producer. If not gel, but glue was used, it is necessary to consider that it dries slightly more long.
  3. To draw with gel of black color an ornament, on it will be later the foil is pasted. For drawing a pattern it is necessary to use a thin brush. Lines have to be the most volume, it guarantees strong fixing of a foil.
  4. To dry gel in the UF-lamp once again exactly two minutes.Molding on nails: photo, video, technology of performance step by step
  5. To put a foil. To fix it the opaque party on a sticky covering, to press a hand then the sharp movement to tear off from a nail.
  6. For study of small elements of design to apply gel with a thin brush. The foil can be imposed and plates, all the same graceful pattern remains only in those places where gel was applied.
  7. To fix the received drawing the fixing means.
  8. If molding is decided to combine with liquid stones, gel of the chosen color it is necessary to create a contour for future stone. For receiving effect of modulations on the sun it is recommended to use some shades.
  9. To apply stained glass gel, to fix in the UF-lamp.
  10. To cover a stone with the sculptural gel giving to stones volume again to fix in an ultra-violet lamp.

 That's all, the magnificent manicure which will cause admiration of people around, is ready!

Molding on nails — video with a master class

Councils to beginners

Women who only try the forces in art of manicure by means of the metallized foil, quite often face certain problems. The main of them is that the foil or roughly lays down on gel, or doesn't keep at all.

  • Perhaps, matter in quality of the used materials. During the work with a varnish or gel which is used for a basis, it is necessary to pay attention that they surely have to create a sticky surface, differently the foil won't be fixed. Incorrect time of drying can be one more cause. Before work it is necessary to read attentively the instruction to gel as 2 minutes are enough to dry a basis of one producer, and 6–8 minutes will be required to process another.
  • The foil should be imposed in such a way: densely to press the used material and to tear off from a nail plate. It is necessary to repeat procedure so many time until it is brought to automatism. Happens so that because of too big drawing the foil doesn't manage to be put to a nail evenly, and it imprints not everywhere. In this case it needs to be put repeatedly.

It is better to choose a basis under molding dark, it will give depth and intensity to color.

  •  You shouldn't neglect a finishing covering, and achievement of the best result requires two layers. It will protect molding from fast deleting and scratches.
  • It is better to do imitation of the liquid melted metal on the increased nails or on the tipsakh because the glued materials can damage a surface of nail plates.  Besides molding very difficult is removed, especially if the design includes a set of decorative elements. To remove manicure, it is necessary to use acetone or a special remuver.

Popular options of a neyl-art with a foil

The technology of molding includes a set of options of design of nails. It is possible to draw various patterns, such as flowers, curls, berries, cockleshells, butterflies, to create original stained glass and mosaic ornaments — no restrictions are present here.

The refined manicure by means of the metallized foil not quite approaches for daily socks, and here as a festive neyl-art at a party or a wedding it more than is pertinent, the main thing — not to overdo with decor elements. It is necessary to consider that molding is short-lived, it will hold on weeks two, no more. We will consider the most popular types of a decor of nails.

With gold

This tremendous neyl-art was fallen in love to modern women of fashion most of all. Gold molding with a white service jacket capable to eclipse gloss of expensive rings — ideal option for festive events. Most effectively gold looks on the skin covered with bronze or golden tan.

With silver

 Not less smartly the manicure with a silvery foil looks. It is demanded by those girls who to gloss and luxury of gold prefer refinement and elegance of silver.

Both silver, and gold now at peak of fashionable tendencies in manicure therefore it is possible to choose safely one of these metals voluntarily. To receive a matchless neyl-art, it is recommended to combine a foil of both shades.

"Liquid stones"

This direction in a neyl-art is very actual today. "Stones" apply in a duet with a foil that allows to create on nails not only drawings, but also the whole compositions. Combining molding and "stones", it is possible to achieve effect of shine of refined jewelry. The "stones" framed with a silver or gold foil look smartly and festively.

Such neyl-art very fragile, but at the accurate address it can hold on from 2 weeks to one month.

 In case you are at a loss with a shade choice of "liquid stones", stylists recommend to choose them to match an eye.

For a start it is necessary to learn to draw unpretentious simple patterns and only after it to start difficult images.

The technology of molding  isn't so difficult performed by. Take the above advice, and your marigold will always be in an ideal order.

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