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Cat's eye: fashionable manicure 2017, a photo, novelties how to do

You too consider, what the woman has to be unique completely? Then you with it will be helped by manicure "a cat's eye". He will make your handles perfect and will give them charm.

Cat's eye: fashionable manicure 2017, a photo, novelties how to do

"A cat's eye" main trend 2017

Of course, the neyl-art "a cat's eye" isn't innovative. The manicurist and their clients are already well familiar with him some seasons in a row.

In 2017 manicure "a cat's eye" was beaten out in favourites, and is the main fashionable direction of manicure of this year.

Such world love and popularity is explained by a number of important factors:

  1. Universality. Its simple look will be suitable for fans kezhuat images, and his hint on aristocraticness and laconicism with ease will fit into elegant onions.
  2. Kombinatornost. You can synthesize with ease this type of a covering with other types of manicure. Ultra it will be fashionable to look with a popular geometrical print, lunar drawing, a glitter, etc. Having combined some types the technician, your marigold will take absolutely unique and special form.
  3. Depth and juiciness of color won't be included into one comparison with other types of ornament on nails. The dark fir-tree, hypnotic grenadine and sapphire color became especially popular. They will give to manicure the refined depth and 3D volume.
  4. The shining and pouring effect will be pleasant to girls who wish not striking luxury and a moderate glamour.

Out of any doubts there is that fact that "a cat's eye" has the bewitching effect. It is worth realizing such covering of times and it will gain a place of honor in the list of your favourites.

Features varnish gel "a cat's eye"

For those girls who don't wish to spend many time for formations of a beautiful grandiose decor on nails, but thus wish to look greatly, producers developed shellac with effect "a cat's eye". Such varnish will make your marigold enchanting, and will surprise with ease of performance.

The design of such manicure won't take a lot of your time, and the result will please not one week. The faultless effect is reached thanks to specific nuances of such varnish.

Incredibly magic shine of such covering arises in consequences of impact of a special magnet on tiny metal particles which are in structure of such varnish. Thanks to dense pigmentation varnish gel to cover a nail plate rather simply and economically.

Usually one layer for creation of saturated color without gleams is enough.

A variety of forms of magnets allows to create fantastic unique motives and patterns: monogram, waves, diagonal and vertical straight lines, various geometrical figures, etc. Besides, the same magnet can create different drawings.

The budgetary option of such manicure can be executed, having used a usual magnetic varnish. But keep in mind that the long effect from it won't be.

Necessary adaptations for manicure

You wish to execute a delightful neyl-art "a cat's eye" of the house – stock up with necessary adaptations and materials:

  • Led – or an ultra-violet lamp;
  • basic covering;
  • bond covering;
  • magnetic gel varnish;
  • magnets;
  • finishing covering.

This list is basic.

If you want to diversify the manicure, be ready to get additional materials: pastes, decorative stickers, bulyonka.

Small cunnings

To create the unique flickering picture on nails use simple, but efficient receptions:

  1. That the manicure was tidy and looked accurately, betray a beautiful form to nails. The form of a soft square will be ideally suited.
  2. Any neyl-art demands a special pedantry. You put a varnish with a uniform layer without gleams and overlaps.
  3. That the manicure had saturated color, use dark base. So the effect will be tremendous and picturesque.
  4. Before drawing a magnetic varnish carefully shake a barrel. So metal particles will be distributed evenly.
  5. For creation of various drawings use the special magnetic handle. With its help it is possible to embody the most courageous imaginations: spirals, butterflies, monogram.
  6. To gain volume and expressive effect, manipulation with a magnet needs to be repeated several times.
  7. If near at hand there is no special magnet, can use a usual strong magnet which you will find houses.
  8. Not to spoil manicure and not to upechatatsya by a magnet in a varnish, you keep a magnet at arm's length of five millimeters from a nail.
  9. The design of a nail will be attractive if to have a magnet in the same place and under an identical corner. Drawings have to be reflected in the right and left hand specularly.

Coloring gel of varnishes is rich and various, find time and you will choose that which in the best way will suit you and will reflect your identity.

Step-by-step instruction

Such type of manicure doesn't demand special efforts and knowledge. It differs in the simplicity in performance, but thus it as doesn't influence its elegance and grace. To surprise surrounding with unsurpassed manicure is advised to reconsider a couple of video and to study literature.

We recommend to adhere to such sequence:

  1. In a way, habitual for you, prepare nails.
  2. Clean bafy a glossy surface of a nail. In order to avoid an otsloyka of a varnish carefully clean dust.
  3. Special liquid clean surplus of fat on nails.
  4. Rub a primer in a nail.
  5. After drying of a primer cause with an even layer base, to dry up under a lamp.
  6. Apply gel a varnish "a cat's eye", previously vzboltav a flakonchik. If it is enough one varnish coat, bring a magnet and realize the creative ideas. Dry up a nail under a lamp. (For more saturated color you can put some varnish coats, and then to work with an ornament).
  7. Cover with a top and seal the ends. Dry in a lamp.

There now, your delightful manicure "a cat's eye" is ready. Observing all stages — you receive excellent result.

Councils which will help to keep manicure for long time

The manicure "a cat's eye" how magic and original that won't be able simply to bother you. And you will surely want to keep its original ideal state for long time. At the correct performance and leaving such manicure can remain on nails in a faultless look about three weeks.

Of course, the term of operation of manicure directly depends on quality of the used materials:

  1. Choose materials of the checked producers, in this question the price quality is justified.
  2. Before performance of manicure minimize the looking after procedures behind skin of hands. The creams and oils applied on hands and nails will reduce life to your manicure.
  3. If your nails have property to exfoliate, don't count on long manicure. We advise at first to cure your marigold, and then to be engaged in decorative registration.
  4. For the first time hours after manicure don't wash a hand with too hot or cold water. From such executions nails will lose gloss and will start bubbling.
  5. Always carry out house cleaning, a sink and washing in protective gloves. Such the relations to business will well affect not only appearance of nail design, but also on health your handles.
  6. Accurately handle sharp subjects, in power to leave them nail scratches.

In time the carried-out correction will allow your manicure to be faultless.

Adhering to these elementary rules, you will preserve a beautiful brilliant type of a marigold and you will avoid cracks and a tsarapinok on them.