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Cherry manicure

Cherry manicure – a choice of girls with good taste. This color gives to any nails of refinement and nobility. The universal shade beautifully looks on an oval form. In our album the best photoideas of cherry design are collected.

Harmony of color

Deep tone on nails will be suitable for strict office onions, a stylish city autfit or for a dress of any length. It is that color which should be not mixed with others, and to supplement it with decorative elements. The following shades are combined with it:

Technology of performance of cherry design.

Some ideas

Any girl in house conditions will be able to create expensive manicure of cherry color for a campaign for secular evening. Having correctly processed handles before a covering and having chosen original design, she will be able to become the real queen of a celebration.

Brocade patterns

Dark and cherry manicure with graceful curls – excellent addition to an evening dress. Brocade patterns in the best Fashion houses is a classics of a genre which will never lose the popularity.

The design is carried out quite simply. Thin lines and bends are applied on a monophonic covering by means of a brush, comparable with a lacy embroidery. It is also possible to use equipment molding which is carried out by means of a special foil. Gold color will become the best choice. The manicure is created quite simply and won't take a lot of time.

Frosty cherry

Usual pastes and spangles will help to give a luster to a marigold of amazing berry color. Carrying out cherry manicure on short nails, it is worth choosing small parts of shades of precious metals (gold or silver). Options of introduction of elements huge set:

  • one or two fingers decorated with spangles;
  • holes;
  • pastes;
  • kamifubuk;
  • geometrical figures;
  • molding;
  • negative space;
  • the lunar and return lunar.

Opaque nails of cherry color with addition of negative space (holes or hearts) on a photo look especially gracefully.

Cherry manicure

The blossoming cherry

Geometry in forms, a smooth rift of tones and a flower print. The design simple, looks excellently.


  • To prepare nails for drawing gel varnish.
  • For a gradient it is worth choosing 1-2 nails. As a substrate it is recommended to cover with a cherry or white shade.
  • On the first half of a nail to apply black gel varnish, and on a tip cherry tone a joint in a joint. As dark color always absorbs light, when mixing it goes down a little below. It is recommended to apply black on 1/3 nails.
  • Carrying out cherry manicure with design, by means of a thin brush strong pressing to shade a joint of shades, achieving uniform intermediate color. If the brush starts polosit, it is possible to wipe it about a napkin.
  • As soon as color is made even, short strokes to tread a joint of flowers. The interval between dabs has to be minimum.
  • Nose of a brush accurately to stretch the line that easy transition turned out.
  • For creation of a smooth gradient a thin brush to draw perpendicular lines from a place with which it begins. It is necessary to move only up. It is good to work space for lateral rollers and core.
  • To dry a layer and to cover with a top.


  • White gel varnish to draw a substrate.
  • To recede a little and cherry color to paint over the remained site of a nail plate.
  • To dry cherry nails in a lamp.
  • To cut out triangles from a slider in a shape of a nail and to establish them.
  • To transfer a slider and to smooth with a soft pusher that there were no folds anywhere.
  • Sharp stationery knife to cut off surplus. The edge has to slide only on a surface not to injure a nail. To clean the cut-off slices.
  • On free edge to apply black color and to shade a brush to achieve soft transition of flowers.

The manicure of cherry color with negative space, smooth transition and flower sliders on a photo looks perfectly!

Cherry manicure