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Color manicure: beautiful ideas, photo, video

The color manicure on nails is usually carried out by one or two shades. And what its advantages? First, this type of a neyl-art is suitable for those who wishes to emphasize a bright make-up or a contrast dress, secondly, the multi-colored design of nails approaches in summertime of year when there is a wish for bright paints and good mood. The composition of color manicure has to consist of the flowers harmonizing among themselves though in it it is possible to combine the contrasting shades. The border between flowers has to be equal, in the form of the smile or asymmetric.

For several years the popular trend is a marigold, are made up in different colors. Why it found so wide popularity? Because women of fashion were bothered by monotony in manikyurny design, all wants to find new and non-standard solutions which wouldn't differ in vulgarity. Naturalness in long ago fashion, but there is a wish to draw to itself attention and something colourful. For this purpose stylists thought up different options of a multi-colored neyl-art, among them there was even a color French manicure.

Look as the aquarian manicure is carried out.

The color manicure can be executed on different technologies, using brushes of different forms and a multi-colored varnish. Fashionable options of design in color give to hands the delightful and updated look. Modern multi-colored design of nails and its types:

  1. The aquarian color manicure – this effect is gained if to apply drawing on a nail plate, and to cover it with an acrylic layer. What is used for an aquarian way? Of course, color acryle powder, spangles, pastes, color sand. Neyl-art will long rush, however consider that fact that the multi-colored neyl-art is inappropriate at work, where a strict dresscode. For holidays and festivals it will approach.
  2. Decorative list – varnishes and paints of different flowers apply ornaments and patterns on the set subject.
  3. The acrylic option of color design – for its performance is used color acryle. It is possible to make color transitions between shades in the form of geometrical lines, drawings on natural subject, fruit or berry subject, in the form of symbols (hearts, snowflakes, smilies).
  4. The multi-colored neyl-art in the form of a molding and jewelry – a molding on nails is carried out in the form of volume figures. Krasheniye are served as by composition flower, fruit or other options. The subject can be any, depending on the imagination of the master.
  5. The internal option of design of nails – represents skillfully executed composition from additional materials: nacre, foil, organza, lace, sukhotsvet. If you wish to emphasize identity, to give to an image a charm, such dressing won't leave indifferent all people around.

Color manicure: beautiful ideas, photo, videoColor manicure: beautiful ideas, photo, videoColor manicure: beautiful ideas, photo, videoColor manicure: beautiful ideas, photo, videoColor manicure: beautiful ideas, photo, videoColor manicure: beautiful ideas, photo, video

The French neyl-art in several flowers

The classical service jacket represents connection of a pastel or transparent varnish, and a portrayal of edge of a nail in the white color. But in the modern world of fashion the service jacket can be non-standard – there were new decisions dazzling in the different flowers. Tips of nails are painted not in one color, but several at once, that is, the line of a smile will turn out two-color. It is possible to choose the colors supplementing each other, or contrasting, for example: yellow and pink, blue and red, mint and coral, green and orange, blue and lime, white and violet. The composition can be decorated with spangles, pastes or a glitter, they will give it festive style.

Look how to make a color service jacket.

It is simply to make a multi-colored service jacket in several flowers: buy strips for the French manicure, or use thin brushes. You can take a usual varnish, acrylic paint, or gel a varnish (to dry up the last it is necessary under the UF-lamp). Stickers for a service jacket can be reused, having pasted them on nails of the second hand.

Color manicure: beautiful ideas, photo, video
Color manicure: beautiful ideas, photo, video
Color manicure: beautiful ideas, photo, video

If you have no brush, use special cliches which will help to execute a neyl-art in several shades. Take two or three colors if you have long marigold. Cause with a thin brush, serially three tones, painting only tips of nails. You can not use white color. Use rainbow shades, and at you the design of the same name which will approach for the summer will turn out. It is recommended to apply varnishes of blue, lime, yellow, red, orange, violet flowers.

The color service jacket can be decorated with different pastes and stickers. Here only don't forget to leave a basis of a nail plate transparent or beige. Recently the French neyl-art got new "faces", there was so-called "a fan a service jacket" with the slanted line of a smile, "a millennium a service jacket", a non-standard service jacket with multi-colored spangles on the line of a smile.