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Combination of flowers in manicure of a photo 2016, the table

All got used to monophonic manicure or with a pattern. They the most widespread and them put most often. But it is possible to experiment and with such look as multi-color manicure. Thus their quantity can vary from two and more. And in the correct selection of flowers there can also be the main complexity, after all it isn't always possible to choose correctly colors that after drawing they looked beautifully and harmoniously. Here we will consider the most widespread combinations of flowers which to you won't allow to spoil painting of nails, and on the contrary will please with desired result.

This type of manicure can be considered differently. It can be, both painting of one-two nails in other color, and causing two three colors on one nail. In multi-color manicure some styles for drawing are used.

Combination of flowers in manicure of a photo 2016, the table

Example of multi-color manicure

Monochrome combination of flowers

Such combination of flowers in manicure implies use of three different shades of the chosen color. Thus you can make up all nails in brighter color and only a few from them quieter. The main thing is correct to observe transition that it looked harmoniously. It is also possible to take and five various shades. It will look too very originally.

And the most important not to forget about observance of the correct transition which has to go from more saturated color to lighter.

Also you shouldn't forget that in this combination of three flowers it is necessary to use varnishes of one look, that is or opaque, or with spangles, or acid. Mixture of all types will lead to not desirable result which we also seek to avoid. It is possible to use also other method of coloring. A covering of all nails identical color and only a tip to one of its tones, having made transition from one tone to another that will give to manicure of originality.

Achromatic color scale

In this type of manicure generally gray, black and white colors are used. Such design of nails pleases with that with them, practically all shades are combined. It is possible to carry to them and beige. Here it is possible to combine as standard options, and together with brighter and saturated flowers. For example, black with red, or gold with silver. White it is possible to use with blue or blue. Gray gently looks with violet or pink and so on.

Nyuansny transition

Combination of flowers in manicure of a photo 2016, the table

Ombre in nyyuansny transition

Such option of a combination of flowers is used for drawing their friend near the friend. The most important is the correct transition of flowers. Very popularly lately coloring of each of nails three different shades at which transition from more saturated to more gentle is created. Though in too time it can be also the different colors which are combined together.

Complementary combination

This design of nails very effectively looks thanks to a contrast combination of flowers. The main thing in this look is the correct selection of the shades which are ideally combined with each other. Perfectly look scarlet and emerald or orange and ultramarine. For fans of more gentle flowers are well combined blue and light brown. Thus it isn't obligatory to use everything tone on one nail, they can be imposed and on different, the manicure will look perfectly in any of the specified variations.


Combination of flowers in manicure of a photo 2016, the table

Scheme of a complementary combination

Difficult colors. Ideas

Manicure with use of two flowers bright and saturated if two colors of the varnishes differing from each other are for this purpose used. One of which, for example, orange, and another – blue. The most important is there have to be two independent colors. The most successful compositions:

  • Green and red – perfectly are suitable for winter holidays.
  • Turquoise and yellow – that that is necessary for summer holiday.
  • Blue with the orange – perfectly will be suitable for summer and will present good mood.
  • Green and violet – will give brightness.
  • Turquoise and silver – give tendernesses and graces.
  • Green mint and pink – will emphasize fragility and feminity.
Combination of flowers in manicure of a photo 2016, the table

Circle of flowers

Correct combination of flowers

The nature abounds with quantity of the most various shades. And many are available in the form of varnishes. For this reason the multi-color manicure became such popular and isn't limited to the stated ideas. But how it is correct to combine colors? It is for this purpose best of all to use the special table and to conform to the below-specified rules.

  • Shades best of all are in harmony with the nearby. For example, if you take one varnish violet, purple it will be magnificent to look with it.
  • All colors share on warm and cold, and among themselves them don't recommend to combine. However if it concerns manicure, this rule becomes not actual as such combination gives to brightness which so is pleasant to many girls.
  • Before painting of nails, surely consider also such factors as, a hairdress, clothes, a make-up and accessories which you intend to dress.
  • Allocation of one finger with use of a varnish with spangles will make your manicure more considerably.
Combination of flowers in manicure of a photo 2016, the table

The table of a combination of flowers which can be used in manicure

Generally, whatever you chose manicure and what colors for this purpose didn't prefer, the most important think over the design and an image to trifles, then you receive desirable result. And besides a desirable image you also receive excellent mood as you will look perfectly on any action or usual walk.

In addition, it is possible to add effect in manicure by means of varnishes with sand textures. They are very popular and look perfectly. It is possible to apply also pastes which will allocate one or several nails on a hand. The most important at a combination of flowers is use of varnishes of the same structures and the correct transition of flowers. Also you shouldn't forget that all had to moderately.


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