Women's magazine » Nail care » The combined manicure: what is it, than differs from hardware and classical as to make it, options with a covering and without, ideas of color decisions (black, blue and others) Highlights

The combined manicure: what is it, than differs from hardware and classical as to make it, options with a covering and without, ideas of color decisions (black, blue and others) Highlights

The combined manicure: what is it, than differs from hardware and classical as to make it, options with a covering and without, ideas of color decisions (black, blue and others) Highlights

Well-groomed nails — dream of each girl and woman therefore services of manicure are now demanded in each beauty shop. The greatest effect is reached by the combined manicure which every day becomes more popular. What it for procedure and whether can be made it in house conditions?

What is the combined manicure

The combined manicure is to one of popular ways of processing of nails and preparation them to drawing a varnish. First of all it is necessary for giving to hands of an esthetic look: the varnish applied on nails unprepared properly will look ridiculously and carelessly. Also the cuticle and lateral rollers are put in order.

The combined manicure includes some different types:

  • the European;
  • the hardware;
  • Japanese;
  • the classical.

The main advantage of the combined manicure — an individual approach to each client taking into account features of skin, a condition of a nail plate, cuticle. Often in salons apply a combination of hardware and cut ways, polishing of nails and special care of skin of hands then put a varnish.

The combined manicure: what is it, than differs from hardware and classical as to make it, options with a covering and without, ideas of color decisions (black, blue and others) Highlights

The combination of classical and hardware influence allows to achieve the maximum result

Types of the combined manicure

There are some kinds of the combined manicure.

With a covering gel varnish under a cuticle

After cut manicure it is possible to tell with full confidence that the proximal roller (the upper edge of skin over a finger) won't stir drawing layers gel varnish. Before such procedure it is necessary to steam out skin, having made the softening tray with hot water and couple of drops of any essential oil. It is necessary to keep hands in it 10 minutes then to dry up and start drawing a varnish. As the cuticle is removed completely, it will grow together with a nail.

The effect from such manicure will last for 2–3 weeks.

Technology of drawing varnish is as follows:

  1. At first the brush is put on a nail at an angle 45 ° at distance of 1 mm from a cuticle and it reveals a fan.
  2. In this situation the brush is moved accurately towards a cuticle.
  3. Further stretch a varnish on a nail plate, moving to an end face.
  4. Establish a brush about a cuticle and the movement sideways and down paint edges of a nail.
  5. Then the same is made on the other hand.
  6. After the nail plate is completely varnished, edge of a nail seal, carrying out on it a brush.

In this way it is necessary to put each layer gel varnish which there have to be four:

  • base;
  • the color varnish — is put in 2 layers;
  • top covering.

The restoring combined manicure

The restoring manicure well will be suitable for the nails which lost the fortress and a healthy look. Often such is the result of use low-quality gel varnish or at violation of technology of its drawing. There can be also other reason — improper feeding or the polluted environment.

  1. From nail plates delete the remains of a varnish and other pollution.
  2. Polish bafy, and then a nail file give them the necessary form and length.
  3. Apply special means which softens it on a cuticle, and then remove the remains by means of an orange stick.
  4. Lateral rollers humidify with serum, and a nail impregnate with the strengthening protective paste which fills with itself small cracks and damages to a surface.

As a result the equal, beautiful nail plate ready to drawing gel varnish turns out.

Restoration of nails after gel varnish — video

The combined manicure without covering

Such option too is considered if suddenly you decided to allow to have a rest to the nails.

The main feature of the combined manicure without covering — nails don't need to be ground bafy because it does a surface rough in order that gel varnish was better linked to a nail plate.

In this case useful components are applied on nails, vitamins are rubbed, there is an enrichment by minerals, then the convenient combination (apparatnyy+klassicheskiya, yaponskiy+evropeyskiya etc.) gets out, the nail and a surface near it are processed, and in end the nutritious structure or a medical varnish is put.

Medical coverings — video

Technology of performance of the combined manicure in house conditions

It is simple to carry out the combined manicure in house conditions, the main thing — to follow algorithm:

  1. To prepare a house mask for nails. For this purpose it is necessary to take 1 h. l. table salt, 1 h. l. lemon juice, 1 h. l. milk, 3 drops of almond oil and 1 h. l. honey. Carefully to mix all ingredients that kashitseobrazny weight turned out. Further we rub it in a surface of each nail and we leave for 15 minutes. Nutrients will strengthen and will revitalize a plate.
  2. To make the softening tray. To add to 1 l of warm water 1 h. l. table salt and 1 h. l. lemon juice. To hold hands of 10 minutes then to rinse them with cold water and carefully to dry that all moisture evaporated.
  3. To execute processing of nails: to clean agnails and a cuticle by means of tweezers or scissors for manicure.
  4. To give to nails the desirable form (an oval, a square, a semi-square — on your discretion). The nail plate needs to be proshlifovat a special file.
  5. To apply gel varnish. Upon termination of procedure in skin round a nail it is necessary to rub special means or the good moisturizing cream.

Lesson of the combined manicure — video

Difference of the combined manicure from hardware and classical

Actually hardware and classical manicure — is part combined which includes a complex of methods on processing of nails. That is between them there are no certain borders, it is possible to combine different types, thus choosing a way, optimum for itself. In general it will also be called as the combined manicure. There is a certain delusion that is some separate look having the technology, but it not so.

  • The hardware manicure — becomes the special machine with various nozzles. Minus such procedure that sometimes it is possible not to calculate force of pressing and to cut off the top layer of epidermis, there will be wounds. In order to avoid hit of any infections of the master before procedure sprinkle hands spirit or antiseptic solution.
  • The classical manicure (in a different way — cut) — is a way of processing of nails at which such devices as cuticle scissors, tweezers, an orange stick are used. It is traditional as before emergence of devices all did it.

Nothing prevents you to connect elements of hardware and classical manicure — as a result it will turn out combined.

Photo gallery: ideas for manicure

The combined manicure — the best option which combines in itself some ways on processing of nails. It is easy to make it in house conditions.

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