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Disinfection and sterilization manikyurnykh of tools

Rules of disinfection and sterilization the manikyurnykh of tools in beauty shops

On the sites, in advertizing materials, and also in words each beauty shop is ready "to guarantee full safety" each client. Rare clients penetrate really deeply and are familiar with those processes which actually have to ensure their safety. Therefore demonstrative spraying by disinfecting solution of the tool it seems to clients quite sufficient. And the master begins after such preparation work with quiet soul. And after all in this case both risk the health, both the master, and the visitor of beauty shop …

Really to ensure safety for employees and for clients of beauty shop, it is possible only following rules of hygiene on a workplace, disinfection and sterilization of working tools for manicure. This moment has to be controlled by the management of the enterprise and also be initiated by masters, after all they have to be interested in protection of the health against such most dangerous infections, as HIV, hepatitis B, herpes and many others.

For a start we will talk about hands. Antiseptic processing of hands is the first stage on the way to safe carrying out saloon procedures.

It is known that about 80 percent of infections are transmitted through dirty hands. We draw conclusions. Fortunately not all harmful microorganisms which got on our hands, cause a disease. Skin protects us from hit of the majority of microbes in an organism, however it is only about not injured skin, without scratches, microcracks and other damages of integrity of an integument.

Therefore in the presence of wounds on skin of the master or client of procedure it is necessary to carry out only in rubber disposable gloves. Experts recommend to put on gloves anyway, ensuring more reliable protection.

However even at hit on absolutely healthy skin, a microbe doesn't die, and extends on subjects which we concern, and can get to an organism through a mouth, etc.

Disinfection and sterilization manikyurnykh of tools

To ignore such moment as antiseptic processing of hands during the work in salon it is inadmissible. How it is correct to carry out it?

Hands before drawing antiseptics don't need to be washed. The substance is caused, carefully processing all zones of hands: palms, fingers and intervals between them, nails, back of palms. Procedure has to be carried out twice if there is a risk of contact with a virus of hepatitis B or tubercular mikobakteriya.

That antiseptic processing could protect your skin really reliably

  • your nails have to be shortly cut, accurate, without covering is delicious, etc.
  • on hands there shouldn't be jewelry and accessories (rings, hours, bracelets)
  • means has to be with the batcher providing contactless selection
  • it is necessary to gather means in deepening of palms, hands thus have to be dry (efficiency the antiseptics applied on moist hands decreases, and also it has more negative impact on skin)
  • after high-quality processing of hands an anti-septic tank it needs to be rubbed in skin before final drying of a preparation
  • apply only those preparations which restore a fatty protective cover of skin of hands, differently it will dry up and be injured, and it increases risk of infection

What antiseptics for hands can be used?

Sterillium proved a preparation as a good disinfectant which can be used for processing of hands with the surgical and hygienic purpose. Its distinctive feature is the prolonged antibacterial, antifungal and antitubercular action. Destroys herpes viruses 1 and 2 types, HIV, hepatitis B, rotaviruses and many others.

This preparation is high-speed – rather 30-second processing of dry hands by means of 30 milliliters of this substance for decrease in quantity of microbes on hands in 100 thousand times! The preparation is capable to keep the properties on skin for an appreciable length of time.

Disinfection and sterilization manikyurnykh of tools

Kutasept F it can effectively be also applied in work in beauty shops, a Spa centers, cosmetology offices, etc. It provides high-quality antiseptic processing and the degreasing cleaning of skin and wounds. The preparation represents colourless solution with the expressed bactericidal, antifungal, tuberkulotsidny influence. Destroys various viruses, including viruses HIV, hepatitis A, herpes of 1 type, lipophilic viruses, rotaviruses and many others.

Thanks to existence of a spirit component as a part of a preparation provides also disinfecting cleaning of skin along with destruction of microorganisms. Thanks to such structure antimicrobic substances get into deeper layers of skin that allows to achieve the prolonging effect, without being soaked up thus from fabric.

Disinfection and sterilization manikyurnykh of tools

Oktenisept – an antiseptic preparation for processing of skin and wounds. Makes antimicrobic impact (destroys grampolozhitelny and gramotritsatelny bacteria), antiviral (including it is effective against a virus of hepatitis B, herpes, HIV), antifungal, antitubercular action. The preparation needs to be put with a skin irrigation method before full moistening of all site which is subject to processing.

Disinfection and sterilization manikyurnykh of tools

We will consider in more detail obligatory 3 stages of processing the manikyurnykh of tools

When the master finishes procedure, processing of tools, and not only what were directly used, but also and what simply were on a working surface by all means has to follow it.

Disinfection of the manikyurny tool has to be the first stage. Tools have to be cleared only after they are processed by disinfecting solution. It is necessary to destroy infections, viruses, mushrooms and harmful microorganisms. Having missed this stage, you risk to extend an infection on surfaces, in air, in a sink, etc. In that case pieces of furniture, various surfaces, etc. will become an additional source of infection, than you will only increase risk.

Disinfection and sterilization manikyurnykh of tools


Cleaning of the manikyurny tool goes the second stage. This stage assumes elimination of parts of skin, blood, any superficial pollution. Cleaning can be carried out with use of special solutions (chemical), and also mechanically with application of a brush or the devices creating vibration. If you start at once sterilization of the tool for manicure, having missed cleaning process, in the course of sterilization dirt will only more strongly stick to tools that will negatively be reflected in their performance data.

Disinfection and sterilization manikyurnykh of tools


Some preparations allow to combine process of disinfection and clarification the manikyurnykh of tools. Solution of Gigasept of AF, for example, copes with two of these tasks. It at the same time dissolves dirt and destroys microbes.

Also the ultrasonic sterilizer can realize both stages. Thanks to mechanical impact of vibration and chemical influence of solutions both disinfection, and sterilization the manikyurnykh of tools is provided.

The third stage – sterilization – is carried out for destruction of disputes of microbes which will be able to ensure full safety (of course on condition of the correct storage) the manikyurny tool further. The matter is that disinfection is makeshift, after all on tools all the same there can be disputes of microbes which under favorable conditions will cause their activation and reproduction. Therefore spirit solutions, thermal influence or pressure are used completely to eliminate possibility of infection of the master and client.

Disinfection and sterilization manikyurnykh of tools


So, we will consider in more detail a stage of disinfection of the manikyurny tool

Process begins with solution preparation. Pour water and by means of measured capacity measure exact amount of the concentrated antiseptic solution. Then ship manikyurny tools in liquid completely, thus they have to be by all means opened, sorted that each detail of the tool could be qualitatively processed. Disinfect the rotating tools separately from manual, using for this purpose the special capacity having openings (sieve). Remember that nozzles have to be shipped in solution completely.

Also don't forget that disinfecting the manikyurny tools used for carrying out saloon procedures it is necessary to apply special means which part the substances protecting metal from corrosion surely have to be.

What preparations can be used for effective disinfection of tools in beauty shop?

Korzoleks Plus – means which is used for high-quality clarification and disinfection of tools. Advantage is the structure which doesn't include aldehydes. The basis of a preparation is made by amines. It is important that the substance perfectly clears tools of pollution, characteristic for beauty shops.

How it is used? For disinfection devices and tools for manicure sort, untwist, open and in such look immerse in solution of Korzoleks of Plus. Be convinced that air bubbles or emptiness where solution didn't get, no. After you take tools from a bathtub with solution, they are required to be washed out flowing water. Quality of water too plays an important role – it have to be classified as drinking or above.

You can also apply this preparation in an ultrasonic bathroom from stainless steel. In the course of disinfection you watch that the recommended time of ultrasonic impact on the tool wasn't exceeded.

You remember, the prepared Korzoleks Plus's solution can be used within five days, on the expiration of this term the substance loses the characteristics and can't effectively struggle with an infection.

Disinfection and sterilization manikyurnykh of tools

Means is active against bacteria, tubercular mikobakteriya, mushrooms, allows to inactivate viruses of herpes, HIV, adenoviruses, rotaviruses, vaktsinatsiyavirusa and others.

Korzoleks Plus can be used for disinfection of tools from materials for surgical tools, glass, solid rubber, solid plastic, aluminum, and also artificial materials.


Gigasept AF – means, the providing disinfection and cleaning of medical tools before sterilization process. It is effective and is suitable for processing of the tools used in beauty shops.

How it is applied? Products need to be shipped in solution completely that all details of the tool contacted to liquid. You remember, all demountable tools have to pass disinfection process by the sorted. If further procedures for cleaning aren't planned, it is necessary to wash out well tools within one minute and more under flowing water.

You can use ready solutions of Gigasept of AF repeatedly within 7 days. It is necessary to replace solution if in it there were obvious traces of pollution, liquid changed color, etc.

By means of Gigasept AF can combine the disinfection and cleaning necessary before process of sterilization of the manikyurny tool. For this purpose kill tools in solution for the specified time then clear by means of a wadded and gauze tampon or a ruff each tool within 30 seconds and more. Then the tool has to be washed out within 10 minutes under flowing water, and then is lowered for 30 seconds in a tray with the distilled water. Then products have to be dried then it is possible to pass to sterilization. This preparation can also be applied in ultrasonic devices.

Disinfection and sterilization manikyurnykh of tools

The preparation possesses the antimicrobic and clearing properties expressed. Gigasept AF destroys bacteria (including tubercular mikobakteriya), viruses, among which herpes, HIV, hepatitis B. Thus it doesn't make negative impact on thermolabile materials, doesn't cause corrosion.


How it is correct to carry out sterilization of tools in beauty shop?

Sterilization is an obligatory stage which passes the tool every time after use. Manikyurny tools will sterilize by means of high temperatures. Two types of devices are for this purpose used:

  • Thermosterilizer or sukhozharovy a case – the device which is applied to sterilization of any tools from metal, pine forests, mills, etc. Temperature of influence makes 180 degrees Celsius, sterilization duration – 30 minutes. After carrying out sterilization tools need to be stored in densely closed capacities or that is more preferable, in special ultra-violet cases.
  • The autoclave – the equipment for sterilization. Processing of tools is carried out by means of temperatures to 137 degrees Celsius, process duration – 20-25 minutes. Sterilization in the autoclave allows to keep the cutting properties of tools.

How sterilization the manikyurnykh of tools is carried out? For a start it is necessary to prepare tools: to open them, to untwist, remove removable details, etc. In such look they have to be accurately laid on a thermosterilizer lattice. You remember, tools need to be sterilized only when they completely dried after the previous stage of processing. Don't forget that tools by all means have to be shipped completely.

Before to take out tools from the device, wait until they cool down. Use for this purpose tweezers capture.

One more the question, important for maintenance of purity and observance of genetic norms, is a disinfection of rooms and working surfaces in beauty shop.

It should be noted, special preparations for disinfection not only are capable to destroy harmful microbes and to interfere with their reproduction, but also possess the high clearing properties. At the expense of it before processing by such means you won't need to wash previously surfaces, using other washing substances.

Batsilol Plus – the solution, colourless transparent already ready to the use having the expressed smell of alcohols. He perfectly copes with a problem of disinfection of stock and working surfaces in beauty shops and other similar institutions. It is important that formaldehydes aren't a part of a preparation.

Means allows to fight effectively against bacteria, mushrooms, tuberculosis mikobakteriya, viruses (hepatitis B, HIV, lipophilic viruses, adenoviruses, Papova viruses, rotaviruses, etc.). This preparation allows to clear qualitatively remote subjects and surfaces, provides fast influence and rather short period of drying.

What surfaces and subjects can be processed by means of Batsilola Plus? You can carry out disinfection of walls, a floor, doors, window sills, metal furniture, and also medical devices, devices, etc. Horizontal and vertical surfaces for disinfection it is necessary to irrigate about 30 centimeters from distance or to wipe surfaces the rag moistened in Batsilola plus (keeping a consumption rate). Solution is used for disinfection once.

Disinfection and sterilization manikyurnykh of tools

Procedure of disinfection is carried out when in salon there are no clients. Don't forget that Batsilol Plus has the expressed spirit smell. After processing of subjects or surfaces it is necessary to carry out airing of the room within about 30 minutes.


You remember, safety in your beauty shop can become your competitive advantage. Let in a manikyurny office it will be visually visible as you carry out cleaning, disinfection, sterilization. Clients will pay attention to such important point. For many this factor can play further a role of powerful argument at decision-making your advantage. Progress and purity to your beauty shop and minutes its crises!

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