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Strong and effective manicure at the sea

Strong and effective manicure at the seaGathering on the sea, women try to provide everything: buy new bathing suits and fashionable sunglasses, put a figure in order, stock up with cosmetics.

Seeking to look always and everywhere it is stunning, they don't forget and about manicure at the sea.

What it has to be if you are sent on leave?

Whether it is necessary to do manicure before a trip at the sea?

Many women are sure: on holiday it is worth allowing to nails to have a rest, and therefore they don't do manicure and to another categorically don't advise.

However not each lady respecting herself is ready to take this step, after all and on vacation people meet, and there are a wish to look before them on all hundred.

Of course, to someone only the hygienic manicure suffices – well-groomed nails in itself leave pleasant impressions. Besides, such manicure approaches in case you generally plan to spend time on a beach, bathing in warm water and sunbathing under an umbrella.

During stay on vacation your nails with hygienic manicure will become impregnated with useful sea salt thanks to what their growth will be accelerated and they will get stronger. After that any manicure will look on them very fine.

If you give preference to more active pastime, exits in cafe, restaurants, you don't exclude acquaintance to new people, then some flakonchik with bright varnishes or already ready manicure will have by the way.

What design of nails in sea style to choose?

Solving, what manicure to make at the sea, consider its some main features.

  • First, you have to remember that you will be where warmly, solarly, so the manicure has to combine bright colors, various ornaments and invoices.
  • Secondly, besides brightness, your neyl-art has to be and strong, after all chips won't make it more beautiful.

Strong and effective manicure at the sea

For the rest rely on the imagination, taste and skill. If within your powers to cope with original artistic touches, competently combining them with fashionable tendencies and the newest technicians of execution, the result precisely will strike all.

Strong and effective manicure at the sea

For manicure at the sea it is necessary to take out bright and natural shades on the foreground.

Don't refuse ease and grace who can offer, for example, fruit motives. In the neighbourhood with them you have the right to represent on nails of various birds, sugar candies, bright butterflies, etc. Such option most of all suits the young girls who didn't reach age of 30 years.

Strong and effective manicure at the sea

To create similar beauty independently very difficult as it is necessary to work with fine details, however if you don't use services of the master, there is a quite good alternative – stickers on nails. And here this neyl-art perfectly only on short nails looks.

Here already some seasons also the neon manicure in a holiday on a seashore is popular. It possesses saturated, summer shades and flowers, and therefore easily will fit and into the atmosphere of sea manicure. One of variations is a gradient neon design which is very bright and fresh. In usual life seldom it is possible to indulge the nails with neon violence, but at the sea it is ideally suited for a trip.

The separate place in the hearts of women of fashion is taken by the manicure executed in flower motives. It should be noted that options of similar design exists much, and to formulate its main directions quite difficult.

Strong and effective manicure at the sea

Also, if you carry out the same flower patterns, when using this or that equipment of manicure they will precisely look differently.

For example, the fine violet on a bright background looks on nails fashionably is, molodyozhno, juicy, but once you execute the same motive on a service jacket, and the image will turn out already other – sensual and gentle.

And here the flower molding which can often be seen on nails of other ladies, at the sea isn't necessary is and is impractical, and isn't too pertinent. The same concerns also others similar, that is volume, decor elements on nails: pastes, small balls (bulyonok), etc.

Strong and effective manicure at the sea

One-color coverings perfectly look, being decorated with various drawings on summer and sea subject: anchors, inhabitants of sea depths, palm trees or cockleshells, even points strips refresh usual manicure

Strong and effective manicure at the sea

Be not afraid to experiment, introduce beach and sea motives in design, be creative!

Besides ships, anchors and cockleshells you can represent on the nails and glasses with drinks, cocktails, various holographic drawings.

All listed options and ideas of manicure at the sea are pertinent and fashionable.

Strong and effective manicure at the sea

And if you are able to use equipment of acrylic paints, it is one more excellent option of trend design of nails for a trip at the sea.

About features of sea manicure

At creation of such neyl-art it is necessary to consider:

  1. Best of all it looks on nails of short or average length. On a beach always your natural beauty and appeal, and therefore from long nails has special value, as well as it is worth refusing a large number of cosmetics and difficult hairdresses;
  2. Sea subject in drawings – one of the main delights of this manicure. So you designate that all your thoughts now of rest, about beautiful suntan and pleasant sea water. Such attributes as small fishes, sailor's strips, a decline and many other things will help to display all these and other positive thoughts on the nails to you;Strong and effective manicure at the sea
  3. Both usual varnishes, and varnishes gels, shellac and even nail gel-paint will be suitable for dressing of nogotochok. If you increased nails before holiday, but thus they averages on length, the sea subject will look on them charmingly;
  4. The summer, sea manicure doesn't need to be strict at all, monophonic – it is a high time for ease and freedom which can be embodied in a neyl-art. One subject is allowed to be carried out on nails in the most different variations: you want, allocate only some nails, and you want draw different patterns and images at all, but in one color scale;Strong and effective manicure at the sea
  5. Don't forget that your image has to be integral, mood uniform, and style original, but not elaborate. Thinking over design of nails, surely think and of what combination of clothes will approach it. Not the last role in creation of an image is played also by correctly picked up accessories.

Author of article: Kartash Christina