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European manicure: what is it, technology of performance, video lesson and responses

Well-groomed hands are very important for each person regardless of his age, a profession and a floor. It as an obligatory element of clothes without which happens extremely difficult to make good impression on people around. Care of nails should find time constantly, and thus it isn't obligatory to spend for it money – it is possible to spend manicure at home independently and if there is an opportunity and desire – that in salon at the master. The technician of realization of procedure exists a little, and today it is considered the safest the European manicure.

That the European not cut manicure means

During manicure it is processed not only a nail plate, but also skin round it for giving to fingers of well-groomed and pleasant appearance. For this purpose the cuticle which can accrue quite far on a nail, is accurately removed that allows to work freely further and to receive well-groomed result. In fact, in the course of realization of the European manicure use of any cutting subjects is excluded (tweezers, but only in that situation if there are agnails on lateral rollers can be applied). Respectively, the risk of receiving a trauma in process is minimum.

European manicure: what is it, technology of performance, video lesson and responses

Not cut procedure can be carried out in two versions: dry and wet. In the first case the technology doesn't mean any "water procedures", and in the second carry surely out a warm manikyurny tray with clear water or addition of useful oils and lotions. The wet manicure has no contraindications, and here you shouldn't resort to the dry at a bad condition of a nail plate.

Than the European manicure differs from the classical

The technology according to which the cuticle is cut off special tweezers or nozhnichka because of what she also received the name the cut is considered classical. A problem that at such approach extremely sharply there is a question of professionalism of the master as any wrong movement can lead to a trauma. The risk is also that at some inaccuracy when trimming the risk of formation of painful agnails which in addition are a site of easy penetration of an infection increases. Some also note that at continuous trimming the cuticle grows quicker and more rough.

As the alternative to classical manicure can be considered European as which main feature that the cuticle isn't cut off acts, and simply delicately is removed and removed if necessary without the cutting tools. Such method is considered the safest and enjoys wide popularity among a large number of people.

Pluses and minuses of the European type of manicure

It is possible to carry such theses to indisputable advantages of procedure:

European manicure: what is it, technology of performance, video lesson and responses

  • the risk of entering of an infection and receiving an injury of nail or skin is minimum;
  • due to soft influence, in process any unpleasant feelings are excluded;
  • such type of manicure is possible even for owners of thin skin with close located blood vessels;
  • at continuous realization of such action growth of a cuticle is a little slowed down, and hands longer time remain well-groomed and accurate.

Not cut manicure, though is considered the most preferable from the point of view of safety, has also the negative sides, among which:

  • won't go for strongly started nails;
  • in the presence on the first procedure of not well-groomed marigold, they will take an ideal form only through some sessions, but not for once;
  • when using means for removal of a cuticle allergic reaction to structure can develop;
  • the European manicure and isn't suitable for owners of the increased nails.

Step-by-step technology of performance of manicure in salon

Performance of procedure in salon demands special accuracy and clearness as the client always wants to receive the best result. So, the algorithm of actions at not cut manicure looks as follows:

European manicure: what is it, technology of performance, video lesson and responses

  1. first of all there is a disinfection of hands of the master and client;
  2. the second step – removal from nails of the remains of an old covering by means of acetone or special means;
  3. at the following stage there is a correction of a form of free edge of a nail. It should be taken into account that at the European manicure don't apply a nozhnichka, and use only files of different abrasivity;
  4. apply the special means intended for its softening and delay of further growth on a cuticle. Vitamins and other useful components usually are a part of such products that favorably influences skin round a nail;
  5. if the wet European manicure is realized, at this stage the steaming-out tray if dry – that this stage is passed is offered to the client. It should be noted that at dry technology the decorative varnish will keep more long, than at the wet;
  6. by means of an orange stick with a special form of the end the cuticle remains carefully are removed. For such purpose special pumice with which as if cut excess fabrics can be used, without touching thus a surface of the most nail plate;
  7. hands are processed by nutritious cream, and on area of a cuticle apply specialized oil;
    nails polish and grind, giving them ideal appearance, and at the request of the client cover with a decorative covering.

As a result on the expiration of 20-30 minutes it is possible to receive a beautiful marigold, without any cuts and injuries. Despite that procedure is safe, the master needs all the same to be elected carefully, the bad expert and at not cut manicure can strongly spoil a condition of nails and total result.

How to make the European manicure in house conditions

To realize procedure of the European manicure in house conditions, the following tools will be necessary: a file for nails and polishing baf, means for a softening and removal of a cuticle (some apply for this purpose usual juice of a lemon), an orange stick, oil for a cuticle and hand cream. In the presence of agnails not to do without tweezers. As work will take place with a natural nail plate, you shouldn't take too rigid files.

European manicure: what is it, technology of performance, video lesson and responses

Average rigidity will be suitable for trimming of edge, and soft will allow to prepare a nail for polishing. The universal 4-ekhgranny file in the form of whetstone – perhaps will become an excellent choice, it isn't so convenient as usual, but deprives of need to have some kinds of the tool. At Opel of a nail it should be taken into account that the movements have to be made in one direction – from edges to the center by long easy waves.

Procedure has to happen according to the same scheme, as in beauty shop so all steps described above remain actual and for independent realization of action. Everything is stood according to the simple scheme: preparation of nails, correction of a form, processing of a cuticle, removal of a cuticle, final stage (putting creams and painting of nails).

Video lesson

Process of the European manicure is simple and won't take a lot of time, especially if for it the correct products are picked up. In this video lesson all information concerning stages of carrying out procedure is given, and each of them is clearly illustrated so to conduct similar manipulation independently won't make big work.

Photo before procedure performance

The effect after the first procedure of the European manicure can not always be impressive as for very started nails it is necessary to carry out at least 3 sessions to achieve ideal appearance. This type of manicure is also suitable for men. It is easy to notice result of such procedure, comparing a photo before its realization.

European manicure: what is it, technology of performance, video lesson and responses

European manicure: what is it, technology of performance, video lesson and responses


Margo: Several times I descended on cut manicure, and at home I did each 4-5 days the European. Now need to visit cut in general disappeared – nails in an excellent state!

Light: I do manicure in salon, but when there is no time it is necessary most. Process simple, and. that the most important for me, doesn't take a lot of time so everywhere you will be in time and you will be with beautiful fingers.

Antonina: I don't understand, than this so safe European manicure. And means which corrodes a cuticle, unless isn't dangerous? Wouldn't begin such to smear on itself, it is better to find the good expert and to go to cut manicure, receiving excellent result.