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The express manicure - advantages and shortcomings

Modern girls live in an active rhythm and not always manage to devote much time to the appearance. It is sometimes difficult for them to find even hour to go to salon and to make usual manicure. For this reason now the great popularity is acquired by express manicure which allows any busy girl to save precious time, without endowing thus the beauty. We will tell that such express manicure as it is done by experts and whether it is possible to carry out such procedure in house conditions.

What is the express manicure?

The express manicure - advantages and shortcomings

Express manicure in shopping center

For certain you met small manikyurny "salons" in shopping centers more than once. They consist of one main rack and a stool for clients. In them one person or at most two works usually. No protections are present here, everything is in full view of the people passing by. Also there is no record for a certain time. It is possible to approach simply a rack and to make so-called express manicure.

For whom such mini-salons are created? Generally for girls who are engaged in shopping in this shopping center and, passing by, perhaps, will want to make to themselves fast manicure. Also busy business ladies use this service, after all it significantly saves time.

Often and young mothers during shopping can stop and pay attention to beauty of the handles for some minutes. Young girls and students too visit such places. The prices are significantly lower here, than in big salon in which pay for a tenancy, engage employees and put the big cost of services.

Advantages of express manicure

  • Speed. Procedure of express manicure usually borrows from 10 to 30 minutes. It quicker, than in beauty shop that allows to save precious time.
  • Arrangement. Almost in any big shopping center there is such service. For this reason you can, simply having for a while stopped, to make to itself express manicure. It will also give the chance not to spend time for the road to beauty shop.
  • Price. As it was already told, the prices are significantly lower here, than in big beauty shops. It will allow to save means, without refusing care of a marigold.
  • Flexibility of the schedule. Usually in big salons it is necessary to register in advance for a certain time. Sometimes it not really convenient for you, and the expert can't offer other options. And you, perhaps, should postpone any affairs to be in time on favourite procedure. In express salons such inconvenience isn't present. You will be able to appear here at any time, passing on a supermarket, and quickly to make to itself manicure. If suddenly at this moment the master already has a client, it is possible to repeat attempt in other day when you appear in shop.

Express manicure shortcomings

The express manicure - advantages and shortcomings

Inconveniences of express manicure

After the description of advantages it is worth mentioning also minuses of this procedure. After all if everything is ideal, the increasing manikyurny salons could be already closed. We present you a number of shortcomings of express manicure:

  • Discomfort. During all procedure you will sit on a small stool, most often without back, in the middle of shopping center. Simply it isn't pleasant to many girls when passersby look how do them manicure. It causes a certain discomfort. And you will be able to get a job in special manikyurny salon in a convenient, easy chair and in the closed office to enjoy slow procedure.
  • Aggressive means. To make fast manicure, the master is compelled to use special means which allow to accelerate usual procedure. For example, to you won't be able to steam out a hand within 10–15 minutes, after all all procedure usually takes this time. Therefore apply special means which quickly do them softer on hands. They are also used for a cuticle that it could depart from a nail quicker. Often such means very aggressively influence skin and can cause allergic reaction. Therefore the fast manicure can cost very much subsequently. However some mini-salons use qualitative means on the basis of natural ingredients. With them the manicure will be useful and safe.
  • Disinfection. Agree, in shopping center through manikyurny mini-salon there passes the mass of people. And most often on their hands there is a set of bacteria or causative agents of dangerous diseases. For this reason very important point in such mini-salon is the antiseptics. If the expert doesn't process all devices and your hands special means, there will be a high probability to pick up here some illness.
  • Bad quality. Sometimes such mini-salons open simply fans who aren't experts in manikyurny art. Therefore work can be performed poor. Often because of inexperience can bring you discomfortable feelings or put a trauma. For this reason it is better to choose mini-salon which was already checked by your acquaintances and didn't face thus disappointment.

Procedure of express manicure step by step

Now we will tell, the express manicure in mini-salons consists of what stages.

Equipment of express manicure on video

  1. For a start the expert has to apply antiseptics on both of your hands. It is usual protective lotion which will secure you against bacteria. It dries in a couple of minutes, and its action proceeds during all procedure.
  2. If on nails there is a varnish, it have to remove by means of a special remover.
  3. Now by means of a nail file the form is given to a marigold. It is possible to tell, which form wants to be received as a result.
  4. After that the expert applies special liquid which quickly softens it on a cuticle and allows to remove without serious consequences. Also this means is applied often on the become horny sites of skin of hands to process them then a nail file and to make soft. Some liquids have the bleaching effect therefore the master applies them as well on a marigold.
  5. Now, when liquid started working, it is possible to remove a cuticle without problems. This procedure won't cause droplets of discomfort.
  6. Further the master once again applies an antiseptic which will allow to remove the remains of the previous liquid on your hands and once again will disinfect your handles.
  7. Most often the expert can apply the special regenerating gel on your nails. It helps a nail to remain long time strong and strengthens its growth.
  8. In end the expert paints nails the chosen varnish. If you prefer natural manicure then the master can use transparent shellac or special wax. The express manicure gives the chance also to order stylish drawing on a marigold or original ornament. Then procedure, of course, will last more long, but you receive not only a well-groomed, but also beautiful, stylish marigold.

Express manicure in house conditions

If you aren't ready to risk and try service of mini-salons, and also you want to save means and time, then it is possible to make fast manicure directly at home.

Express manicure video lesson in house conditions

  1. In the beginning remove an old varnish from nails and degrease them by means of acetone.
  2. Now use a special mask srub for nails and apply it on a cuticle. After that it is possible to make fast massage of nails and fingers. Then our skin will become softer, will relax and will be ready to further procedure.
  3. After massage wash away means warm water and dry handles.
  4. Use an orange stick to remove a cuticle. Now remove it by means of tweezers.
  5. Give to a marigold the favourite form, using a nail file. After that it is possible to apply on hands the restoring milk or any means, habitual for you.
  6. Now take a usual white pencil for nails and bring them on nail inside. Such manicure will look accurate and professional.
  7. Further it is necessary to grind a nail plate that it had pleasant natural gloss. After put the bleaching means that our marigold turned out simply ideal.
  8. The express manicure is ready! You even can not apply a varnish on nails, after all they and so after such procedure look strong, beautiful and brilliant. But at desire you can cover them with a favourite varnish or make a certain drawing. Everything depends on that, what is the time you allocated for procedure.


The express manicure - advantages and shortcomings

Procedure of express manicure

You completely examined procedure of express manicure. We hope, we helped you to understand all merits and demerits of this fast care of nails. Remember that in small salons it is really possible to make qualitative express manicure for a short period. However it is necessary to choose the checked points in which do this procedure qualitatively. You shouldn't risk and go at random to any place as for it it is possible to pay with health and beauty of your marigold.

For bigger saving of time and money it is best of all to do express manicure of the house. Each girl can master this art. The main thing — to allocate for care of the beauty at least it is a little time and to accumulate experience in performance of express manicure.