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Fashionable manicure in peas

Since the oldest times secular women of fashion of France began to use the fabric decorated with peas for creation of the images. So unusual pattern did girls by more womanly and emphasized their graceful taste. Today it again became the leading pattern. However the modern people loving innovations decided not to be limited to fabrics and tried to make manicure in peas. Such decision became at once demanded. There were different options of manicure in this style. Now it is possible to meet such pattern on nails of girls very often. Only active lifestyle means big employment therefore female representatives aren't always able to afford to visit beauty shop.

Fashionable manicure in peas Therefore the manicure in peas is even more appreciated by busy girls. After all its creation doesn't demand a lot of time. Especially as it is possible to create manicure under a dress in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to follow the instruction only accurately.

Preparation for manicure

Initially it is necessary to process nails carefully. For this purpose it is necessary to remove a layer of an old varnish from nail plates, to remove a cuticle (if it is required) and to level length of nails a shelf.

Further it is necessary to prepare in advance all demanded tools, namely:
- 2 kinds of a varnish;
- colourless varnish basis;
- a fixer for a top covering;
- dots;
- small piece of a foil.

Fashionable manicure in peas First of all the varnish basis is applied on nails. You shouldn't think that this layer is useless, after all it not so. The colourless layer helps to make nails equal, and also it promotes fixing of a varnish, doing manicure in peas durable.
Selection of flowers of a varnish for creation completely depends on individual preferences of the girl. It can be both contrast, and monophonic colors, or them in general will be a little. Therefore it is necessary to think over in advance drawing which will be applied on nails. The top covering is necessary for giving to nails of gloss and for strengthening of drawing.

Foil and dots

Dots represents a product for manicure, the small metal ball having on the end. By means of it it is very convenient to do equal peas therefore it is worth getting it after all. Especially as it is possible to find dots in any shop of cosmetics, and it costs not much enough. If the tool can't be got, it is possible to use make-shifts. For example, a core from a ball pen, a hairpin or the cut-off toothpick.

The foil is required to pour out on it a little varnish. So will control more simply amount of liquid on the end of a dots. A large number of a varnish can spoil drawing, having put on a nail a blot therefore it is better not to risk. It is possible to replace a foil with a usual plastic bag or similar material.

Step-by-step instruction

How to make manicure in peas in house conditions? Now we will tell. Fashionable manicure in peas

  1. That it was simpler to repeat the pleasant pattern from peas, it can be drawn on a sheet of paper. It will be so much easier to copy drawing on nails, than to put a varnish on memory.
  2. All necessary tools and products are prepared and placed so that they could be touched easily.
  3. The first colourless layer which has to dry completely is put.
  4. Nails become covered by a background varnish which also has to dry completely.
  5. Other varnish pours out on a foil then into it it is dipped dots.
  6. Peas are applied on nails according to the chosen pattern.
  7. When points dry, plates of nails become covered by a finishing layer of a fixer.

Manicure options with peas

In any variation peas remain in fashion. He personifies retrostyle which looks very effectively today. Therefore the pattern from peas can be absolutely different. The main thing to consider features of the personal schedule, after all work at office demands official appearance, and pink nails with lime peas can cause questions in the management. What patterns are considered as the most widespread?

Fashionable manicure in peas1. Classical option. Such manicure in peas is carried out from a white and black varnish. Thus it is better to use for a background white color as it looks less aggressively. Peas can settle down on nails in any order. Also they can be various form. Very originally the pattern of playing cubes when the different quantity of peas is caused on each nail looks. Thus they accommodate the same as on game bones.

2. If nails sharp or round, it is recommended to apply peas of smaller size on them. Thus they can be as in a chaotic order, and to gather in a certain drawing.

Manicure with large peas

3. Square nails look with large peas more effectively. Thus no restrictions in color are present. As option, it is possible to place peas only on one finger (best of all - on anonymous), having left other plates monophonic. In addition, the nails decorated in addition with small pastes interestingly look.

4. The image of any drawing demands bigger assiduity and time therefore it is recommended to put it, having already some experience. From peas snowflakes, flowers or simply geometrical figures can be laid out. Some girls decorate the nails with the difficult drawings consisting from tiny a goroshinok. Thus they use at once some flowers, but for creation of such masterpiece practice is necessary.
Fashionable manicure in peas In general, drawing on nails depends only on the imagination and efforts of the girl. Therefore you shouldn't be afraid to experiment and try different options of putting peas. After all only thanks to experience it is possible to reach good results.


Now you know how to make manicure in peas. Ideas and recommendations will help you to make a marigold ideal. We wish you good luck and success!