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Small fishes who do a pedicure

Small fishes who do a pedicure

Probably, you heard about a fish-peeling much, but still didn't decide to try this procedure. Agree, very peculiar way of courting behind feet? And suddenly it at all such harmless to what it seems at first sight? We will try to clear all moments and to understand who they are such – small fishes who do a pedicure.

How the fish pedicure arose?

It is impossible to tell precisely, what country is the homeland of this procedure. According to different data Turkey can be it, and there can be also China. If you had a rest in Turkey, China, Thailand or India, already saw, how many persons interested to get on such fish pedicure. However it isn't obligatory to go abroad at all to indulge the feet, after all now such remarkable procedure is offered and in Russia, and also Japan, the Netherlands, etc.

According to some information, wonderful small fishes were found in the 14th century by brothers travelers. Imperceptible small fishes lived in a warm reservoir in which brothers decided to bathe. While brothers bathed in water, little doctors bathed together with them and slightly pinched from time to time them, without hurting. After bathing patients with psoriasis brothers lightened and realized that small fishes are capable to cure patients with this illness, and the glory about tiny doctors began to extend all over the world. However it only the legend which doesn't have exact historical confirmation therefore date and a place of detection of small fishes is various depending on a source.

Small fishes doctors: who are they?

Small fishes about whom you heard very much, are called Garr Ruff. They have small length, only from 3 do10 see during a pokusyvaniye, Garr Ruff's small fishes emit special enzyme which else to the end isn't investigated. Now many medical institutes actively study that for substance tiny small fishes allocate. It is supposed that such enzyme of a small fish is capable to be emitted only in bondage as small fishes savages should develop in themselves the immunity serving as it protection before many diseases. It is considered that in vitro at small fishes this substance as Garr Ruff won't feel discomfort and fear won't be allocated. For this reason of a small fish for a pedicure are delivered only from places of their dwelling, that is from the wild nature.

It would be quite good to know Garr Ruff's small fishes "by sight". The matter is that there is some breed of fishes Chin-Chin which are incredibly similar to our heroes. However it seems so only at first sight. Actually Chin-Chin have teeth with which will bite people. Stings of fishes Chin-Chin can be painful and involve risk of entering of an infection. We advise you to be careful and to trust the body only to the authoritative and checked salons.

Garr Ruff toothless, the poet you can not worry that they will bite you as piranhas. On the contrary, our heroes as geese, will pinch from time to time the become lifeless parts of a body and skin, without any damages, therefore, and possibility of entering of an infection is reduced to zero. Keep in mind that too rough skin to small fishes not on forces, therefore for example, natoptysh to them "too hard". Procedure has medical impact on skin, improves blood circulation, masses it, influencing certain points of an organism that gives a tone.

Small fishes who do a pedicure

To whom the pedicure small fishes is useful?

Once you at least once try this pedicure, you by all means will want to repeat it. Useful procedure will be for people:

  • Persons interested to make skin smooth and pleasant to the touch
  • To reduce age changes on skin of feet
  • To Zazhivit microcracks
  • To get rid of rough sites of skin
  • To get rid of fungal infections
  • To revitalize nail plates.

Small fishes doctors are applied not only to a pedicure of hands. In salon can offer you both manicure, and face peel and even full immersion which is incredibly useful. It is very interesting to watch from outside those who agrees to a peeling of a face. To the person put on a hat the head, zashcheplyat a nose a special clip (as at swimmers), and insert a stick for breath under water into a mouth. If you are watched by the husband or darling – to it will be ridiculous therefore it is better to ask the master that he persuaded to make procedure and it. But eventually, the result will please you – the thin skin will be faultless. If decide on full immersion, stock up with patience: procedure will last about one hour. In general, the fish peeling will be useful at:

  • Psoriasis
  • Vitiligo
  • Ichthyosis
  • Psoriatichesky artropatiya
  • Red flat herpes
  • Rozatse
  • To children's eczema
  • To Giperkeratoza
  • Chronic eczemas
  • Acne diseases of skin.

To whom is the fish pedicure contraindicated?

  • More precisely this question to you will be answered by the doctor who by all means is in good salon. He will perform careful inspection of legs and only then will give the admission to procedure, or will apologize and will specify the reasons for which has to refuse to you. In general, the pedicure isn't recommended by small fishes at:
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Malignancies
  • Red wolf cub
  • Psoriatichesky eritrodermiya
  • In the presence of gnoynichok, the bleeding wounds, burns and cracks on skin.

In what advantages of a pedicure small fishes?

Procedure has the mass of advantages among which first place is won of course opportunity to enjoy it together with the beloved (which very difficult to induce to do a full-fledged pedicure) and pleasure, which you derive in process. Also other advantages are important:

  • Small fishes relieve you of a layer of the become horny skin, without doing harm healthy which doesn't cause in them any interest
  • Procedure is painless therefore it can be done even to children
  • Ecological pure type of a pedicure
  • Fast effect
  • The pedicure becomes in water with a temperature, comfortable for the person (from 32 to 37 degrees above zero).

Pedicure small fishes: technological process

Procedure of a fish pedicure takes place as follows:

  • Feet are wiped and washed out by water
  • Legs of the client fall to a small aquarium with Garr Ruff's small fishes whom is more than hundred
  • For 20-30 minutes of a small fish work, eating around dead layers of skin
  • Smooth feet take out from capacity with small fishes and wipe a towel.

What service life of small fishes?

In fact, small fishes have to be destroyed ruthlessly after each procedure as so would be much more gigiyenichny. However in that case procedure would be extremely expensive and unclaimed. Besides, mass destruction of fishes wouldn't be approved by some organizations. In this regard after each client the aquarium with small fishes is cleaned specially developed system with the most powerful external filter and even an ultraviolet. As a result, both bacteria, and causative agents of all other infections perish. Not less than 35-50% of water are replaced and the aquarium is again filled with clear water.

Exactly for the reason that small fishes can't be disinfected like the pedicure tool, in the USA this procedure was replaced, being guided by hygienic reasons.

We recommend to you to carry out a fish pedicure tiny doctors of Garr Ruff if you adore exotic feelings, crazy about beautiful and well-groomed legs and the beauty in general. Believe us, it isn't sick at all!

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