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Gel a varnish under a cuticle

Well-groomed beautiful hands with accurate manicure by all means draw attention of people around therefore most of girls don't neglect services of masters of nail design. And if still quite recently the alternative to a usual varnish wasn't, today even more often make a choice for unique material – varnish gel.

Gel a varnish under a cuticle

Gel a varnish under a cuticle

It combines properties of a simple varnish and gel, provides a strong and durable covering, doesn't burst and doesn't lose brightness of color within two-three weeks. The general technology of drawing is standard for all materials irrespective of manufacturing firm. Among women popularly a covering gel a varnish under a cuticle which equipment is slightly more difficult, than at a classical covering.

Cuticle call the dense roller from skin which is formed round a nail plate. It carries out protective function, preventing hit of bacteria and development of infections.

The cuticle consists of two parts.

  1. The first is eponikhiya, actually it is the main part of the grown thin skin.
  2. The second – pterigiya, the lower part, the remains of a first-born layer. In some cases (especially at children and men) can close two thirds of a nail, is removed easily and without serious consequences.

Gel a varnish under a cuticle

Gel a varnish under a cuticle

Masters delete a cuticle that it didn't disturb growth of nails and didn't burst, and the covering gel a varnish kept more long. However along with classical manicure of the master practice also not cut, that is this film if it is almost imperceptible and doesn't disturb the client, can remain, but as much as possible moves from a marigold. Thus the task of the master becomes complicated, after all it is necessary to put accurately a covering and not to break technology, differently it will keep not for long.

Technology of drawing varnish gel under a cuticle

Drawing gel varnish under a cuticle allows to carry slightly more long a covering on a marigold due to deeper causing color. The masters who mastered equipment with pleasure apply it to manicure, after all it is so possible to update design even less often.

Gel a varnish under a cuticle

Gel a varnish under a cuticle

Gel a varnish under a cuticle

We paint under a cuticle gel a varnish — technology of drawing and an operations procedure

  1.  We do cut manicure or we process nogotochka and a cuticle in the hardware way. We process a nail file, bafy, we put a primer.
  2.  We cover a marigold with a basic layer, as much as possible coming nearer to a cuticle, we dry.
  3. We apply the first layer color gel varnish on all nail.
  4. Pusher once again we remove a cuticle, an index finger slightly we delay a cuticle from a nail plate aside. We are taken place by a thin moist brush on the released site. We dry a color covering under a lamp.
  5. We put one more layer of a color covering and we dry.
  6. We put a top covering and we dry up under a lamp.
  7. We use oil for mitigation of a cuticle, gradually it will rise into place.

When drawing a covering it is also possible to paint over at first area under a cuticle, and then to cover the main part of a nail plate.

When it is got the hand it will be possible to try to paint over area under a cuticle a brush directly from a jar. For this purpose pusher we remove a cuticle, we fix its situation by a finger. A moist brush we paint over nails — we act parallel to cuticle skin from the middle of a nail, we paint over the center, as usual.


Also perhaps drawing a covering is close to a cuticle. We will consider an operations procedure at such manicure:

  1. To give to nails the necessary form, using a nail file.
  2. To move a thin skin a rake, it is obligatory to remove pterigiya.
  3. To grind a surface of plates, to remove dust with lint-free napkins and to degrease nails a dehydrator.
  4. To put a basic covering, having taken lateral faces and an end face of a nail.
  5. To apply color gel a varnish in the traditional way, as much as possible coming nearer to a cuticle, to dry under the UF-lamp.
  6. To put one more layer varnish gel, having blocked an end face. To dry under the UF-lamp.
  7. Finishing means has to cover completely gel a varnish, including lateral faces and an end face. To dry up under a lamp three minutes.
  8. The lint-free napkin moistened in special solution, moving from a cuticle to free edge, to remove a sticky layer with the accurate movements.
  9. To apply the moisturizing oil on okolonogtevy space and to rub it quiet movements.

Gel a varnish under a cuticle

To protect a thin skin from hit of a varnish, it is possible to use special means. They are put before manicure, and after completion of procedure accurately pulled for the formed film, and she acts.

Whether it is safe to apply gel a varnish under a cuticle

This question quite ambiguous also causes many disputes in experts. Someone from masters actively practices drawing varnish gel under a cuticle, someone considers that it is harmful and even it is dangerous.

Gel a varnish under a cuticle Covering examples varnish gel under a cuticle

Gel a varnish under a cuticle

As practice shows, no harm during the accurate and safe work will exist, if:

  • the master acts accurately, without touching the nervous terminations,
  • sterile tools are used,
  • don't apply a varnish on a cuticle,
  • behind a cuticle due care not only in salon, but also regularly at home is carried out (for this purpose producers offer a big complex of means – from creams to oils).


Following advice how to apply gel a varnish under a cuticle, you receive accurate result without harm for health.

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