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How to apply bulyonka on gel varnish? Step by step and well

How to apply bulyonka on gel varnish? Step by step and well You want to learn unusual registration of nails? Learn how to apply bulyonka on gel varnish, and realize the most improbable ideas fashionably of the decorated nails. Tiny balls on gel varnish – the trend, stylish decision for manicure, both daily, and solemn. This type of ornament has pluses and minuses, and also distinctive features of their drawing on gel varnish, in comparison with usual nail varnish or acryle.


We suggest you to get acquainted with all secrets and subtleties of drawing a bulyonok with which in power to cope to any girl who doesn't have special skills in work with nails.


Merits and demerits

How to apply bulyonka on gel varnish that nails looked accurately and beautifully? For this purpose it isn't obligatory to go to the manikyurny expert at all. Very small, balls up to 4 mm in size – one of the most popular tendencies even in house manicure. Such goroshinka can be got a separate set, or already placed in a bottle about gel varnish. That are in a varnish, according to experts to put is problematic. Small, round jewelry has a mass of advantages:

  • Variety of flowers, shades and sizes bulyonok. They can be nacreous and opaque;
  • Ease in use about gel varnish;
  • Possibility of creation of unique and stylish manicure with volume 3D - effect;
  • Possibility of use in house conditions;
  • Creation of drawings, both on long, and on short nails;
  • Profitability;
  • Low price.

Before applying bulyonka on gel varnish, be ready to their not palatable features at non-compliance with rules of drawing:
  • Surface rough, unpleasant to the touch of the decorated nail;
  • Possibility of catches for hair, damage of stockings and other linen;
  • Fragility.


Correct drawing

It is simpler to make unusual manicure with use of decorative balls in salon at the skilled expert. But if you are the beginning master or the fan of experiments, and at your disposal there is all necessary for design beads on gel varnish, safely get to work. Will be necessary:

  • UF-lamp for manicure;
  • Basic gel;
  • Color gel varnish;
  • Finishing covering (top);
  • The degreasing means;
  • Orange stick or special tweezers;
  • Bulyonki.

It is desirable that the basic covering and a top belonged to one producer. It is possible to get means 2v1 which will serve as both a top, and base. For design with inclusion of small peas, choose a top with a sticky covering which perfectly holds ornament on a nail long time. Stages of drawing decorative beads:
  • Prepare nails. At the first stage cut them, give the necessary form, clean a cuticle;
  • The top layer of a nail plate needs to be cut a little, then to degrease. It will help both a varnish, and a decor it is reliable to be fixed;
  • Apply gel base in one layer, dry in a lamp. Drying in the special UF-device – an indispensable condition at manicure about gel varnish;
  • Cover nails gel varnish of the necessary color. Drawing in some layers each of which is subject to obligatory drying in a lamp a couple of minutes is desirable;
  • Apply a transparent top on the top varnish coat. He will protect from cracks and attritions, will present gloss, and will prolong varnish service life;
  • Without waiting for drying, at once begin registration with bulyonka directly on a top. For convenience and the accuracy of lines or patterns, use a special orange stick or tweezers;
  • Cover the nails decorated with bulyonka with one more layer of a top, uniform and not too thin – balls have to be a little drowned. Dry a lamp.

If top covering is insufficiently, the manicure risks to be short-lived. Observance of all rules of competent drawing both gel varnish, and a bulyonok, guarantees firmness of a decor for a period of 2 weeks. It is very important that the finishing layer was absolutely transparent – such manicure will impress with brightness.


Features of design

Manicure with bulyonka – fashionable option of volume ornament among women of any age. It is pertinent on the bride's fingers in the form of nacreous pearls in tone of a dress. It can be cheerful drawing from multi-colored peas or the thematic registration corresponding to mood or the forthcoming holiday. With the help a bulyonok represent a smilie, a flower, a fir-tree, heart, a bow. If you undertook decorative balls for the first time, don't choose too difficult options of manicure – be limited to monophonic or multi-colored "caviar" manicure. It is simple to make it:

  • After drawing gel varnish, fix a nail a sticky top;
  • Lower a finger in a jar with bulyonka;
  • Clean excess balls, dry a lamp;
  • Once again cover with a top and let's nails dry out in the UF-lamp.

If all peas in "caviar" design of identical color, them it is possible to dilute with several biserina of a contrast color or the bigger size. For this purpose clean some balls from a sticky basis, hooking them tweezers from a nail, and on their place attach others. In fashion ornament bulyonka only of ring fingers, the others are only painted over gel varnish in tone of small balls.
Gradually improve quality of drawing small beads. At connection of the imagination and assiduity at you any patterns with balls of all sizes – lunar option of manicure or unusual registration of a service jacket will turn out.


Useful tips

Secrets of successful manicure with bulyonka are simple:

  • For difficult drawing with use of decorative balls use special glue. Atop well dried gel varnish draw with glue a necessary pattern. At once strew a nail with goroshinka – they will be pasted in the form of drawing, and superfluous will disappear from stirring by a hand. Don't forget about a finishing covering transparent gel;
  • On short nails the smallest bulyonka, and on long – large, and their combination to the small balls similar to color grains of sand look more accurately;
  • For convenience and fast development of design bulyonka, buy a ready set for drawing balls. Are enclosed in a set both decorative jewelry, and the detailed instruction and the illustrated options of registration of nails.

How to apply bulyonka on gel varnish and what they happen? Unusual beads for manicure are done of glass, acryle and even weightless gel. Choose qualitative bulyonka paint with which won't be erased before term. Reliable accessories are on sale in professional salons. Pay attention to reviews of quality the manikyurnykh of balls before buying them. In addition to decorative beads pick up sukhotsveta, kamifubuk, pastes – so you will be able to decorate nail plates in the most unusual ways. Include the imagination, and create unique drawings with tiny balls – surprise surrounding with unusual and fashionable design.