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How to apply a pigment on gel a varnish

The pigment is an interesting material for creation of creative design with use gel of varnishes. It is externally similar to a sand or starch.

How to apply a pigment on gel a varnish

Dye in the form of small particles can have the size from 5 to 180 microns. These parts easily lay down on nails a thin uniform layer.

Pigments can have the most different shades – from nacreous and opaque to transparent with original otliva. They can be mixed safely among themselves, and also to add to gel varnishes for receiving unusual shades.

Manicurists not incidentally have some options of pigments of different flowers in the arsenal.

How to apply a pigment on gel a varnish

They love them for special characteristics:

  • parts reliably keep on a nail surface,
  • opportunity to receive a saturated deep shade, and also without effort to create design popular today with a gradient,
  • universality – parts of a pigment of different flowers miksutsya easily among themselves and open opportunities for creation of the most difficult design,
  • resistance to external influences – the manicure about gel will be delicious to keep not less than 2 weeks,
  • reasonable price and the minimum expense – the cost of one jar about 50-2 USD, and will last it for a long time.

Types of pigments

On structure allocate the following types of dyes:

  • The liquid — allow to receive a uniform covering without stains.
  • The dry — friable parts aren't so convenient in use, but is much cheaper and more available. Such most often use the master of a neyl-art.

Also classify them in such groups, as:

  • The natural — them receive by mixing of mineral breeds.
  • The synthetic — are created in the artificial way.
  • The metal — are formed by hashing of alloys and metals.

Cosmetic pigments can be as one-color, and with various modulations. It is also possible to get materials with effect of a chameleon.

How to apply a pigment on gel a varnish That the varnish is required for drawing a pigment on gel

That is necessary for work

Except the dye for creation of unusual design it will be required to you:

  • capacity for mixing (it is possible to take a glass jar),
  • shovel for a pigment set from a jar,
  • brush for design,
  • UF-lamp for polymerization,
  • at will it is possible to take acrylic powder for further mixing it with a pigment.


Technology of use

There is some technician of use of the painting parts. All of them are actively used by masters in beauty shops, and also are available to application in house conditions.

  • The first option is their mixing with a top covering. It is necessary to mix in equal proportions, to apply on a nail plate and to polymerize under a lamp.
  • The second option – drawing directly on a sticky layer varnish gel. It is possible to apply it both on base, and on a color covering. The dry-brush needs to be dunked into a pigment and the accurate clapping movements to distribute the painting particles on all surface of a nail or its part. The result is consolidated by a top.

It is possible to mix pigments with acrylic powders.

  1. For this purpose we fill three parts of transparent powder in capacity, to it it is added one part of a pigment and we mix.
  2. We apply a small amount of monomer on a nail, by a brush it is gathered a little received mix, accurately we put and we distribute on a nail plate.

The instruction — a pigment vtirka in gel a varnish

How to apply a pigment on gel a varnish


How to apply a pigment on gel a varnish

How to apply a pigment on gel a varnish

Step 1

We prepare a nail plate — we carry out manicure. We cause base, we dry, then a layer varnish gel, again we send to drying.

Step 2

We gather a brush a pigment and we apply with the accurate postukivayushche-rubbing movements it on a nail in a chaotic look. We wipe a brush to shake superfluous, and we gather other color. Again we rub near a pigment of the last color. We are softly taken place on joints between two flowers. A finger accurately we rub a pigment in a nail. By a brush it is shaken from a nail superfluous and we place under a lamp. In our example on a nail the design with two flowers turned out, but you can use one or, on the contrary, more.

Step 3

Fan brush we shake the remains. We put a top and we dry in a lamp. We remove a sticky layer and we admire.


Useful tips on creation of manicure

  • You shouldn't use cheap material of the Chinese production. In most cases it doesn't meet safety requirements.
  • It is possible to correct the pigment applied on a nail the Q-tip moisturized with liquid for removal of a varnish.
  • If the pigment is necessary for creation of drawing, draw it atop gel varnish with the removed sticky layer — so the pigment remains only on stickiness of a pattern.
  • It is possible to add no more than 5% of dye to gel, differently it won't be possible to polymerize a covering qualitatively. In a case with acryle the figure can reach 50%.

Surely get at least one jar of a pigment and try to use it for creation of bright manicure!

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