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How to choose a lamp for drying of nails

Women who pay due attention to the hands, face a problem — how to choose a lamp for drying of nails that it corresponded to requirements, served long and thus wasn't the road. Recently to the fragile and difficult giving in to leaving nails, modern women prefer gel nails or shellac covering which will keep a type of an ukhozhennost of hands long enough. For creation of such manicure in salons or house conditions the UF-lamp is used. The choice of good drying for nails is at a loss a wide choice of various models and brands. Shops nonplus the huge range of sushka, and producers – existence of any frills. In this article we are ready to provide council for a choice of reliable drying for nails.

On what it is necessary to pay attention at a choice

How to choose a lamp for drying of nails

Any dryer consists of the case, lamps by means of which drying, and control panels is carried out. Various models can be added with functions of the timer with the display, a sensor, a removable or sliding bottom, the cooling system, etc. Lamps happen the different sizes. Drying is necessary for nails for those who has desire to carry out care of nails in house conditions, or to be engaged in professional manicure. For today the dryer has various variations and functions:

  • usual UF-lamp for gel nails or a varnish shellac;
  • the dryer with the fan for a usual varnish;
  • the portable or desktop devices having a charge from a network or from batteries;
  •  models for one hand or for both;
  • the dryer can have the different power of lamps.

How to choose a lamp for drying of nails

The first council for a choice of reliable drying for nails: before leaving the money, it is necessary to be convinced that the chosen product corresponds to your requirements. The price plays an important role in that the dryer corresponded to all characteristics of quality of these devices. Whether there will be it a lamp for professional manicure, or simple house option – on average the price starts from 15 dollars and above for UF-lamps; and from 20 dollars for the light-emitting diode. But there are no reasons to buy at once the most expensive option if there are analogs cheaper, not conceding in parameter the price quality. If still there is no definiteness — whether you will be engaged in manicure independently or not – it is better to buy the inexpensive, but good device for such test. It is desirable that in total the power of lamps was not less than 30 Watts as lamps of smaller power will dry very long nails.

What lamp for drying of nails to choose?

Ultra-violet dryer

How to choose a lamp for drying of nails

Some types of nail varnish demand various types of the dryer:

  • For usual nail varnish you can use the simple dryer. They work as well as the hair dryer, with use of cold or warm air quicker to dry up nails. The device of this kind doesn't dry up gel varnish. Drying for nails with a covering gel varnish, has to be equipped with an ultra-violet, or LED lamp for hardening of a covering. Examine a label on a covering to be convinced that it is suitable for a LED lamp as some coverings are dried up only by means of UF-lamps.
  • The LED lamp (LED) dries nails quicker than the UF-lamp, usually in 30 seconds. While the UF-lamp for nails continues this process of 90 seconds. So when using LED type drying will take about 2 minutes, and UF more than 5 minutes. LED lamps use a small amount of energy and don't heat up as UF, remaining cold so your hands won't overheat. Such type of the dryer seldom needs replacement of lamps, as they power-economical. These lamps aren't intended for a usual varnish if only they aren't equipped with the fan.
  • The ultra-violet lamp for nails works about 100 hours, that is it is necessary to change such lamp time in five months, by the end of term they lose the power and a varnish simply isn't dried up. The LED model unlike UF can shine about 50000 hours and doesn't lose power over time.
  • There are also gazosvetny and hybrid lamps, but they are less widespread.

Council at the choice of reliable drying for nails by the size:

How to choose a lamp for drying of nails

Choose the size wisely. Some lamps approach only on four fingers so you will have to dry up a thumb separately. It is more convenient to get such device which contains in itself all fingers or even both hands at the same time. There are devices even for one finger, such lamps can be taken with themselves in travel or it is simple to carry in a handbag, they can be connected to the laptop by means of USB. If you want to make a pedicure, you need to consider the lamp size surely. There are lamps with a removable bottom that allows to make a pedicure. It is convenient to wash such lamp. Portable dryers for nails, as a rule, it is less, than desktop dryers.

Device choice, when using a usual varnish

 Manikyurno-pedikyurny a set with the dryer

How to choose a lamp for drying of nails
Unlike nail gel the usual varnish dries in itself because it has pigments, pitches and the filming agent mixed in solvent. Solvent evaporates, leaving a hard coating on nails. Usually the varnish is put in some layers, thus it is necessary to expect so far each layer separately will dry. This process happens quicker if drying for nails is used. It is possible to sit and wait until nails dry or to get the dryer and to accelerate process.

Whether the UF-lamp is harmful?

How to choose a lamp for drying of nails

How to choose drying for nails that it didn't do harm for skin? Today heated arguments concerning harm for skin of hands when using dryers for nails are conducted. Anyway, essential proofs in favor of harm it isn't found yet as for development of consequences from UF-radiation has to pass enough time, and such method of manicure began to be used relatively recently. It is possible to hear often caution that dangerous UF-radiation can lead to a skin cancer. According to researchers, for this purpose it is enough to make manicure eight times. UF radiation is used also in sunbeds which frequentation leads to destruction of DNA in cells of skin that causes a cancer.

Protective gloves

How to choose a lamp for drying of nails
Researchers tested 17 different types of UF-lamps, and found various number of emissions of radiation. It depended on the power of lamps, the power is higher, the risk is higher. There are lamps equipped with a range — UVA if that protection isn't present, it is possible to apply on hands lotion for suntan or special gloves. It isn't less dangerous to be in beauty shops where air is impregnated with toxic evaporations. Creation of a beautiful marigold lasts from one to three hours depending on complexity. Therefore, at a choice of salon pay attention to that – the room is how well aired. And in house conditions do manicure, sitting near an open window, or on a balcony — putting on a protective mask. The ultraviolet is very dangerous to eyes therefore when drying put a lamp lower than a level of eyes and don't look there, it is as if beautiful and interesting to you it seemed.

Rules of work with a lamp

How to choose a lamp for drying of nails

When the choice of good drying is made for nails, it needs to be completed with lamps. At placement of lamps be convinced that they completely fit into a nest. Attach a lamp cord to food, on the back panel press the food switch. At need adjust the timer, or simply turn on it.
Now it is necessary to deal with how drying for nails works. For a start it is necessary to wash up well hands in order to avoid nail infections. Also, fat from nails and dirt by means of a toothbrush that provides more reliable fastening of a basis under a varnish is removed. After, nails are disinfected by special solution and filed. By means of a grinding nail file the greasy luster is removed, the nail is presoaked in warm water with soft detergent. The softened cuticle is removed.

Steps on putting shellac by means of a lamp:

How to choose a lamp for drying of nails Very thin film of base for nails is applied (start), and dries under a lamp. Procedure time a miscellaneous depending on a type of the dryer. It is imposed as it is possible the first layer of shellac is thinner, and dries under a lamp. As if beautifully the dried first layer looked – ˜ it is recommended to put the second. You watch errors and in time delete them before drying as after drying of a nail, it will be impossible to correct anything. Then the TOP COVERING (finish) is put, it is put not only over a nail, but also on an end face, as if sealing a covering. After drying the top sticky layer by means of an obezzhirivatel, soft wadded disks is removed. At the end the cuticle is processed by means of oil.

We recommend to see interesting video:


Here such recommendations in order that the problem — at the choice of a good lamp for drying of nails, ceased to exist, and everything became simple and clear. With ultra-violet lamps be more accurately, it is better to dry nails in gloves. Be careful when replacing bulbs as they contain harmful substances, including mercury. It is desirable to utilize such lamps properly. Protect from the harmful radiation of an eye.

We wish beauty and health, to new meetings.

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