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How to create manicure by means of a sponge: step-by-step instruction

Effective, bright and unusual manicure – dream of each girl. Well-groomed hands and nails are the business card of which each woman is proud.

There is a set the technician and ways of drawing drawing. To brag of original design, it is optional to go to expensive beauty shops. Manicure by means of a sponge it is quite simple and it can be mastered easily independently in house conditions.

The technology of drawing a varnish by means of a sponge or a sponzh is rather new and gives more opportunities for creation of art drawings. The sponge gives effects and shades which can't be received when using a manikyurny brush.

Necessary materials

How to create manicure by means of a sponge: step-by-step instruction For a start it is necessary to be defined, what shades will be used for drawing. For summer manicure it is possible to use brighter paints: orange-yellow, peach and coral, black-green, violet-blue and rose-white.

It is possible to use chocolate-golden, black and brick and brown and emerald combinations in the fall.

For New Year's manicure use blue or silvery scale, and at office there will be pertinent a combination of beige, dairy, beige and gray shades.

The main secret for successful manicure a sponge – very smooth transition between shades.

So, it will be necessary for creation of drawing for us:

  • sponge or sponzh for drawing drawing of the small size;
  • liquid for removal of a varnish;
  • manikyurny accessories;
  • some shades of a varnish;
  • wooden stick for a cuticle;
  • tray for hands;
  • foil or piece of a cardboard which won't absorb a varnish;
  • hand cream and cuticles.

How to create manicure by means of a sponge?

We will consider two options of creation of manicure a sponge step by step.

First way:

  1. Remove an old covering by means of liquid for removal of a varnish if it is necessary give to nails the identical form and level by the size.
  2. For 10-12 minutes serially lower hands in a tray for a cuticle softening.
  3. Wooden stick carefully remove a cuticle from edge of a nail and carefully cut off it on all contour.
  4. Well dry nails, it is necessary that all layers laid down exactly and free of defects.
  5. Now it is necessary to put a basis under a varnish and carefully to dry.
  6. Apply basic tone on a nail plate.
  7. We apply a small amount of a varnish for a sponge on slices of a foil.
  8. Accurately dip a sponge tip in the necessary tone and apply on the middle of a nail.
  9. Without waiting until this layer dries, at once dip the second sponge in other tone and press it to the top part of a nail. You watch that layers were approximately identical on width.
  10. The surface of a nail became a little rough. To smooth it and to make transitions smoother, apply a transparent varnish on a nail surface.
  11. Remove an unnecessary varnish from skin and apply hand cream.

How to create manicure by means of a sponge: step-by-step instructionSecond way. Remove a varnish and make usual manicure. Then apply on nails base under a varnish to level a surface.

Apply with small strips two on a foil or a cardboard or three tones of a varnish. It is important that there was no free space between strips.

By means of a stick or a toothpick accurately mix borders of shades on 2-3 mm, no more. Dip a sponge at once in all three shades that it became striped. Press a sponge to a nail and take a little that the shade became brighter.

It is possible to repeat this procedure two-three times. Wait for drying and apply on a nail a transparent varnish and "drying" for nails. Then remove an excess varnish and apply hand cream.

Useful tips and interesting options of design

Councils for creation of manicure a sponge:

  • carefully select shades, all colors have to be in harmony among themselves;
  • lighter gradients at the nail basis, and the most dark – on a tip will look more effectively;
  • you don't apply too much varnish on a sponge, it will flow down and long to dry;
  • varnish coats shouldn't be too much, is optimum use 2-3 shades;
  • to protect skin of hands, it needs to be greased previously with cream or to stick with protective strips.

How to create manicure by means of a sponge: step-by-step instruction For interesting and unusual drawing it is possible to use gel varnishes, transparent coverings, spangles, pastes and various jewelry. Sponzhevy drawing can be combined with various patterns and monograms.

For example, small points on limit of colors will beautifully look, tips of nails can be decorated with small silver or golden spangles in tone. Creation of "tigerish strips" or "butterflies" on tips of nails will be pertinent.

Very effectively "the iridescent modulation" when the corresponding shades are put not horizontally, and vertically looks. And, the last shade on one nail and the first on the following have to be identical. It creates tremendous effect of smooth "overflowing" of flowers. Especially effectively to use this option for rest and a bright party.

The "French" manicure when only two gentle shades of pastel, milky-white or pink and smoky tones are used will be ideally suited for daily use.

The manicure by means of a sponge is a wide choice of flowers, invoices and materials.

Show the art imagination and find the individual combination of flowers and invoices. Attentively follow our recommendations, and you quickly learn to create this idle time and effective manicure.

Look at the video instruction as it is easy and simple to make manicure with a sponge: