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How to learn to do professional manicure

The professional manicure plays an important role in an image of any girl. If there is a wish to have a well-groomed marigold, but time and means isn't present for visit of salons, then it is worth deciding to master courses of manicure most. In article it is described what they happen that on them study, the list of necessary tools for a professional manicuring is given.

Whether it is possible to learn to do manicure at the professional level of the house?

On the Internet there is many video of the lessons training to this art, some beauty shops sell disks on which their best masters show detailed step-by-step carrying out procedure. But when viewing such material important points which are very important for the beginner, and to the training person are sometimes missed they seem minor, and he doesn't mention them or gives only the short description.

How to learn to do professional manicure

The skilled master will demonstrate how to do manicure

Someone will tell that the main thing - experience, and everything will come over time, partly this is true, but repetition of the wrong movements or sequence of procedure won't teach to carry out manicure professionally.

There is one more option of training – to visit well proved master, at it to learn correctly to process nails and to apply on them a decorative covering, and then everything in accuracy to repeat houses.

The best choice among the offered options of training is passing of training courses in special scientific centers or beauty shops where skilled masters will acquaint with the theoretical party of procedure, and then will help to put it into practice.

Kinds of courses of manicure

Most often on courses offer three programs of training:

1.The startingIt is chosen by those who wants to learn to carry out manicure for himself and the relatives. It costs cheaper than the others, but it included the theory, a practical training and video lessons.
2.The standardIt is suitable for beginners who plan to be engaged in the future in care of nails professionally. After passing of all offered course, the pupil has to hand over the test after which positive result, the certificate is issued.
3.The professionalThis program includes more practical training with the teacher, performance of tasks on live models, group and individual consultations, and also consideration of problems at special forums. At the end of such course it will be necessary to pass examinations in the theory and practice.

That can learn on courses?

For the best digestion of material the course is divided into blocks, the day is allocated for each of them.

In theoretical part will tell:

  • General concepts.
  • Sanitary standards of carrying out procedure.
  • Causes of illness of nails, methods of fight against them.
  • Anatomy of a nail plate, its types.
  • Kinds of manicure for adults or children.
  • How to organize a workplace, it is correct to choose the necessary equipment and tools.
  • About equipment of a list of nails.

On a practical training the master will train:

  • To classical, European, hardware manicure and pedicure.
  • To repair of a natural nail plate.
  • To nail extension.
  • To massage of feet and brushes.
  • To drawing a decorative layer, gel of a varnish, sheeting.
  • To the correct removal of old material.
  • SPA procedures for hands.
  • Lists of nails and reliable fixing of jewelry on them in the form of stones, pastes, sliders and stickers.

The passable material can be fixed in house conditions, as models using the members of household or acquaintances.

The courses conducted at office demand obligatory presence of the woman, not all they on a pocket therefore many choose distance learning which costs cheaper.

Features of online courses

How to learn to do professional manicure Their main advantage is time of carrying out and a place which are chosen by the pupil. Video lessons can be studied as at home, and at work in a lunch break or other free time when it has a desire. Though in certain cases, it weakens, and the person constantly postpones studying of material on "then", not to mention practical training. It turns out that such training is suitable only for the disciplined and purposeful people.

To pass and receive the certificate online it is necessary to execute the following actions:

  1. To choose a course and to issue the order for its purchase.
  2. To pay training in the suitable way.
  3. To be connected to educational content.
  4. After each studied lesson to perform a practical task, to send its result for check. Time for their performance isn't limited.
  5. The expert after viewing of the made task, sorts mistakes, makes recommendations.
Successful development of material comes to the end with transition of the pupil to the category of the expert.

What is necessary for performance of manicure?

Very first – desire to give beauty to female nails. Are for this purpose necessary not only knowledge, but also the corresponding attributes.

Equipment and tool

How to learn to do professional manicure

The minimum set for manicure

The starting set including will become successful acquisition for the newly appeared master:

  • Manikyurny nozhnichka.
  • Set of files from glass or ceramics.
  • Metal tweezers.
  • Polishing baf.
  • Tweezers for a clip.
  • Forms for modeling.
  • Tray for a rasparivaniye of hands.
  • Brush for removal of dust.
  • Orange stick.
  • Pusher.
  • Brushes for a list.
  • Capacities for sterilization.
  • Ultra-violet lamp. It is necessary for gel building or fast drying of a dense varnish.

It is the list of tools without which the manicure can't be executed, but at professionals it is much longer.


How to learn to do professional manicure

Materials for manicure

To carry out usual procedure of manicure it will be required to use not only tools, but also to get special cosmetics:

  • Q-tips.
  • Liquid for removal of a varnish.
  • The oils softening a cuticle.
  • Varnish, gel varnish, shellac.
  • Tipsa.
  • Basic covering.
  • Primer.
  • Hand cream.
  • Disinfecting solution.
  • Finishing covering.
  • Obezzhirivatel.
  • Acrylic paints.
  • Jewelry.

After such preparation clients will estimate professional approach of the new master and will be able to relax during procedure.

Video lessons

One more option is training by viewing of videos which can be found in a large number on Youtube. Here example of one of them:

Fears of performance of the first manicure

Many beginning masters look for support and councils at skilled colleagues, creating forums. On the page of the girl tell about the doubts and experiences concerning the first experience with the "living" client.

One participant of a forum for the first time on courses of manicure did it to other person and on it at her 4 hours left. As a result future master remained is very dissatisfied with the result, according to her she couldn't cut off accurately a cuticle, at it it didn't turn out to apply evenly gel varnish, and it became covered by bubbles in this connection she doubts the choice of profession.

As other interlocutor explains all this because of inexperience of the girl and use of the low-quality tool. It is necessary to train constantly, and also to buy qualitative materials.

We will bring the summary. After the decision to become the professional manicurist was made, it is necessary to estimate adequately the opportunities and desire, and, based on them, to pick up courses under itself: stationary or remote. On any of them it will be required to study carefully the theory and it is correct to embody it in practice, and then to pass examination for the master. Then it will be necessary to buy the necessary tool and carelessly to start the chosen professional activity.