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How to do gel a varnish "A cat's eye": the instruction with video

How to do gel a varnish The manicure "a cat's eye" enjoys special popularity in 2016. It is explained by its effective look: thanks to gel (a special varnish), a marigold looks is well-groomed and reminds semiprecious stones. How to do similar manicure? What for this purpose it is required? And whether there are secrets in this technology? All these questions are answered by our experts.

Features of manicure "a cat's eye"

In the nature there is a stone mineral called hrizoberill or cimofan. But in the people it was given other name – "a cat's eye". This stone the blinking reminds the eye of a cat shining in the dark, thanks to a specific lighting effect – a longitudinal patch of light. In the cosmetic industry gel varnish which on nails at the correct drawing creates the same effect, as the described stone is developed. Therefore also the manicure is called also – "a cat's stone".

Only nacreous gel varnish to this manicure, with dense texture and addition in it (here in what a secret is applied surely!) metal small shaving. Surely when drawing such means for a covering of nails it is necessary to use a special magnet. If not to do it, the effect of glaring will be lost.

Feature of application of a magnet consists in the following: small parts of metal, being attracted by a magnet, rise by a surface of the put means, and on a marigold there is a manicure with unique effect of a stone "a cat's eye". This gel varnish possesses a number of advantages:

  • having dense texture, doesn't spread, therefore, doesn't soil fingers and a cuticle;
  • it is easily put;
  • for desirable effect it is enough to do only one layer;
  • doesn't demand special adaptations, will approach standard with which it is accepted to use usual gel varnish;
  • on such covering elements of an additional decor are perfectly glued (for example, pastes, tapes, applications etc.).

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This type of manicure differs in good firmness – about three weeks. But thus it is necessary to follow a number of simple safety rules for its preservation:

  • not to process nails acetone or alcohol, it can damage the top layer of manicure;
  • to wear protective gloves, working with household chemicals;
  • not to subject nails to excessive loadings;
  • to carry out correction each two weeks.

On sale there are ready sets for creation of manicure "a cat's eye". Usually such components enter it:

  1. Primer (carries out protective function for nail plates).
  2. Color gel varnish with effect "a cat's eye".
  3. Basic covering.
  4. Finishing varnish for fixing of a covering.
  5. Special magnet (there are enough various magnetic cliches to do patches of light in the form of different patterns).

And here alcohol or an obezzhirivatel it is necessary to get separately or to do independently. Besides there is a detailed instruction as to apply all this on the nails.

How to do manicure "a cat's eye": step-by-step instruction

How to do gel a varnish Besides a set for manicure "a cat's eye", also some tools will be necessary:

  • habitual tool kit for cut manicure into which enter a nail file, scissors, nippers, tweezers etc.;
  • UF-lamp with a power from 9 W (the power is higher, the less time will be required for drying of a gel covering).

Process of drawing similar manicure consists of several stages:

  1. We prepare a nail plate:
    • to give to nails the desirable form;
    • to remove a small nail file the top natural glossy layer from a plate;
    • to degrease a surface;
    • to apply a primer on all surface.
  2. We put a basic covering:
    • with thin layer it is covered a nail plate;
    • we coat face part;
    • we dry under the UF-lamp about a minute.
  3. We do effect of "a cat's eye":
    • three exact strokes we paint over a nail – from a cuticle to edge;
    • until gel varnish dried, it is possible to modify some errors;
    • carefully we bring a magnet to a surface of a covering and we keep in such situation from one to two minutes – on one hand (this time enough that metal particles reached the necessary position corresponding to a pattern);
    • we dry under the UF-lamp.
  4. The fixing stage:
    • we put a finishing covering (a transparent fixer);
    • we dry in the UF-lamp;
    • we delete a sticky layer by means of special means.

After the manicure "a cat's eye" is executed, it is possible to be engaged in its dressing. For this purpose pastes, stickers or tapes, gold or silver molding, a list or velvet sand will approach (on your discretion).

Professional advice:

  • by no means it is impossible to hold together a bottle in which there is a gel varnish and a magnet as means can be stratified, so manicure will do of it it is impossible;
  • before application of the main means (color gel varnish "cat's eye") the bottle with it needs to be vzboltat for uniform distribution of metal particles;
  • consider that when using a special magnet it is impossible to touch with this tool a surface of a gel covering, it has to be at distance of several millimeters;
  • each nail should be processed serially, but quickly enough not to allow drying of the gel;
  • after drawing gel varnish it is impossible to lower within a day hands in hot water.

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Experts of manikyurny business advise to use such cosmetic brands which are letting out sets for manicure "a cat's eye": Lianail, TNL Magnet, BlueskyShellak.