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How to make manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions

There came time of experiments! Today already to surprise nobody with usual manicure.

Independently and in house conditions it is also possible to achieve unique result, without overpaying spare cash for design.

For this purpose we need a simple sponge or sponzh. By means of it it is possible to achieve such color transitions which the brush won't possible to execute under no circumstances.

How to make gradient manicure a sponge in house conditions

It is optional to address to the professional to make a gradient manicure independently in house conditions. For a start address to the imagination. In what color scale you would like to receive manicure? What drawing thus has to turn out?

How to make manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions

  • For hot parties under the hot sun the motley color manicure with the most unusual and even courageous shades will perfectly look.
    Here it is optional to achieve transition of one color from more intensive shade in "softer". Yellow it can be combined with blue, black with red and green, orange will smoothly "flow" in the pink.
  • For a glamourous party we choose shades of gold and silver.
  • Winter option: modulations of blue, blue and turquoise shades. There are no restrictions!

You can use two, three and more various options of a varnish. The gradient can have both the horizontal direction, and vertical.

Colors can "flow" from one in another on a diagonal. Creative option: a gradient on all five marigold. Each of them will have the shade, thus the extreme open and finish a color rainbow.

Many have doubts apropos are long their nails, for use of this equipment, and so manicure a sponge on short nails, is applied as well as on any other length, and looks are nearly worse.

How to make manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions

  • Quite interesting technology of execution of drawing on nails — manicure by means of an adhesive tape. This type of manicure will create an original image.
  • The season trend subdued gradient manicure the simplicity of equipment, and external beauty of the already many. Examine according to this link this option of manicure.

List of necessary tools

Simple subjects which will be in kitchen of each of us will be necessary for you for performance of this equipment.

How to make manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions

  • Sponge it will be necessary for coloring for you actually sponge or sponzh
  • foil or any other material which won't absorb a varnish. You can pull an adhesive tape on a surface of paper or use the unnecessary enameled plateau.
  • Varnishes can be all flowers of a rainbow. Perhaps, somewhere at the bottom of a cosmetics bag were overlooked acid or dramatic black and crimson which you don't use for a long time. Perhaps, in a combination with each other they will find new life and will please you, more than ever.

Stages of drawing manicure sponge

  • The preparatory stage, as well as when performing any other manicure, consists in correction of a shape of nails, removal of a cuticle. Here you carry out actions, habitual for you.
  • Further we apply a basis on nails. It is necessary in order that the varnish well laid down, and the covering remained in original state as it is possible more long.
  • We distribute varnishes in the necessary sequence on the prepared surface (a foil, an adhesive tape, the enameled ware). For drawing we need a sponge or sponzh.
  • We dip a sponge in a varnish and the careful movements we impregnate with it a nail plate. Intensity of color will depend on number of approaches.
  • Then we apply the fixing structure on nails to smooth all roughnesses of drawing by means of a sponge and to add to nails glossy gloss.
  • We dry up a marigold any in the way, habitual for you.
  • By means of a Q-tip we delete the varnish remains from skin round a marigold.

Councils for ideal manicure a sponge

When performing such manicure it is necessary to consider some subtleties of drawing and correction of a covering. Our recommendations will help you to avoid some inconveniences and to achieve ideal result for the same period which you spend for usual manicure.

How to make manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions

  • The saturation of future covering will depend on color of a basis. Therefore if you use pale shades, you put them in some layers.
  • Distribute dark shades at the basis of a nail plate — so, a marigold will look longer. This option is also more attractive externally.
  • Using a sponge, you apply a varnish on nails with the easy patting movements. Thus, you will achieve brighter effect of a gradient.
  • If you want to receive intensive manicure with bright shades, distribute a varnish on a nail plate in some approaches.
  • You put the fixing structure, without waiting until the covering dries up to the end, differently you won't achieve smoothness and an equal glossy surface. The matter is that the structure of a sponge as if imprints when drawing a varnish on nails at the expense of what they look porous.
  • Try to update a color palette on a foil every time when you start a covering of a separate nail.
  • That skin round nails didn't vymazyvatsya, stick this area around with a transparent adhesive tape.
  • If you don't use professional "drying" for nails we advise you to accelerate process, having lowered hands in cold water.

How to make manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions

  • The new word in industry byyut – shellac. Learn that such shellac and try it in business. You won't be disappointed.
  • If you want to be with world around in harmony, you by all means will suit nails on feng shui. Make to yourself such manicure, and you will be helped with it by this article.
  • One of key problems with nails is their stratification. Our their article you learn that to do if exfoliate nails and what steps to take for fight against this illness

Manicure options by means of a sponge

"New Year's gradient"

How to make manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions

  • For performance of winter festive manicure prepare varnishes of blue, blue and white shades.
  • In a decor there will be not superfluous different brilliant stickers, asterisks, pastes, nacre.
  • As always, we process a marigold, we correct their form and we start drawing a covering.
  • As a basis the varnish of white or light-blue color will approach. Apply varnish strips on a foil: blue and white.
  • We apply on area of border of shades blue color.
  • Damp sponge we dip a varnish and we distribute it on a nail plate so that the dark shade was imposed at the basis.
  • The tips of nails painted in white color, we decorate by means of spangles, nacres or other design adaptations.
  • We cover a nail with a fixer and we allow to dry.

"Iridescent" manicure

This option — the complete antithesis previous. With such bright, solar marigold you will come under the spotlight of any beach party.

How to make manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions

  • For its performance prepare varnishes of all imaginable and inconceivable shades, beginning from saturated scarlet, finishing gentle peach.
  • Orange, pink, yellow, mustard — any bright solar colors without restrictions in their quantity will be pertinent.
  • Apply a varnish on a foil surface in a "iridescent" order.
  • If you have rather rich color palette, can be guided by the principle: "each hunter wishes to know where the pheasant sits".
  • You dip a damp sponge in a varnish and you distribute it on a marigold.
  • Surely fix result a fixer.

Glamourous manicure

Excellent option of design of a marigold for the glamourous young ladies esteeming pink color.

How to make manicure by means of a sponge in house conditions

  • For its performance prepare varnishes of the following shades: gently pink, average pink and cherry. You can change the last for colors of a fuchsia or coral.
  • Apply a basis as which the excellent the lightest of the picked-up options will approach on a marigold.
  • If you wish more saturated, bright manicure, put one more layer of a basis.
  • On a foil prepare varnish strips, disposing them from light to a dark shade.
  • Having dunked into them sponzhик, distribute a varnish on a marigold in the horizontal or vertical direction.
  • In the second case color strips on a foil have to be considerable already.
  • Record manicure a fixer and dry up.

So, now you own unique knowledge and skills of performance of manicure with effect of a gradient. As you can be convinced, process this quite simple.

The only minus of such equipment consists in procedure duration: for a covering a varnish of each nail it is necessary to update a color palette, on what a lot of time is required. However the result is worth it!

We do manicure by a sponge: video

We prepared video reviews on technology of a covering of nails a varnish by means of a sponge, you will see the review and recommendations of this technology, and also learn to do it in house conditions.