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How to make up nails in two flowers: the best photo ideas

Usually girls use both varnishes when can't choose some one. And it is correct, after all to itself it isn't necessary to refuse in small pleasure to contemplate both favourite colors. Thus it is possible to combine so successfully them that the difference won't hurt the eyes. The main thing - to choose an ideal combination and the correct design. Let's consider how to make up nails in two flowers (a photo for inspiration and the imagination).

How to make up nails in two flowers: the best photo ideas

Why girls love such design

The two-color manicure will become ideal replacement of drawings and patterns. Some aren't able to draw them, others simply don't love. But each girl likes certain color scales which she can favourably use. Such registration turns out accurate and universal, in what its indisputable advantage.

The design with two flowers is rather primitive to save time and not to demand incredible skill, but is creative therefore nobody will ridicule the girl for absence of the imagination. With such manicure it isn't necessary to think of evening appointment and tomorrow's work, after all when using reserved tones it is possible to be pertinent both at restaurant, and at office.

Pay attention! Huge advantage of two-color manicure – can be taken a bright varnish. Shaded by more pale, it will be not such shouting.

The problem of a choice of a seasonal reference point is familiar to all girls: blue or in the blue winter, red or orange in the fall, yellow or green in the spring. Experimenting two-color design, it is possible to resolve this issue forever. An important condition – a saturation. It concerns both texture, and the color. Playing with two flowers, it is worth choosing juicy options (beige too can be such).

Registration options in two flowers weight. It is possible to make horizontal or vertical strips, to alternate fingers, to decorate each hand in the separate color. Always pertinently to experiment with pastes and an adhesive tape tapes, but, so far as concerns two-color design, it is just necessary.

Using two notes, many efforts and imaginations aren't necessary to make style special. Handles anyway will look mysteriously if to depart from a canon. Use of two colors practices in many technicians of a neyl-art long ago. Magnificent painting of nails in two flowers (a photo for inspiration) is given below.

How to make up nails in two flowers: the best photo ideas

How to learn it is ideally to combine colors in manicure

In art there is a cunning reception of a combination of flowers. Is no time Johannes Itten, the artist and the theorist of new art, made a circle with ideal arrangement of paints. It is easy to determine safe adjacent, monochrome, contrast and other combinations by it. Here some centuries successfully use Itten's circle in different spheres of design, and the neyl-art didn't become an exception. As it is possible to make up nails in two flowers: photo schemes will help to choose optimum option.

The ideal is considered a monochrome duet – a combination of different shades of one color. The accent is put on saturation options: brown with orange, blue with blue, violet with the lilac. Registration turns out gentle and reserved.

How to make up nails in two flowers: the best photo ideas

The combination of similar paints (that are located a row on Itten's circle) too looks harmoniously: yellow with green, blue with lime, blue with violet, orange with the red. Such combination is used often in gradient equipment. A good combination will be blue with lilac and similar.

Council! Achromatic (white, black, gray) are combined with any other shades.

Game on contrasts (that stand the friend opposite to the friend) yields bright and expressive result. Originally such combinations look: red with green, yellow with blue, violet with the lemon. It is possible to make soft contrast with the help pale pink with green.

Interesting ideas and the best technicians

The first that it is worth mentioning within such manicure - of course, a service jacket. Masters improve this equipment for a long time. At first the service jacket form changed, experiments with "smile" began then, the turn and till the color reached. Imagining two-color design it was possible to imagine something amusing earlier, but today with its help create the real masterpieces.

The service jacket with use of two notes looks stylishly. It can be not only two parallel lines, but also all imposings of one on another under different corners, change of a traditional arch. The two-color triangular service jacket this year became real a trend. Options as it is possible to paint nails two colors (a photo of an ideal service jacket) already here.

How to make up nails in two flowers: the best photo ideas

The design with holes when using two paints becomes more original. To make such design without cliches very difficult therefore it is worth buying some stickers that equal and accurate holes turned out. It is possible to use one tone for a basis, and the second to paint a hole, or to divide a hole into two strips, and to make other surface transparent.

Pay attention! Will be suitable for the daily lunar blue and green, yellow and green, white and cream. Festive registration by two tones accepts black and gold, red and blue, brilliant gray and blue.

The combination of a service jacket and lunar manicure will become the original decision. The hole and "smile" and a contrast field between them will turn out in one color.

The striped design along with dot is ideal option for use of two tones. However, these technicians offer a modest field for the imagination: horizontal or vertical orientation, big or small points. However such simple combination allows to make design easy and fresh. Soft and light notes are recommended: beige, lemon, azure, coral, mint, white. Estimate these examples how to paint nails in two flowers (a photo of beautiful manicure).

The gradient in a neyl-art is used rather recently, but already managed to do noise. It is fine equipment for original giving of two flowers. By means of the minimum quantity of varnishes the surprising extension of paints which gives the chance to correct a shape of fingers is created. Playing with tones, it is possible to extend them or to truncate, expand or narrow a nail.

How to make up nails in two flowers: the best photo ideas

It is interesting! A gradient quite on forces even to the one who for the first time was engaged in a neyl-art. In process it isn't necessary to be active a brush.

Original equipment in a neyl-art of this year – splashes. The careless manicure was in practice quite beautiful. Picturesque spraying was popular in the summer, but even in a frost such marigold can please if it is correct to choose paints. Usually in process use some tones, but even with two it is possible to create a masterpiece. Excellent examples are given below how to make up nails in the different flowers (photo).

How to make up nails in two flowers: the best photo ideas

As it is beautiful to make up nails in 2 flowers: photo lesson and practical recommendations

Use of different notes is interfaced to some risks. Opportunities to spoil everything with two it is much more, than with one. It is necessary to follow rules that the manicure will turn out accurate and pleasant.

It is impossible to allow roughnesses of a side if it is about direct division. The broken line does manicure visually curve. Choosing the main tone, give preference reserved, filling bright 1/3 surfaces. In ideal two-color design difference has to be noticeable. Good option – to make contrast not only paints, but also textures. Glossy add spangles or an opaque highlight to couple.

As it is correct and beautiful to make up nails in two flowers (a photo of a lesson of creation of a gradient):

  1. To choose varnishes. It is possible to cover all surface with the basic, but it won't affect shade depth.
  2. To cut off the sponge slice capable to cover all working surface.
  3. The following stage can be carried out on a foil or at once on a sponge. If to use a foil, varnishes are put with a row and a toothpick mix up in the middle. If we apply at once on a sponge, it is necessary to arrange means drops densely to each other. The first way is more economical, after all the sponge absorbs much.
  4. Before procedure it is necessary to apply fat cream or means which will create a film on skin.
  5. In the presence of a foil the sponge is put to it for some seconds. If the varnish was applied on a sponge, it is necessary to put it to a nail at once. It is necessary to put a sponge several times, trying not to move it to the parties.
  6. To remove cream or a film. If preliminary protection wasn't, it is necessary to remove an excess varnish with the Q-tip moistened in liquid for its removal. The more superfluous to remove, the result will look more accurately.
  7. From a sponge the surface will become rough. To make it smooth, it is necessary to cover all with a transparent varnish.

How to make up nails in two flowers: the best photo ideas

Two colors – an advantageous and easy combination, which in power even to beginners. If it is correct to play on contrast, it isn't necessary smart drawings and masterly patterns that manicure to look magnificent. Two-color style allows to solve an immemorial female problem – to what I blossom to give preference.

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