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How the manicure and building becomes?

Always the manicure, building will help to remain at height. After all not all get healthy, long nails by nature. Fragility and stratification disturb many girls. Similar procedures — this rescue for those who loves pogrыztx just grown nail, such charm hardly you will pull in a mouth. Any interlocutor: the chief, the colleague, the girlfriend or the beloved — surely pays attention to hands therefore they always have to look tidily. Not to achieve it without beauty of nails. At the expense of artificial material they can be increased and changed a form. Nail extension will help eternally busy ladies. The manicure will last very long, keeping thus an original form.

Types of the increased manicure:

In the first case to a nail plate special glue fix tips. It can be any coloring, the sizes, a form and is applied to increase in length of natural nails. Happens so that this method is combined with other technicians, putting an additional layer of gel or acryle. The second method is carried out when on a native nail there is a small empty edge under which it is possible to substitute a special form. Thereby the nail plate is extended, atop it is possible to apply acryle or gel.

How the manicure and building becomes?

Especially popularly now building:

  • acryle;
  • gel.

In more detail about gel and acryle

Building by gel is appreciated slightly more. Thus nails look strong and even elastic, they aren't afraid of irritation of skin or a cuticle. Procedure becomes quickly enough. For easy coupling of gel with a plate the nail should be relieved of a fatty film by means of grinding. In day of building it is impossible to use hand cream that hands weren't fat that can prevent building process. The brush on a nail applies gel (without hit on skin). Then some minutes keep such nails under ultra-violet radiation, so gel will stiffen. Procedure about three times that as it is possible to consolidate result more strongly is made. It is very useful for prevention of fungal diseases.

After hardening of gel it is possible to give the form and length. All actions take many times, about two-three hours. But the result when building by gel is worth it! With such beauty you pass long enough, depending on accuracy. But in general service life is calculated on 4 months. Difficult and unpleasant process — this removal of gel, besides it is harmful to a nail. Removal is made by usual cutting. If one gel nail suddenly broke or cracked, it is necessary to delete, repair it it is impossible in any way. Thus it is necessary to cut and do the new. During influence unpleasant burning and even severe pain can appear an ultraviolet. It testifies that the used material of bad quality or is applied too thick layer.

How the manicure and building becomes?

Acryle has the shortcomings and advantages before gel. Well, first, what is it? This loose substance which before drawing mixes up with special liquid. Acryle only the skilled master because the received mix easily and quickly stiffens at interaction with air can make really good manicure. When it occurred on a nail, it file and paint so that was similar to the natural. Now the nail is protected from influence of external factors. At breakage it is quickly restored, and removal happens easily, unlike a gel covering. All actions take about two hours. At such way of nail extension it is impossible to use atsetonosoderzhashchy means!

On what it is necessary to pay attention?

It is worth paying attention to length which you want to receive. Make it less if you make this procedure the first time, differently will be inconveniently engaged in usual things and nails will begin to break. Increase length gradually, getting used to accuracy.

For creation of ideal building two look combines. At first acryle — for durability and protection, and then — gel for appearance. Options for design unlimited number: drawings, spangles, imitation of cracks, French, lunar manicure. Everything depends on your imagination. Nail extension — rescue for those who always wants to be on the ball and not to spend on it a lot of time.

How the manicure and building becomes?

Don't think that after the described ways you will go with nails, won't fall off yet. It not so. It is necessary to do correction as the nail plate grows and it becomes visible border between it and the applied material. The beauty of your handles suffers from it. It is necessary to carry out this procedure time in three weeks, but it depends on the growth rate of nails. The manicure and building for a long time will give beauty to your handles.

Fingers standing

Recently salons began to offer such service as nail extension standing. Actions differ in nothing from building on hands, but privileges remain with gel. The layer has to be thin that it didn't disturb when carrying the closed footwear.

Councils for preservation of the increased nail:

  1. Try not to hit walls or other firm planes.
  2. When you slam a car door, be careful.
  3. Don't open a cover of cans.
  4. During a menstrual cycle, a day before its beginning, at reception of antibiotics or hormonal preparations lengthening of nails is impossible in the artificial way.

The beauty demands the victims. Any method of building is very harmful to a nail plate therefore it is necessary to accept vitamins for its strengthening.

After removal of an artificial covering wait some weeks, some doctors recommend even half a year before repeating procedure.

With care you treat beginners of this business. You watch that before work the master washed hands. If you don't trust, it is better to check the certificate on completion of training in this kind of activity and quality of the used products. First of all, it not only beauty, but also health. Therefore spare no expense for the expert, and then your handles will always have a well-groomed and tidy appearance!