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How to use nail powder?

How to use nail powder?

Powder for manicure consists of melkoizmelchenny acryle which has structure of powder. At contact with manikyurny gel or glue instantly stiffens, forming firm, slightly rough surface. Earlier by means of such method strengthened tooth enamel, and now acryle powder began to be applied to nails. It thickens a marigold and consolidates design.

Features and advantages

Ways of manikyurny registration of a marigold exists a little. Acryle powder in this case can serve as basic fixing, the design decision or a simple covering. Advantages of this means:

  • speed of manicure. By means of acryle it is possible to accelerate processing of nails to a minimum – 5-7 minutes. Acrylic powder stiffens much quicker, than a classical varnish (12-20 minutes);
  • wide choice in design. The color range is very great: from standard shades (white, transparent, cream), to bright combinations (a metallic, a rainbow, nacre). It allows to use the modeling means to the maximum;
  • one-time processing of nails. When putting powder from acryle on nails, it isn't necessary to process it. It is very strong fixed on a basis, and the pigment is in a varnish and doesn't descend;
  • dolgovechnost x. As powder is capable to stick together layers of manicure and to create a resistant covering, it doesn't waste brightness a long time and isn't damaged at blows and influences;
  • universal use. After means of acrylic type is used on nails, they can be processed other varnishes. Thanks to nail platinum strengthening, it is possible to apply difficult design decisions and unusual materials which can't be applied on thin nails.

Also this material has features on use. For example, powder is difficult in processing. Without special training to use it as the fixing element won't turn out. Accuracy and speed in drawing appears over time, thanks to skill. Material stiffens quickly and demands the qualitative address. Besides, it has specific fluids which smell not absolutely pleasantly.


Before use it is necessary to remember that powder on an acrylic basis doesn't possess curative properties, and strengthens nails only due to mechanical effect.

Powder differs by types:

  • the color – is applied to design decisions in modern style, for example, a neyl-art. Use of color particles can be both on all nail, and on its part. The nacreous basis for creation, both the most gentle classical designs, and festive types of manicure is sometimes used;
  • the transparent – a basis is used for creation of a natural covering, without excess patterns. It is applied to creation of the French manicure or the simple strengthening covering. Here it is possible to carry a mirror type of powder at which the brilliant basis is put over special platinum with a specular reflection;
  • the camouflaging – a basis under manicure which hides defects of nails. Such means can be put even with a thin layer – it will perfectly eliminate and will hide roughnesses or stratifications;
  • finishing covering. The top layer which consists of powder, can include a glitter (brilliant parts can the different sizes: from the smallest, to volume) or a velvet covering.

As it is correct to use

Before starting using powder, it needs to be chosen. It is necessary to remember that the main criterion is a result which needs to be reached:

  • to fill a marigold with an equal surface, it is necessary to give preference to powder with the camouflaging properties. Its color has to coincide with a shade of nails, therefore, a palette of a choice are cream and gentle-pink tone;
  • to strengthen plates for shellac, or to carry out simple correction of a shape of a nail, powder of a transparent look is ideally suited. Such acryle can be also applied at the French manicure;
  • to make neyl-design on nails, it is better to use a covering of a glitter, or a color basis for manicure. The general design is limited, in that case, only by the imagination.

There are some methods of application of acrylic powder: simple drawing on nail plates, or use of means atop gel varnish.

The technology of putting powder on gel varnish is quite simple. Necessary actions:

  • to carry out cleaning of nails (to remove a cuticle and to file a marigold to the necessary form);
  • to cut nail platinum a little to an equal, glossy surface – so the varnish will lay down ideally and coupling with shellac will be strong;
  • to degrease fingers solution of special type. If such isn't available – usual alcohol will approach (it can't be rubbed too strongly, differently the surface will be overdried);
  • after drying to put a basic covering. At a choice of brand it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to dry some means in a special lamp some minutes. All information can be found in an insert to a varnish. If artificial drying isn't necessary, simply let's have a rest to nails some minutes on air;
  • to use gel varnish. Its drawing doesn't differ from a simple covering. You shouldn't pass an outer edge of a nail is will allow "to seal" shellac on all surface;
  • to powder a layer of a damp varnish with acrylic powder. If it is necessary to cover with powder all nail, for a start it is necessary to dip it into the container with powder, sealing structure and after that, having a finger on a support, to shower with a shovel the remained surface. It is necessary to shake surplus, then a nebkhodima an easy vtirka (you shouldn't touch with fingers – use for this purpose brushes). After - to rosushit under a lamp nails within 3 minutes;
  • brush to process each nail after drying for smoothing of the remained roughnesses;
  • to cover with a finishing varnish coat for effect of smoothness.

It is important to know that powder of acrylic type is always applied on a final layer gel varnish. If some layers are put, acrylic powder has to be on the last of them.

Review of brands

Producers let out a large amount of acrylic powders: plastic, with fast and average polymeric unity, stained glass type, for classical and color manicure.

The Special series - is presented from the Iris brand’to K Professional. Application is possible both with ultraviolet monomers, and with monomers which have no unpleasant smell. Means can be used in house conditions. Acrylic powder of this series has big plasticity, easily keeps within on a surface of a nail and doesn't flow down. Is suitable for beginners and professionals;

Signature Nail Systems – a novelty from the USA. Represents gel powder which analogs in the world aren't present. Means of SNS is imposed on the cleared nails, without use of a varnish. For such powder the lamp isn't necessary, and correction happens in a few minutes. The covering has the increased durability and doesn't burst.

The PC series from "presents to Irisof 'K" the camouflaging nail powders which have some names. In a set three colors of basic shades. The peach shade of opaque type which intends for the French manicure – easily deletes and matts all roughnesses of a marigold, and also extends a nail plate. Differs in big plasticity and doesn't give effect of "marble". It is possible to use with Iris’K shades. Also there is a dark-beige tone for classical manicure, gentle pink color, a transparent basis and a cold opaque shade with a rozovinka.

On a choice there are also powders with glossy effect from many producers, for creation of mirror or neon manicure. Such means have smaller dispersion, but are more expensive than the usual color.

Ideas for design

Acrylic material can be used not only as a basic covering, and for design decisions. Only by means of it it is possible to create a surface of opaque type or florid patterns.

Velvet jewelry on nails

One of options of unusual design consists in imitation of a sweater and its pattern on a marigold. Most effectively such design looks in velvet registration. On a surface of luster or an opaque covering figured lines which by means of powder seem fluffy as if connected are created.

Drawing options much. The design begins with a choice of a pattern and a color combination. Are most often used gentle, pastel tone, and do a pattern slightly more darkly or is lighter. On cream shades drawing is looked through better and looks most naturally.

Opaque design

At the moment opaque manicure enjoy the greatest popularity. Neyl-art it is possible to find on covers of glossy magazines and on podiums, during representations of new collections. Are optimum for this design nyudovy tone – pink, bright, with velvet inclusions and simply opaque drawings – combinations can be the most courageous. Acryle powder in such cases – the faithful assistant.

Neyl-art with design

Represents option of unusual design. As a rule, use game of invoices: can apply opaque drawing on a glossy covering. Colors select so that drawing was looked through accurately and was in harmony with the main shade. Technicians are used the most various: from manual drawing of the master, to special cliches.

The similar design can be created easily in house conditions.


The color scheme is presented on nails by smooth transition from one shade to another. Simply to create this effect: the monophonic basis and acrylic powder of various shades is required. By means of brushes all colors are caused on a basis, observing smoothness of transition, if necessary, powder simply is shaded.


According to many girls, acrylic nail powder – necessary means for creation of beautiful manicure. Girls meet in one: in order that the manicure looked qualitatively it is required not only expensive covering, but also correctness of actions. Note good effect from use of the TNL brand. Positive aspects: basic shades, profitability in an expenditure and ability to accustom to drinking damages. Also, the Special series of the Iris'K Professional brand uses good responses. Girls note high-quality strengthening of nails and the acceptable price.

Some brands after use spoil a nail plate. That, according to reviews, is acrylic Lina powder. According to numerous comments, after use of means, nails turn yellow and are stratified. Powder is suitable for the beginning masters as budgetary options are in practice necessary.

In general, girls like acrylic means for nails. As a rule, everyone has the favourite brand. Experiment, and you will find the favourite powder.

The following video will teach you to work with color acrylic powder.