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Inflammation of appendages: symptoms, signs and treatment

Inflammatory diseases are the most widespread in a female genital and from them about 60 percent occupy inflammations of appendages of a uterus (uterine tubes and ovaries). And though many parents force to keep from the earliest age of the daughters feet in the warm and not to sit down on cold, the inflammation of appendages which symptoms are very various, appears not because of it. Of course, overcooling can be an etiology, but inflammatory process in this case can be not only in gynecology, but also urology.
Inflammation of appendages: symptoms, signs and treatment

Reasons of emergence of a disease

It should be noted that expression "an inflammation of appendages", treatment of this illness to familiarly many women, physicians call "andeksity". But now use such term "ooforit" — an inflammation of tissues of ovary much less often as words became current and "salpingit" — an inflammation of a uterine tube. But such pathological a state separately meet seldom and most often physicians deal with "salpingoofority".

Reasons of emergence of an inflammation

Inflammatory process in appendages of a uterus is caused by pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. At certain factors they become pathogenic and cause emergence of symptoms of an inflammation of appendages. The infection gets to uterine appendages in such ways:

  • from a neck of a uterus and a vagina;
  • from other bodies at which there is an inflammatory process – an appendix, a sigmovidny gut;
  • on lymphatic vessels;
  • on blood vessels.

Factors which can promote emergence of an illness, the following:

  • elementary non-compliance with rules of personal hygiene;
  • chaotic sexual communications;
  • overcooling and stressful situations;
  • childbirth which took place with complications;
  • the weakening of protective forces of an organism caused by various diseases and infections – diabetes, HIV infection and any other postponed infectious diseases;
  • appendektomiya;
  • medical procedures in a uterus – abortion, a scraping of a uterine cavity, introduction and removal filched, and many other things.
Inflammation of appendages: symptoms, signs and treatment

At the left the inflamed appendage, on the right the normal

Symptoms of an illness and possible complications

Signs of an inflammation of appendages at the woman sometimes can be confused with intestines tumors, an acute appendicitis, gripes in kidneys or peritonitis.

Local symptoms

At direct defeat of appendages their normal function is broken and, generally, it is reflected in reaction of an organism to process of an inflammation. Treats local symptoms:

  1. pains. The woman can feel pain in the bottom of a stomach, it happens different in force and character. Most often the pain aching, but their intensity can increase. Pain can be felt in podvzdoshny area and from this zone it passes into a hip or a sacrum. If process passes into a chronic inflammation of appendages – pains become constant, but not really sharp and amplify during periods, at sexual intercourse or during a physical activity;
  2. frustration of a menstrual cycle. Periods come irregularly and are painful with possible strong bleedings and last long. But sometimes everything happens on the contrary: periods become poor and short;
  3. allocations from a vagina. They can be serous, purulent or mucous. Often are followed by an itch and irritation of genitals, there can be a secondary vulvit.

General symptoms

Treats the general symptoms of an inflammation of appendages:

  1. the increased temperature. The woman complains of a fever, muscular and headaches, and temperature can raise even to 39 degrees;
  2. general malaise. Nausea with vomiting, dryness in a mouth is possible. It should be noted that vomiting happens single, but not frequent;
  3. violations of work of a gastrointestinal tract. There can be a swelling and belly-aches, frustration in the form of a diarrhea;
  4. violations of functions of an urinary system. Some patients complain of pains during an urination. It should be noted that urinations rare and urine it is allocated a little. Sometimes there is a cystitis and pyelonephritis;
  5. suffer nervous and endocrine system. The woman is exposed to neurosises and depressions, her working capacity much more decreases. Many patients tell the doctor that at them decreased or in general the sexual inclination was gone, and during sexual intercourse they feel pain.

Signs of an inflammation of appendages at women is and lejkocitoz in blood. The blood count changes, and SOE increases. At survey by the gynecologist there are painful unpleasant feelings of a neck of a uterus and ovaries, and then the doctor already undoubtedly establishes the diagnosis.

Symptoms of a chronic form of a disease

If sharp inflammatory process wasn't treated or treatment was low-quality – the illness passes into a chronic stage. The clinic of this form erased and an illness proceeds with aggravations in the spring and in the fall. The same pains, but unlike a sharp form of a disease happen signs of a chronic inflammation of appendages, they have the stupid and aching character and are localized in the bottom of a stomach, sometimes give to a vagina and a waist. There can be also allocations, but they not such plentiful and purulent, as at a sharp form.

Complications of an inflammation of appendages

Infertility – the most important danger to which the sick woman is exposed.

Infertility can develop because of adhesive process or at impassability of uterine tubes, and all this appears if the patient was treated poor or wasn't treated at all.

It should be noted that after transferring of an inflammation of appendages the risk of extra-uterine pregnancy increases at 5-10 times, after all uterine tubes are narrowed and there can be solderings.

The careless attitude towards the female health leads to that there can be purulent complications and intervention of the surgeon will be required, in the most extreme cases removal of uterine tubes can even be necessary.

Now you know that treatment of an inflammation of appendages is just necessary and at the first symptoms of this disease it isn't necessary to neglect everything – urgently address to your gynecologist and only then you will be able to avoid possible serious consequences for your female health.

Treatment of a salpingooforit

Each woman has to know accurately, than treat an inflammation of appendages, and treatment has to be timely. Most often medical events are held in a hospital, and everything begins with purpose of a sick diet which limits the use of pepper, carbohydrates and salt. In the first days the patient is in a bed, especially if there are severe pains.

At a sharp course of disease and chronic its forms can appoint applying of cold to a stomach bottom. The cold will kill pain and an inflammation.


Antibiotics at an inflammation of appendages take the main place in medical therapy. They are selected, proceeding from the disease prime cause, and they have to possess a wide range of influence and the maximum half-life period.

You want something interesting?

The illness is caused very often by different groups of microorganisms which act together and therefore can appoint two antibiotics or even more.

Can appoint the following antibacterial preparations:

  • penicillin ingibitorzashchishchenny – Amoksiklav;
  • tsefalosporina of the third generation – Tseftriakson;
  • macroleads – Erythromycin;
  • derivatives of a nitromidazol – Metronidazole. Such preparations will eliminate anaerobic flora which can freely live in the acid-free environment, for example – gonokokk;
  • antifungal preparations – Nystatin, Diflucan.

There can be also a purpose of other antibiotics at an inflammation of appendages, but all of them have to influence the flora capable to live in the oxygen environment effectively. Three or four days antibiotics enter the first in the form of pricks, then pass to tablets and reduce medicinal doses. Efficiency treatment it is already possible to estimate at the first couple of days after the beginning of medical actions. If there is no result, operation is possible even.

The accompanying treatment

Except antibiotics, in a hospital intravenous infusions of salt solutions, a haemo misinformation, glucose and other preparations in volume from two will see to three liters.

Knocking over of pains, and reduction of inflammatory process is carried out by means of anti-inflammatory nonsteroid drugs in the form of tablets. It is Diclofenac, the Ibuprofen, Ketarol and other preparations. Surely appoint vitamins C and In, and also an allergy pills.

After sharp process falls down, and the aggravation will decrease – appoint physical procedures: an electrophoresis with iodine or lidazy, ultrasound, pulse currents of high frequency.

At a chronic form of an illness sanatorium treatment which medical bathtubs and syringings, paraffin, dirt and many other things enter is recommended.

As candles are used

For reduction of such signs as an inflammation, pain, hypostases, and temperature are applied candles at an inflammation of appendages. Can appoint also such candles which are capable to strengthen immunity, and it is very important at any illness. Also such preparations clear an organism of harmful substances.

Candles with anti-inflammatory action

Diclofenac, piroxicam and other nonsteroid anti-inflammatory components is a part of these preparations. Absorption of substance begins at once after introduction of a candle, but multiple side effects of such drugs don't allow to apply them very long.

Candles with rassasyvayushchy action

Vaginal candles as a part of which there is such product as terrilitin possess rassasyvayushchy influence and are capable to split necrotic fabric, also terrilitin well dilutes blood clots and pus. This enzyme is waste product of a mold fungus.

Rectal candles

At an inflammation of appendages Viferon contains in rectal candles alpha interferon which will make anti-inflammatory impact and will well strengthen immunity of the woman. Such preparation will help to remove fever, an inflammation, painful symptoms.

All candles are appointed by the doctor, but anyway such treatment will be additional.

Inflammation of appendages: symptoms, signs and treatment

Candles can kill an inflammation and pains

National technique of treatment of an inflammation of appendages

Treatment of an inflammation of appendages folk remedies is ideally combined with methods of traditional medicine. This illness can be tightened for years and many women already simply don't want to go to policlinic. But it is possible to try some national recipes, in many cases they aren't less effective, than medicines.

Treatment by a wormwood

Dig as much as possible fresh wormwood. Then in an iron bucket you pour two liters of water and you nakipyatit it in a bucket. You throw cake of a fresh wormwood into boiled water. Now it is necessary to sit down over a bucket and to sit so twenty minutes. If you take a steam bath, thus, the whole week, symptoms of an inflammation of appendages much more will decrease, and the illness won't disturb you.

Dry warming up

Heat 3 kg of table salt to temperature of 70-80 degrees and fill it in a linen bag. You will need one more such bag, in it it is necessary to fill the moistened hop. You fill up hop in a bag 3 centimeters thick. You place a bag with heated-up salt at the level of coxofemoral area of a body and you lay down on it a stomach from above down.

At the same level it is necessary to put a bag with hop, densely press it to a waist. Sacks have to be located one above another. Let you will be covered with a warm blanket, and lie in such situation a couple of hours. You carry out procedures two times per day within one week. Then there is a break three days and the course of treatment repeats.

Medical collecting

Treatment by folk remedies of an inflammation of appendages means also preparation of curative infusions which are used for addition in a bathtub, syringings or intake.

Take a yarrow, a camomile, a calendula, a St. John's Wort, an immortelle and bark of an oak in equal quantities. Mix all components and take 4 tbsps of mix. You fill in them with boiled water in number of one liter and boil five minutes. After that mix it is necessary to draw minutes thirty and to filter. The received medicine is used for syringings which do before going to bed for three months.

Now you know symptoms of this illness, and than the inflammation of appendages is treated. Therefore if such symptoms as pains in the bottom of a stomach are noticed, suspicious allocations and nausea – address to the gynecologist quicker. Delay can lead to many irreversible processes in an organism and to development of serious complications, the most important from them is infertility.