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Japanese manicure - what is it?

Japanese manicure - what is it?

Not all women know about Japanese manicure. And this type of a manicuring yields fine results which will please even the most whimsical beauty. Japanese manicure – that this such? Why it is considered such effective?

Japan is an amazing country. In it there live benevolent and hardworking people. And it isn't simple words. Such impression is taken out from it by our many compatriots who visited there or remained to live forever.

Japanese are considered by the most polite nation. They are sustained, quiet and full of own advantage. And that they do all, think out and embody, is based on traditions which residents of the Country of the Rising Sun honor, study and sacredly execute in the conditions of modern life. Of course, it doesn't concern hi-tech processes. But that is connected with beauty, tenor of life, honoring native, the relation to common cause – strikes Europeans and Americans who are fast on thoughts and acts.

Japanese have many beautiful customs. These are the whole actions which take place according to strict regulations. For example, to hold tea ceremonies, it is necessary to know and be able much: how to move how to make tea, what ware has to be on a table, what grade of tea moves in the morning, and what in the evening i.t.d.

In addition, Japanese have a heightened sense of adoration to all fine, in particular, to beauty of the person and body. Japanese like to look after themselves, and they have many small secrets (however, as well as at each people). The beauty of the woman is inconceivable without well-groomed hands. At Japanese procedure of manicure is a creation of beauty, understanding of its sources, a ceremony of honoring of the nature.

Japanese manicure – the real ritual which it gives pleasure, and positive emotions as we know, work wonders. It is promoted by also recovery procedures with application special the technician and natural preparations.

Japanese manicure - what is it?

Advantages of Japanese manicure

The Japanese manicure is recognized around the world since 1958, on the homeland its history totals more than four hundred years. For magnificent results such type of manicure is carried to the most effective and esthetic.

So in what advantages of Japanese manicure before other types of care of nails?

  • The Japanese manicure suits both women, and men, as its main objective not dressing of nails, but their improvement.
  • The manicure adds gloss, healthy shine to nails.
  • Normalizes exchange processes in a nail plate.
  • Restores elasticity and durability of nails.
  • Promotes fast restoration of nails after removal of artificial nail plates.
  • Accelerates growth of nails, gives them surprising luster.
  • For manicure use only natural components.
  • The sparing technicians of manicure.
  • Safety for the feeding and pregnant women, safety for a fruit.

It is expedient to apply Japanese manicure not only when appearance of a nail plate worsens owing to adverse factors but also when they are absolutely healthy. It is some kind of prevention and giving to nails even more gloss and shine.

The Japanese manicure is shown:

  • at deterioration of health of nails owing to bad or monotonous food
  • at fragility of nails
  • at excessive dryness of nails
  • at problems of growth of nails
  • at a sloyeniye of nail plates
  • at injury of nails by chemicals

Procedure of Japanese manicure

The equipment of Japanese manicure which is extremely sparing and pleasant. Throughout all action you are shrouded by the atmosphere of harmony, goodwill, and also delicate refined perfumes.

  • First of all the expert carries out diagnostics of nails, estimates their condition that then to pick up necessary components for their restoration. Further nails are processed by special disinfecting structure for an exception of penetration of bacteria into fabrics at manipulations with a cuticle, nail rollers and the most nail plate. Also the light massage of nails which prepares them for putting special serums is carried out. All components are the natural substances possessing curative properties. They contain red tea, extracts from plants, seeds of a lotus, seaweed of the Sea of Japan, a ginseng, and also proteins.
  • Means for its softening on the basis of cucumber extract is applied on a cuticle. The cuticle is removed a stick from Tatibang's box. It is necessary to notice that the master never uses metal tools. All procedure has to be the most delicate and harmonizing. The expert during manicure in details tells as about substances which are applied by it, and about their useful impact on nail plates.
  • After removal of a cuticle in nails oil jojoba is rubbed, and hands are exposed to water massage, using thus a stone of "Yumi".
  • After the toning massage the master carefully drains nails and applies on them mineral Paste. Paste contains vitamins, mineral substances, sea peptides, pearl crumbs, a keratin. The structure fills all roughnesses of a nail plate, microcrack, fillets. As a result of it the surface of nails is leveled, shown gloss, a natural pink shade.
  • The following stage is a fixing of result by means of polishing Hon powder. Its formula contains beeswax and other substances which create a steady protective film on nails. It covers with a thin layer nails, promotes moisture preservation, interferes with stratification of a nail plate, adds to nails gloss and a healthy look.

Final stage of Japanese manicure

In Japanese manicure there are no trifles. Final strokes of manicure consist in a relaxation, relaxation, obtaining positive emotions. Massage with hot or cold sacks from silk, called "Atsui" is applied to achievement of a similar state. In these soft gentle sacks there are dry, very fragrant herbs, essential oils and mineral salts. The salt impregnated with aromamasla keeps heat or a cool, herbs smell sweet and give to procedure a charm note, nutrients calm skin, well affect the general mood of the client and a condition of his hands.

After massage the master applies the peeling structure which deletes the died-off cages on skin and gives to hands softness and smoothness, and then the moisturizing cream which structure included oils of a rose, a ylang-ylang, a jasmine i.t.d.

Procedure duration – from one to one and a half hours. Result – nail plates brilliant, smooth, at them are a well-groomed and glamourous look. Japanese massage from one thousand rubles costs. But the price justifies itself because after procedure you don't learn the nails, you will be pleasantly surprised with their fine state.  

In salon can also offer you care of skin of hands with use of honey, goat milk, essential oils, natural peelings. 

For a complete recovery of health of nails experts recommend to carry out procedure once in two weeks. The Japanese manicure is carried out not only for nails of hands, but also feet.

Japanese manicure - what is it?

The components applied to Japanese manicure

To carrying out so useful procedure applies the most various natural components. In different salons own techniques of manicure are developed and useful substances which are urged to look after your hands and nails are applied. Despite small distinctions, a manicure essence same.

For manicure are used glycerin, панtенол which well moisten skin, and also vitamins A and E, silicone, zinc,  apricot, peach and grape seeds oil, essential oils of valuable plants and flowers, useful mineral complexes, sea products.

Whether it is possible to master procedure of Japanese manicure independently?

The Japanese manicure demands certain skills. And anywhere, except salon where highly qualified specialists work, to you won't make this procedure so qualitatively, with skill. But the manicure in the simplified form can be done and in house conditions. For this purpose you need to get special wooden sticks, the polishing block, polishing powder and mineral paste. It is possible to make independently sacks of silk and to fill them with the most various ingredients: dry herbs, the sea salt impregnated with oils or oil solutions of vitamins. Let your imagination will prompt that to you most of all to taste. The manicure can be combined with traditional trays for hands and nails, to add lemon juice, broths of herbs, essential oils to massage cream. And to carry out an easy peeling by means of a lemon slice.

All these procedures, undoubtedly, will bring benefit to your hands and nails. But to feel a true pleasure and to receive brilliant result, nevertheless it is necessary to visit beauty shop. After all the Japanese manicure is not only an esthetics of nails, but also beautiful hands, harmony of soul, a consent with itself and world around.

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