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Led a lamp for nails - the principle of action, the best models and responses

Relatively recently lamps for drying of nails were used only by masters in specialized salons, however today the similar equipment differs in availability and any person can acquire it.

Originally, various ultra-violet models were widespread, but now they are considered as outdated option and most of people carries out a choice for LED lamps. The principle of their action remained invariable: artificial layers on nail plates dry thanks to influence of an ultraviolet, but it differs in a narrow range of radiation. For this reason similar devices are incompatible with firm kinds of gels, it is their only shortcoming.

Led a lamp for nails - the principle of action, the best models and responses

Are of LED lamps more expensive more expensively than ultra-violet analogs, but thus they possess a number of significant advantages:

  1. Long service life of light-emitting diodes which are used in LED lamps (read article at the choice of LED lamps). Qualitative elements on average function not less than 10 years.
  2. High resistance of light-emitting diodes to mechanical influences that minimizes risk of damage when transporting.
  3. The reduced level of consumption of the electric power at connection of the device to a network.
  4. The increased speed of drying of working material.
  5. Lack of heating of any external or internal elements.
  6. Lack of a pulsation or other factors which can irritate organs of vision.
  7. Absence in diodes of mercury, lead or any other dangerous components that does operation by safer and simplifies utilization process.
  8. Safety for an integument.
  9. Possibility of modernization as dimensions of diodes in difference from lamps don't depend on their power.

Criteria of a choice

The main criterion of a choice of LED lamps is their power as quality and speed of procedure will depend on this indicator. This indicator is defined by the power of light-emitting diodes: in different models their quantity can differ, and their parameters can make 1, 2 or 5 W. The main features depending on this characteristic are considered below:

  1. LED lamps on 9 W are the weakest adaptations, it is recommended to choose stronger analogs as use of similar devices can negatively affect quality of the created manicure. They regularly carry out all main functions, but safety of the reached result usually is quite low.
  2. LED lamps on 18 W represent middle class of the similar equipment. Quality is much higher, than at weaker analogs, such models differ in the increased mobility and are a good choice if frequent transportations of the device are planned. A large number of positive responses testifies that is one of the most optimum options for house operation.
  3. LED lamps on 45 W are intended for use by experts in beauty shops, but many people get them and for house operation. They are considered as top-class adaptations as the speed of drying of nail plates is brought to a maximum level.
  4. LED lamps on 72 W are exclusively professional equipment and are usually used only in specialized salons.

Also it is extremely important to understand, in what conditions the LED lamp as existence of the timer or other additional elements expanding functionality considerably increases dimensions the equipment will be used. If its frequent transportation is planned, but it is recommended to choose simpler devices with the increased mobility.

Led a lamp for nails - the principle of action, the best models and responses


Review of the best models

Today there is a wide range of the LED lamps differing on the performance data that often complicates process of a choice. To help to understand the matter, short reviews of the most popular and demanded options which steadily show high quality are given below and are always in demand:

  1. DFS 6W LED Lamp has stylish design and attractive appearance, and also is in the acceptable price range, as provided to this model the high level of popularity. The adaptation is universal, but best of all is suitable for collaboration with the materials Opi Gel Color and Gelish. The average price of this model varies from 27 to 40 USD.Led a lamp for nails - the principle of action, the best models and responses
  2. RuNail 6W is a universal and multipurpose lamp which equally successfully works with biogels, permanent varnishes and other kinds of the materials having LED mark. It is possible to use this equipment not only for creation of manicure and ensuring long term of its safety, but also for polymerization of layers during building procedure. The drying camera is intended for placement in it only one hand, and during its pulling the device is automatically switched off that simplifies its operation. Cost makes about 2000-84 USD.Led a lamp for nails - the principle of action, the best models and responses
  3. RuNail LED 3W differs in very small sizes, this model is suitable for sharing with different types of materials which don't need strong lighting and high power. Despite insignificant indicators and low cost, such lamp is capable to create quite durable decorative coverings. It is possible to get it at the price from 27 USD.Led a lamp for nails - the principle of action, the best models and responses
  4. Dashing Diva LED Lightpod has innovative design, the design of the device is equipped with the opening shutters. The device switched on 36 premium diodes therefore, despite the small sizes, all working parameters are satisfactory. This model is in addition equipped with the timer, the switching off mode only one and is equal to 45 seconds. The approximate price makes 150 USD.Led a lamp for nails - the principle of action, the best models and responses
  5. RuNail 12W is not absolutely usual equipment as it is equipped both light-emitting diodes, and an ultra-violet lamp. The user has possibility of switching between different operating modes, choosing the drying option suitable under the current conditions. Average cost makes 3000-134 USD.

Led a lamp for nails - the principle of action, the best models and responses

As it is correct to use

Process of operation of LED lamps doesn't differ from analogs, it is carried out the next way:

  1. Originally the decorative covering or material for building depending on the carried-out procedure is applied on nails.
  2. The LED lamp is connected to the power supply network.
  3. It is necessary to be convinced that the chosen kind of material is suitable for sharing with LED lamps. It is possible to check it on existence of a mark of LED.
  4. Fingers, hand or at once both hands depending on a design of the device are located in the drying camera.
  5. Process of drying depends on features and structure of the used material, procedure duration on average borrows from 15 to 90 seconds.
  6. After the chosen term the hand needs to be pulled out from the drying camera, and to switch off a LED lamp if possibility of automatic transition to a non-working state isn't provided in it.

Led a lamp for nails - the principle of action, the best models and responses

Councils and recommendations

Summing up the results, it is possible to make the following recommendations concerning process of use and a choice of LED lamps:

  1. Any material before purchase has to be checked for compatibility with a certain type of lamps as some are intended only for ultra-violet devices. Information on it always contains in the enclosed instruction, in the same place there has to be LED mark.
  2. It isn't recommended to acquire the equipment which was made in the Asian countries as it actually always differs in poor quality. It is connected with use of weak diodes which operational term usually makes from 50 to 500 hours. Thus lamps of the European or American production can work till 50000 o'clock.
  3. Even before purchase it is necessary to specify the sizes the drying camera as not all devices are intended for drying at once of both hands.
  4. It is best of all to buy lamps which case is made of metal as plastic models are more sensitive to mechanical influence and usually serve much less.


Zhanna: "I received from the husband in qualities of a gift a LED lamp of Dashing Diva LED Lightpod. This my first similar experience as before I used some years only an ultra-violet version. I felt all advantages of this option at once: procedure of drying of nails is carried out several times quicker, thus there is no unpleasant burning. To instructions it is written that a working resource at diodes not less than 50000 hours therefore will last for a long time".

Elena: "I bought the LED device, the RuNail LED 3W model instead of an old ultra-violet lamp. Need for this purchase arose because the previous lamp was rather dimensional, and it was very difficult to take it with itself in trips. The LED lamp is much less by the sizes, weighs a little and actually doesn't take a place in baggage. Right there I estimated other its positive feature – process of drying is carried out many times quicker therefore with this purchase I won in all directions".

Anna: "I bought a LED lamp of RuNail LED 3W, I can't compare to other versions as I didn't use such equipment earlier. The choice fell on this model because of its low cost, the budget on commission of purchase from me was very limited. I use it nearly a year, thus I didn't find any shortcomings, operation process very much simplified drying of nails, quality of the adaptation is simple at height".

Elizabeth: "Girlfriends buy various goods of the Chinese production and usually don't complain of quality therefore I didn't begin to pay attention to preventions that lamps from Asia usually badly work, and made the order. The seller sent goods quickly enough, but delivery all the same was very long, as a result the ultra-violet lamp came with a crack on the case, but it didn't affect its functioning therefore I didn't attach it special significance. Already during the second use of a lamp started flickering and ceased to carry out the functions. The husband helped to buy and establish new UF-lamps, but this measure didn't help, probably the reason was in the device which refused to work regularly. After long tortures after all I sent it to a garbage can, instead of it I ordered a normal LED lamp, having learned that they it is in all respects better than ultra-violet models. As a result, now I don't suffer, and I enjoy the high speed and ease of procedures therefore it is possible to draw a conclusion that the economy happens pertinent and justified not everywhere".