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Lint-free napkins for manicure and their alternative

Everything who got used to carry out manicure of the house, for certain had to face a small problem – at removal of a varnish wadded disks on nails are small fibers. Sometimes they manage to be noticed only after drawing a basic layer. In that case doesn't remain anything else as to do everything at first. For those who still uses wadded disks, we have a good news – there are special lint-free napkins which fine facilitate all procedure of performance of manicure. Today we will tell you about this small, but necessary thing, we will describe possibilities of its use, advantage and we learn, whether it is possible to replace them with something.

For what napkins are used?

Remember how often you resort to use of wadded disks when performing manicure. In each of these cases instead of wadded disks it is possible to use special napkins. It is much more convenient, simpler and more economic. There is a lot of ways of their use:

  • removal of a usual decorative covering or gel varnishes;
  • degreasing of nails special liquids;
  • removal of a sticky layer about gel varnishes after performance of manicure;
  • processing of tools antiseptics.

Such napkins usually in volume packings are issued. Their quantity in one packing can reach 1000 pieces. They represent small small squares from dense, slightly elastic fiber.

If you use wadded disks, you know that from them on nails often there are fibers. The majority of them safely disappears during washing of hands. But some, having hooked for some defects on a nail or a cuticle, remain and prove only after drawing a basic layer. It is natural that everything should be started anew.

If during performance of manicure you use lint-free napkins, it is possible not to be afraid of such troubles. They don't leave fibers and well delete an old covering therefore quality of manicure in general will be higher. Use them in the same way, as well as – moisten with usual wadded disks in necessary liquid and carry out processing.

Advantages of lint-free napkins

Lint-free napkins for manicure and their alternative

Such napkins have the mass of advantages. With them you will forget about many inconveniences.

  • Good absorbency and high-quality deduction of moisture.
  • Napkins well pass air.
  • Are made of chemically pure, nontoxical material.
  • Have the different density and the size. You can choose them on the discretion.
  • Don't irritate skin and don't cause allergic reactions.
  • Quickly and qualitatively delete an old covering.
  • Dense material isn't stratified and doesn't leave fibers on nails.
  • Big packings – they last for a long time.

You estimate their convenience at the first use. You shouldn't face a problem of unnoticed fibers and the spoiled manicure any more.

Than it is possible to replace?

Some girls are interested, whether it is possible to replace these napkins with something? If for any reason you don't manage to get special napkins, there are two versions of the solution of this problem.

  1. To use fabric – coarse calico or a chintz. The meter of fabric cut on small small squares to you will last for a long time. But the threads departing at the edges of rags can suit you the same trouble, as wadded disks.
  2. The second option – buy usual wet towel wipes, get them from packing and leave before full drying. Cut them on squares of the necessary size. On qualities they will be close to lint-free napkins.

As you can see, options of replacement can be found, but it isn't always expedient. Such napkins, despite volume packings, cost absolutely not much. The cost of packing in which there are about 900 napkins, begins on average from 5 USD. You can count, for what time it will be enough for you. Expenses quite democratic.

It isn't necessary to be sorry about purchase of lint-free napkins. They unambiguously cope with the task much better, than wadded disks. In end we suggest you to watch small video from which you gain an impression how these remarkable napkins look.