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The machine for manicure and a pedicure: what is better, the prices, responses

Machines for manicure and a pedicure are presented in a huge variety, and detailed analysis of the device and the description of characteristics will help to pick up the necessary model.

The tendency to look after the body never got out of fashion. Every year it becomes simpler and simpler as beauty shops offer the professional services, using in an arsenal the special equipment.

The machine for manicure and a pedicure: what is better, the prices, responses

This trend didn't avoid also care of nails. In particular, emergence of the mechanized machines for manicure and a pedicure considerably fits procedure. Various files, tweezers, nippers and other, certainly, are used by masters, but 90% of processing of a nail plate and a cuticle happen at the expense of the device.

Main councils for a device choice

How to choose the machine for manicure and a pedicure, after all this sort devices are presented in a huge variety in specialized shops? At first sight their only differences are covered in the price and appearance. Actually, at a choice it is worth making a start from the following indicators:

  1. Power. Masters in salons use equipment with a high speed of rotation cuttings, but such won't be suitable for house use by no means. Besides, the cost of powerful devices is significantly higher.The machine for manicure and a pedicure: what is better, the prices, responses
  2. Cord and its arrangement. Its length has to be optimum not to be stirred in the course of work. If the cord twists, turn, gather in knot, it is better for such machines not to give preference.
  3. Convenience of the handle. It has to be a little rather heavy. Often their weight fluctuates in the area from 150 to 200 grams. It is necessary in order that in process it didn't vibrate, and under a body weight was accurately held in a hand.
  4. Quantity of nozzles. Good models of hardware machines already have a large number of nozzles in a set. Certainly, they can be got separately but where it is better when the producer thought of the buyers in advance and I completed a product with a large number of mills and files.
  5. Pedal control (pedal).
  6. The famous and checked producer.

Use of the machine for manicure and a pedicure isn't limited only to beauty shop. They can quite be applied as the assistant in house conditions, only taking into account several highlights.

The professional machine for manicure and a pedicure in salon

We will consider criteria of a choice of the professional machine for manicure and a pedicure in salon. Professional masters use machines with a speed from 40 thousand revolutions per minute and with a power up to 100 W.

Inept use of such equipment can lead to injuries and damages. And business can not end with only one wound or a cut, it is possible to put serious damages to a nail plate or skin round a nail.

In beauty shops of the master use foot management for simplification of work. In that case operation of the device completely depends on extent of pressing: the more strongly to press on a pedal, the nozzle will rotate quicker.

The machine for manicure and a pedicure: what is better, the prices, responses As passes a large number through the master to the people, the device has to have the built-in vacuum cleaner. Maintenance of purity on a workplace and the general hygiene – an important condition in work therefore you shouldn't neglect this point.

And the allergic reactions which are shown from the peeled particles of skin and nail dust can be shown at the master not at once, and some months of work later even in a sterile mask.

Devices for saloon use also differ at cost. The preference is most often given to the proved producers that some years of continuous operation of the technician later I didn't become useless.

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Machine choice for house use

As the device for house use you shouldn't exercise the wit and spend huge amounts of money for expensive models. On what subtleties to turn attention at a choice of the home machine for hardware manicure and a pedicure?

So, it is worth choosing among models with a power up to 60 W and the speed of 30 thousand revolutions per minute. Use of equipment with big indicators without professional skills is fraught with various consequences.

Complete with the machine there is a set of nozzles. The majority of them won't be useful for house use as capacities of the device or skills in use will be simply insufficiently. No more than 5 nozzles are most often used.

The machine for manicure and a pedicure: what is better, the prices, responses

The separate attention is deserved by equipment dimensions. If the workplace small and too bulky machine is obviously stirred, it is worth giving preference to other producer with other variable form of a product.

Nozzles for the machine and their application

Distinguish some types of the nozzles for hardware manicure differing on material. In particular, allocate the following types:

  1. Diamond mills. Are considered professional and durable. Are used for processing of lateral cuts of nails, rollers and a cuticle.
  2. The ceramic. Are the safest on all indicators and perfectly are suitable for beginners as the training.
  3. Hard-alloy from metals. Nozzles from such material are used, mainly, for processing of rough skin of feet, removal of an acrylic layer from a nail plate or removal of the become horny skin and callosities.

Besides classification by material, distinguish nozzles of various sizes and forms. All of them are intended for carrying out certain types of works and in process they change for achievement of the best results.

The review of 5 machines for manicure and a pedicure — what model is better?

In the presence of the big range of equipment to make a choice quite difficult. The review of several models will help with such cases with the purpose upon purchase at once to cut unnecessary options and to focus attention on the main objects. For hardware manicure and a pedicure entered number of the best models of machines:

  1. Strong 90/102. The equipment of this producer is the favourite in the market. Full completion of models, high performance and durability are key factors in these products. The cost of machines of Strong begins around 15 thousand rubles.
  2. RuNail. In a ruler of this producer there is a different equipment differing from each other in the power and completeness. The products for carrying out house procedures equipped with foot management, a set of mills and the regulator of rotation of a reverse enjoy wide popularity. Cost very democratic also fluctuates around 5 thousand rubles.The machine for manicure and a pedicure: what is better, the prices, responses
  3. Marathon Champion Model with a power of 40 W and the speed of 35 thousand revolutions per minute is the bright representative of machines for hardware manicure and a pedicure in house conditions. For personal use such model can be got at the price in 9 thousand rubles.
  4. Mercedes Rather inexpensive machine (2 thousand rubles on average) differing in high efficiency. Many give preference to this model because of cost, and also existence in a set of 6 nozzles with a diamond dusting, well suitable for processing of a nail plate as in salon, and at home.
  5. Irisk JD-500. The excellent device for house or professional use with the price tag in 9 thousand rubles equipped with 4 multipurpose nozzles. The maximum speed of rotation is at the level of 35 thousand revolutions per minute, and the declared power around 35 W.

At a device choice for manicure and a pedicure you shouldn't choose models with a speed of rotation lower than 20 thousand revolutions per minute. It is fraught with that for carrying out procedure for care of feet of it will be insufficiently, and the spent means of won't justify.

Subtleties of use of the machine for hardware manicure and a pedicure

In a set the instruction which it is necessary to study at once after purchase is attached to each product. Attentive studying of all buttons and functions of the device will help to increase the term of its service considerably.

How to use the machine for manicure and a pedicure? It is important to know about such details at which it is impossible to carry out procedures of hardware manicure. The following nuances concern to them:

  • it is impossible to use the machine on wet hands of the client;
  • after a skin rasparivaniye to start procedure not earlier than in 3 hours;
  • it is possible to carry out repeated procedure 2 times a month;
  • for extension of service life of the low-power device for house use it is recommended to allow to it "to have a rest" each 15 minutes.

Devices for saloon use can continuously work within 12 hours. Home machines won't sustain also a half of this term as the mechanism in the device will be inclined to an overheat. Therefore short-term breaks in work will only prolong service life.

The machine for manicure and a pedicure: what is better, the prices, responses

Care of the machine for long use

The machine for hardware manicure is an equipment which demands to itself special attention in respect of maintenance. To prolong the term of its service and always to keep it clean, it is recommended to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • to disinfect mills after each client (even if the nozzle is used by one person, nobody cancelled these actions);
  • to make replacement of nozzles with accuracy not to damage special fastenings;
  • to wipe the device, nozzles and the handle of a milling cutter special antibacterial liquids from parts of dust (cosmetic alcohol will be suitable for these purposes).

In general care of the machine isn't anything difficult. The only thing that in case of obvious malfunctions in operability of equipment it is worth addressing in workshops.

Independent opening of the case and violation of any mechanisms in the device threatens with breakdown and impossibility of repair.

Responses from users of machines for hardware manicure

To make a right choice, often potential consumers address to responses of real buyers. On their basis it is possible to draw conclusions thanks to which purchase will become not such difficult procedure.

I got the professional machine from Strong 90/102 2 firm a year ago. I use it only in the house purposes. I got the hand, as they say, and with pleasure I do manicure to girlfriends in the free time. From model shortcomings I would note high cost, but it is completely blocked by that circumstance that the device is considered professional. Really, for so many years of use it never brought me, and with it it is a pleasure to do manicure. About campaigns in salon I forgot. P.S. to turn out it became far not at once, at first because of big power I felt discomfort during the work. Some weeks of trainings later I was accustomed to it.

Galina Samoylova, 25, Chelyabinsk

As the house assistant for manicure I bought Mercedes 2000. Having read responses, long I chose between this device and model from RuNail firm. I consider that made a right choice! With work it is completely satisfied, carries out the functions for all 100%. Without problems I process the marigold of the house now, without spending thus certain sums in salon (in some they incredibly high!). Sometimes I do to girlfriends for a symbolical payment. If to consider that in a month it is necessary to visit the master about 2 times, machine cost I paid back for a long time! It is happy!

Victoria Igoreva, 31, Moscow

Before purchase of the machine for manicure and a pedicure it is worth raising before himself specific questions on the basis of which the choice is made. In particular, it is necessary to decide on purpose of the device, and already on the basis of these data to choose models with the necessary power and functionality.

And some more councils about a device choice for manicure — in the following video.