Women's magazine » Nail care » Manicure with acrylic powder (29 photos): design of nails color powder and drawing on gel varnish

Manicure with acrylic powder (29 photos): design of nails color powder and drawing on gel varnish

Manicure with acrylic powder (29 photos): design of nails color powder and drawing on gel varnish

Any woman wants to have well-groomed hands with accurate beautiful manicure.

But only the few can brag of a healthy strong natural marigold. The bad ecology, stresses, improper feeding – exists a set of the factors influencing quality of a nail plate. Fortunately, the modern industry of beauty already very far promoted in that, as for beautiful manicure. Now it is absolutely optional to suffer, trying to grow natural nails if there is an opportunity to increase them or to strengthen a nail plate by means of polymers one of which is acrylic powder about which the speech in our article will go.

How to make manicure with acrylic powder, you learn from video.

Features and advantages

Initially acryle was used in … stomatology! With its help dentists restored teeth. But soon its unique properties were noticed also by masters of the nail industry and for manicure acrylic powder began to be used. We will consider its main advantages:

  • It is very strong material, with its help it is possible to strengthen a nail plate and to create the necessary length of a nail;
  • It is rather simple in application;
  • The porous structure of acryle doesn't prevent a marigold "to breathe";
  • Acrylic powder helps to create surprising nail design;
  • Doesn't spread when it is applied on gel varnish.

The manicure with use of acrylic powder can be done as classical, without elaborate jewelry (for daily socks), and elegant, with original acrylic patterns or a stucco molding (for solemn occasions).


  • Transparent or opaque powder. It is most often used for strengthening of a nail plate, and also for building and a molding;
  • Powder - "camouflage" of natural-beige color is ideally suited for concealment of defects of a nail;
  • White powder is necessary for formation of "the line of a smile" when you do the French manicure; also with its help it is possible to create exceptional wedding design;
  • Color powder has a huge palette of shades and is used for all types of design of nails;
  • Brilliant acrylic powder looks on nails very brightly and brightly therefore you shouldn't decorate with its help all nails at once – unless for any solemn event. For daily socks the manicure, with one-two brilliant marigold will approach;
  • For lovers of club life there is a fine neon powder. When in night club the neon fires, nogotochka decorated with its help join start shining bright light.

What is better

To be defined, what acrylic powder will suit you, it is necessary to answer a question: what result you want to reach with its help. So:

  • If you are interested in strengthening of a nail plate or you want to correct a form or to increase nail length – choose powder with a transparent covering;
  • You are disturbed by roughnesses on a surface of a plate, a spot, a strip – means, your choice – the camouflaging acrylic powder;
  • You want bright unusual manicure with volume patterns or stucco mouldings – any color, brilliant or neon powder will be suitable for these purposes.

How to do

By means of acrylic powder you can, without resorting to services of the master, independently to strengthen nails in house conditions.

For this purpose read the instruction provided below and carry out it strictly step by step, passing nothing:

  • At first we degrease a nail surface;
  • Further, cause base with a thin layer. Accurately cover all nail plate. Drying in a UV lamp isn't required;
  • Take a jar with acrylic powder, take her on a brush and strew a nail, holding it over a can. So surplus of powder won't be gone, and pours back in capacity;
  • Drying in an ultraviolet will become the following stage;
  • Manikyurny brush delicately shake surplus of powder from a cuticle;
  • Apply gel or simple nail varnish on nails.

If you want to strengthen not simply nails, but also to improve their color, choose the camouflaging powder, for example, of Peach from In’Garden or other similar product.

Besides strengthening, acrylic powder perfectly is suitable for implementation of various interesting design decisions on gel varnish.

Here how it can be done:

  • Classical processing of nails is first of all carried out (the cuticle and agnails is removed, the necessary form is given to nail edge);
  • The surface of a nail is degreased;
  • The base is caused, dried in ultra-violet light;
  • After that the surface of each nail becomes covered gel varnish. It is desirable to put 2-3 layers, each of which is dried in a lamp;
  • Further, with use of the same gel varnish (or another, picked up on your taste), by means of a thin brush is carried out volume drawing on each nail;
  • The received pattern falls down from above acrylic powder;
  • Within 2 minutes nails are dried in a lamp.

Ideas for design

Having understood the work mechanism with acrylic powder, you will be able easily to execute any design on nails. And what exactly to make – will prompt your imagination and our councils.

Design decisions:

  • Service jacket. To execute it by means of acrylic powder, for a start choose, actually, powder. Classics – white opaque powder, but you can choose any color which is pleasant to you. So, at first we prepare our handles: we do manicure in due form, we give to a marigold the necessary form. Best of all the service jacket looks on square nails. We degrease nail plates, we cause base, then a gel varnish in 2 layers, we dry each of which in a UV lamp. Further, again we apply gel varnish, but we don't dry. Serially we lower tips of nails in the prepared jar with acrylic powder. On them there will be a thin equal strip. Accurately we delete surplus of powder from a finger with a soft dry-brush, we put the transparent finish gel, we dry a marigold in a UV lamp;
  • Opaque manicure. Recently opaque nails became very fashionable. Someone does such effect on all fingers, others decorate thus 1-2 nails on a hand. Simply to make such manicure: at first we prepare a marigold the same as in the previous case (degreasing – base – gel varnish in 2 layers), we put the finish, without drying in a lamp; then we strew each nail, holding it over a can with the chosen powder (transparent powder best of all will approach). We send to a UV lamp to polymerization then we delete surplus of powder with a brush;
  • Velvet manicure. It is carried out in the same way as opaque, but there is also a difference: the nails covered the finish gel are dried in a lamp, and after a thin brush patterns are put. For this purpose it is possible to use or the same gel varnish or gel-paint. Atop the received drawing is powdered with acryle powder, a marigold is dried in a UV lamp, surplus of powder is brushed away by a brush. Powder can be used both transparent, and color;
  • Summer design of nails. Summer – a time of bright paints and experiments. Therefore it is a high time to try very "tasty" option of manicure with acrylic powder – "marmeladny". Its distinctive feature is as follows: you strew a marigold with several shades of color powder, as if doing transition of one color to another. It turns out very beautifully and unusually;
  • Knitted manicure. The summer passed, there came the winter. It is time to reflect on "knitted" option of design of a marigold actual at this time. Algorithm of its performance is as follows: we process nails, we put a basic covering, two layers gel varnish, the finish. We dry nails in an ultraviolet, we remove a dispersive layer. Further, we start causing with a thin brush "winter" motives: braids, rhombuses, strips – for receiving effect of a knitted sweater, and also a snowflake and New Year's drawings. We dry in a lamp and we put a pattern with the second layer, for obtaining volume. From above we powder it with acryle powder, we send a marigold for polymerization, we brush away the remains of powder a brush;
  • Patterns on nails. Above the technology of performance of various drawings on nails was already shown. However, if you don't feel in yourself talent of the artist and simply have no experience in drawing, don't despair! For beginners special cliches on which very simply and it is easily possible to execute the pleasant pattern are thought up;
  • Use paste, bulyonok. If you are a lover of brilliant volume jewelry on a marigold, the following option of manicure with acrylic powder will please you, namely: dressing by their pastes and bulyonka. Here is how it can be done: at first you, certainly, carry out manicure, you carry out degreasing of a nail plate and you apply a thin film of a basic covering. Then, you take the finish gel without sticky layer and you mix it with transparent acrylic powder before receiving a dense consistence. Further, you cover with the received weight a nail, you establish pastes or bulyonka, you will polymerize in a UV lamp.

Fixing of jewelry will become the final stage: if it is pastes, properly record them with the help the finish gel and a thin brush, but don't cover all nail, and only apply gel between a paste; if it is bulyonka, the nail becomes covered by the finish entirely;

  • Brilliant powder in design of nails. "To powder" a marigold and volume drawings it is possible not only opaque, but also brilliant acrylic powder. Thanks to the contents as a part of the sparkling microparticles, she and plays on the sun, being poured and glaring. There is a lot of options of performance of design: you can decorate all nails with its help or apply it only on 1-2 fingers. The pattern powdered with powder with spangles takes a special, elegant form. For example, the winter option of manicure executed in cold tones in a tandem with blue brilliant powder will remind of the crystals of ice sparkling on the sun, and to bright summer design of a spangle will add solar patches of light;
  • Molding on nails. Well and, at last, we reached a special type of design of nails by means of acrylic powder – a decorative molding. Of course, this option not absolutely approaches for daily socks, most often it carry out for special solemn occasions (a wedding, anniversary something, birthday, New year, etc.). When dressing nails in such a way, the main thing – not to be overzealous as it is too elaborate the decorated nails look ugly and tastelessly.

Very beautifully the molding on a ring finger looks.

Independently to execute a volume molding quite difficult, especially on a working hand, for this purpose it is necessary to have knowledge and certain skills. Therefore if you wish to decorate the marigold by means of a qualitative beautiful stucco molding, address to the manicurist better.

For removal from a marigold of a gel varnish with acryle, use the following recommendations:

  • For a start accurately cut the top layer (finishing), using a nail file, baf or the manikyurny machine;
  • Take special liquid for removal of such covering, moisten slices of cotton wool or disks, apply them to a surface of a nail and seal in a cosmetic foil. Important: don't allow excessive contact of liquid with skin of fingers, in order to avoid irritation;
  • Wait 10 minutes;
  • Remove a foil and vatu from fingers. Gel varnish already gradually will start descending. It isn't necessary to tear off it from nails, so you can do them harm. Take a pusher better and quietly displace the exfoliating gel varnish to a nail tip;
  • Again repeat procedure of a wrapping of nails by means of specialliquid, a foil and cotton wool;
  • Wait for 10 minutes;
  • Again take a pusher and accurately clear a marigold of the remains gel varnish and acryle;
  • Grind nails the bafy.

If you carry out this procedure aggressively and carelessly, later you will be able to face such problems as the exfoliating nails, thinning of a nail plate, emergence of hillocks and hollows, the increased fragility. Therefore have patience and you carry out removal procedure delicately and carefully. Your marigold will thank you for it a healthy look and strong structure.