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Manicure with animals

Manicure with animals

In the modern world it became very fashionable to do unusual design on nails. It is caused by that many ladies began to look after the nails and hands more carefully. Many women ask a question what has to be fashionable and modern manicure and also where it is better to make it - houses or in salon. Further you learn about interesting types of manicure with animals who will definitely not allow to start missing, about their various options, technicians of performance and a professional advice.


Most of all the manicure with animalistic design is appreciated among young girls though many ladies aged also not against to represent, for example, magnificent owls with pastes.

There is a lot of most different variations of manicure on animals. So there is a lot of that eyes very often simply run up. Young ladies continually choose color cats or lovely bear cubs, girls are more senior give preference to tigers, butterflies or birds. Certainly, it is only conditional differentiations.

The manicure with animals as design can be chosen safely for every day though some ladies can count it too creative and make a choice for something of another.

Nails decorate with animal prints by means of a manual list paints, gels or usual varnishes. As much as possible to save time, many use decorative sliders with already ready small animals. To that to give preference, depends only on you. If you were going to make such design of the house, stock up with patience.

Nail-design with any animals, be they are located on all nails or it is selective, will make hands object of attention and will attract to itself views of passersby.

Technology of performance and design

Today there is a large number the technician of performance of designs for nails, and very often they aren't used in pure form, after all they can be combined skillfully. Here some widespread options:

  • You can draw unusual animals or their muzzle with paints. For this purpose you need a set of special brushes which all manicurists have. If you after all doubt the abilities or such manicure is necessary to you only for a holiday, give preference to the professional. If you for experiments, and drawing is difficult, for a start be trained on paper.
  • Imitation of an animal skin - for example can become the excellent decision, you can make zebroid stripes or leopard spots on nails. Such design can be added with a brilliant portrayal and to decorate with small stones. Everything will be "expensive" and original to look.
  • If you have in a priority a resistant and saturated covering, here it is best of all to choose gel varnishes - of course if at you is though any experience with them. On gel it is possible to draw acrylic paints or gel varnishes. But such equipment is suitable for masters of a nail-art more.
  • Very often on nails represent animation animals - for example, heroes of Disney's animated cartoons. Kitties of Hello Kitty or Tom and Gerry can become excellent addition. If not to take the western animated films in attention, most often girls ask masters to represent lovely bears with hearts, hares, rabbits, dogs and cats. It can be both attractive faces of animals, and their silhouettes.
  • If all previous technicians anyway don't suit you why not to give preference to ready stickers with animals or to sliders. It is the most convenient, harmless and simplest decor which is very easy for embodying in reality directly houses. If your sliders qualitative, it is plus doubly as such drawings on nails will look at all not worse than the real list.
  • It is quite good and realistic the nail-design in equipment a stemping - with cliches of animals necessary to you looks. It is carried out quite easily, but special varnishes are most often necessary.
  • Graphic animals or origami on nails can also look very unusually (and even somehow futuristic). It can be deer, pandas, wolves, giraffes - anyone.

Preparation of nails and professional advice

If you address for a "animal" decor for nails in salon, for you will carry out standard hardware cleaning of nails - or another which offers beauty shop. If you carry out manicure of the house, it doesn't mean that this stage can be passed. So, before drawing a varnish and drawing you need to execute the following actions:

  • Carefully to wash up hands and to use only the pure disinfected tools and nail files. Yes, even it is necessary to observe hygiene in relation to nippers and shovels for nails at home.
  • Process and remove a cuticle in the way, habitual for you, clean all agnails. By means of a nail file give to nails the desirable form. To remove a cuticle most without serious consequences and safely, before this procedure steam out hands in warm water - for example, with sea salt.

If you are going to clean length of nails by means of scissors, do it before use of a tray. After full processing and cleaning of nails apply the moisturizing cream on hands.

Animalistic design step by step

The cleaned and filed nails should be processed an obezzhirivatel. For this purpose it is possible to use usual liquid for removal of a varnish. Thanks to it your further covering will be steadier. Further it should be taken into account step by step a way of creation of manicure with a panda by means of stickers. Certainly, it is only approximate design, any animal you can independently choose. Operations procedure:

  • As the main covering put 1-2 layers of a green varnish. The quantity of layers depends on quality of a varnish, and also on that, it will appear through or not. Sometimes also one layer is enough.
  • Let's nails dry out.
  • Paste stickers on nails – it is possible to stop a choice, for example, on little pandas. Fix them by means of a transparent varnish.

Further consider a small master class how to decorate a classical white service jacket by means of birds or any other animals:

  • Cover all nails with a transparent varnish – a basis. Let's them dry up.
  • By means of the cliches pasted below free edge of a nail paint over it in the white color.
  • You can draw birds with varnishes or choose ready stickers. After creation of drawing in the way chosen by you again to a prokroyta nails a transparent varnish – a fixer.
  • Humidify a cuticle by means of special oil.

Drawing at all not necessarily has to settle down equally and on all nails. You can issue, for example, only two fingers - average and anonymous. The option when two fingers with a portrayal, and one is made up by the shining varnish can become unusual design.

Always give vent to the imagination and be not afraid of experiments, after all then at you the most unusual and unique decor will turn out.

In house conditions and by means of usual varnishes you will be able to execute lovely design with ladybugs. For this purpose follows:

  • To cover the prepared nails with a white varnish, to allow them to dry up.
  • By means of a red varnish and a thin brush to make small circles on nails. Them can be two or three - or at all one.
  • Then ladybugs need to add a back by means of a black varnish and very thin brush. Points can be made by means of a special dots. Don't forget to make small pads and short moustaches.
  • By means of a white varnish and a dots it is necessary to make small points are there will be eyes. The black varnish needs to be made pupils in the white. So at you very realistic insect will turn out.
  • After end of drawing on all nails don't forget to cover them with a fixer.

If you work about gel varnishes, it is possible to make one ladybug, and to lay out points on its wings by means of the white sparkling pastes. The main thing - not to be afraid of experiments. Certainly, such smart insect you shouldn't do on each nail. If for a decor you use any stones and pastes, issue other nails monophonically.

The manicure with pleasant little ladybugs perfectly will be suitable for the girl.

What to use for a decor?

If it seems to you that nails will be boring even with small animals on them, be not afraid to use the following materials:

  • large and small pastes (them it is possible to issue very beautifully wings of butterflies);
  • vtirka for nails which without effort diversifies the general design;
  • brilliant dust for a decor and a velvet;
  • the most different stones;
  • color foil;
  • small bulyonka;
  • decorative threads;
  • feathers with which it is possible to create the most magnificent "bird's" manicure;
  • lace;
  • usual stickers, translated options and sliders.

Certainly, it is not all list. If you aren't engaged in design of nails professionally - usually to you it everything and it isn't necessary. However a variety can be useful if you wanted experiments with nails. So realize the unusual ideas with small animals more safely.

How to make manicure with animals you look in the following video.