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Manicure to whom for 40: fashionable nails!

Manicure to whom for 40: fashionable nails! In today's article the site to Whom for 30 will tell what has to be manicure at the woman in 40 years.

We will tell not only that the main thing in manicure after 40 years, but also about tendencies, and about man's preferences in respect of nails, and also we will pick up color of nail varnish for a tsvetotip and we will look at nails to whom for 40 at a photo!

Nails to whom for 40: the main thing – an ukhozhennost

After 40 years everything starts growing old: skin, body, face … Smoothness, correctness of forms disappears, and the farther, the it is more. So why not to return a luster to handles, having added to nails gloss and shine?

The main thing in nails after 40 is an ukhozhennost, neatness. People estimate us, our health and a state including on nails. In pigmentary staining wrinkled hands, slovenly nails in agnails after 40 years, and even with a dirt border, many are irritated. And it is unimportant that you the lover to rummage on beds. If to you more than 40, time to take care of the own life much more, the at those, the for 30.

So, the site komy-za30.ru advises: watch a condition of the hands and nails, after all they give out your age! Hands and nails at the woman for 40 and furthermore for 50, have to be always well-groomed.

What form and length of nails to choose a coma for 40?

Of course, if to you for 40, you are free to choose any length of nails. But consider that too long nails on elderly women look slovenly. Best of all on nails to whom for 40 average length – no more than 25% of the total length of a nail looks.

Choose a shape of nailsor square with the rounded-off tips, or oval. You shouldn't do too pointed nails – they from it will break more and the look will be predatory. It is necessary to you?

Color of manicure to whom for 40

It is best of all to choose any nail varnish suitable your tsvetotip:

Varnish on a tsvetotipa:

  • Tsvetotip Leto is the soft, muffled colors with bluish subtone. To you colors of a varnish will go: cold beige, pink-bluish, quiet pink, lavandovy. Perfectly translucent pinkish nail varnish will approach.
  • Tsvetotip Zima – a contrast, bright, but cold color is suitable for manicure. Choose saturated pink, bright red, cherry, violet, purple. A varnish for a tsvetotip Zima is better to choose the opaque.
  • Tsvetotip Osen – warm, saturated autumn colors of nail varnish. For you – golden-brown, red and tomato, claret, color of cinnamon, light brown. Fall it is better for tsvetotip to choose a varnish without gloss, opaque and opaque.
  • Tsvetotip Vesna – pure, light and warm colors of a varnish. Salmoncolored, coral, beige-orange, peach-pink colors are suitable for manicure. The translucent varnish for a tsvetotip Vesna is best of all.

Better to imagine tsvetotipa, look at a photo:

Manicure to whom for 40: fashionable nails!

Equally well all tsvetotipa suit transparent nail varnish (it is possible to choose ukreplyashchiya nails a varnish).

Forget about nail-art  — unfortunately, it goes only to young women. On elderly nail-art looks cheap and unfashionably. For those to whom for 40 – monophonic nails!

The exception makes only the French manicure. But it is to the classic's uezha.

The rejuvenating manicure for those to whom for 40

What type of manicure to choose if you are more senior than 40 years? Of course, the rejuvenating manicure! It is created specially to tighten skin of hands. Such manicure surely includes massage of hands with bleaching and smoothing lifting creams. Skin of hands will be smoothed, will become lighter and young, dryness of hands will disappear.

At the rejuvenating manicure the cuticle isn't cut off, and only shifted aside, put means for removal of a cuticle.

What nails are pleasant to men?

Nails to whom for 40? – Anything similar! It concerns all!

Men – big conservatives in respect of nails. They don't love anything extremely fashionable, increased and unnatural. If you decide to please the man, consider that men like such nails:

  • French manicure
  • Natural manicure, that is either transparent varnish, or varnish of natural flowers: pink, beige …
  • Red varnish

But men don't like nails – blue, green and … increased!

Manicure to whom for 40: photo

Look at these photos of nails to be defined, what manicure to choose for itself!

Natural nails

Manicure to whom for 40: fashionable nails!

Dark nail varnish

Manicure to whom for 40: fashionable nails!

Red nails

Manicure to whom for 40: fashionable nails!

Pink nail varnish

Manicure to whom for 40: fashionable nails!

The author – Olga Sympaty,
To whom for 30 – club for women after 30.