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Manicure with a brown varnish

Manicure with a brown varnish

The manicure with a brown varnish perfectly is in harmony with an autumn landscape. At fall only two popular tones are yellow and brown. Such tone are always quiet and aren't loud. There are many coffee shades, and also shades of chocolate color.


Choosing design of nails with brown gel varnish, will be the best for a combination yellow tone, black and golden. Now fashion trends are that that ideas with registration of nails in brown tones become the leading subject in a choice of their design.

It is connected, first of all, by that already some seasons of in a row must-have as manicure, and a pedicure are not simple monophonic coloring of a marigold, and a combination of different flowers or a covering with drawing. It is that case when the brown varnish gel as well as possible is suitable for base of all design work.

It is interesting that popular brown shades became not so long ago, and long time them carried to that can't be connected with manicure in any way. And gloom of color here not and, after all much more gloomy black, dark and plum or color of rotten cherry are rather popular designs of nails at women of fashion of the end of the 90th.

The brown color palette long didn't interest the cosmetic productions which are engaged in production of varnishes, but everything changed when at peak of popularity there was a service jacket.

The French manicure differs in democratic character and accuracy, from it blows as spirit of aristocratism, ease and not persistence. Thanks to a service jacket the fashion had to remember fine brown tones of a chestnut, pleasant warm cinnamon tone, what attractive shade has copper vanilla, caramel and milk chocolate. These shades are no worse colourless with the white are capable to decorate ladies' fingers of any form and with any on length nail plates at all.

Also it appeared that the brown manicure has the main thing and very important advantage – it gives to a marigold of any form and length there is nobody charm and refinement.

Besides the brown scale in design of nails was irreplaceable for women, whose activity means a dresscode in the labor charter of collective.

And it easily is explained by a neutrality of any chocolate tone - such design has no persuasive and loud notes so it is possible to receive a business and harmonious image.


Warm sand-brown tone will help to create a solid and business image of the woman. The varnish can be put evenly on all nails, and it is possible to make them serially – is lighter and is more dark. Such manicure today in a trend, and its relevance will be guaranteed to keep at the level within several seasons.

Concerning a season for brown varnishes master designers are inclined to advise a cold season, emphasizing that it is possible to use brown colors both for daily manicure, and for solemn events.

If it was decided to use chocolate tone brown as base on which the art neyl-art will be created, such option of design assumes performance of drawings on a nail plate. It can be registration of one anonymous finger or also an average, and pertinently will be to cover the others with a chestnut shade.

The lightest of all brown palette, beige color, is always nobility, tenderness of pastel tones, a certain refinement and refinement. Such shade will never be bright and looks very naturally, and therefore handles with beige design on a marigold always look very well-groomed. Besides it is excellent base both for a modest ornament, and for difficult drawing.

With a beige varnish you will always be the winner, and it not obligatory boring monotony – at desire add it with gilding, stones or a combination with other shades.

- beige tone there is a lot of design ideas for work with the lightest of brown shades that in their variety it is easy to be lost. But among them, certainly, there are that use the greatest prevalence.

The neutrality of a beige shade doesn't relieve of need of the skillful address with it. Without knowing certain nuances, correctly and beautifully to execute manicure it will be very difficult. Such color is chosen, as a rule, by girls gentle and quiet, and at them on hands such design looks expensively and effectively.

In this case faultlessness in performance of manicure is important. The cuticle has to be correctly processed, and the nail plate is relieved of any roughnesses, differently all errors will be evident. The greatest accuracy will be demanded by work with a monotonous covering.

At short nails beige tone will be better to look on a form, square or square with slightly rounded corners (it call a soft square). A variety of beige shades is great so you can choose from:

  • the cream;
  • the peanut;
  • milk coffee;
  • the powdery
  • the vanilla.

To experiment is with what

For lovers of the lightest brown shades at whom the important meeting is necessary, corporate festivities or any other significant event, the real chic can become favourite color with golden spangles or gold. With it you even can apply for a rank of the queen of a ball. Only here an important point – gold shouldn't be too much, it is enough decorate with it the main covering only slightly.

Gold can be used, for example, for a stylish service jacket, for strips, for drawings. Gracefully gold only on one nail in combination with other will look, covered only with primary color.

Brown color of manicure is that will be suitable for experiments in design of nails of the girls aspiring to a stylish and unusual image at them there will be here many various opportunities of a decor thanks to which their image every time will get some new notes.

If you not the professional manicurist, but like to cope somehow with boring monophonic color, you can add to it some acrylic strokes, and professionals will easily cope with such task and with the help gel varnishes.

It should be noted especially such shades of a brown varnish as dense caramel and milk chocolate – the marigold painted in such color, in a magic way are capable to present the to the owner tranquility and heat.

If to speak about stylish brown manicure, this registration of nails warm shades of brown color – yellowish or reddish. It is also excellent basis under the acrylic drawing available even for the beginning artist on manicure which can be executed and in house conditions. Such basis will approach and under gel varnish with which masters carry out unusual and stylish designs.

The light brown varnish too equally beautifully will be able to decorate a marigold any in a form and with any length. Tell numerous responses of modern women of fashion who so fell in love with it for this quality about it.

The neutrality of any light tone is good that there are no problems of a combination. Beige tone for a marigold is a solidity and tranquillity of his owner.

Warmth or coldness of brown color entirely depend on what color prevails – red or yellow.

All palette of light brown shades already some seasons doesn't lose popularity for different in a form and on length of a marigold. Also speak about light chocolate and caramel tones, as about neutral and about suitable to any nails.

Brown-beige shades are tried on on herself by any beauty respecting herself watching fashionable tendencies, after all it is the shades providing to the owner tranquillity and solidity.

The kindled chocolate in a neyl-art is the warm shade which isn't demanding any additions – on a marigold it looks simply fantastically and is completely self-sufficient.

Sometimes manicurists resort to the interesting decision, choosing for work two different brown tones, and alternate, thus, a marigold. It turns out quite unusually and it is impressionable.

"Eyes of a snake"

It is the most impressive design with use of a brown varnish. Nails become covered on usual technology light brown gel varnish, and then work only with two marigold.

  1. Imitation of leather of a reptile on average and anonymous fingers requires a foil of black color for a craquelure. It is printed on a sticky layer of color, touching a nail small parts of a foil – the cracks imitating a snakeskin pattern so turn out. Further – a top layer, drying by means of a lamp and removal of a sticky layer.
  2. Then the sticky translated foil undertakes and in the middle of a nail the spot in the form of an oval (future snake eye) is drawn. When glue became transparent, the green foil with holography is put to a spot. It needs to be pressed to a nail, and then to tear off. Then on a green background of future eye yellow acrylic paint in the middle draws yellow horizontal lines (a pupil background).
  3. The following stage – a snake pupil is the black vertical fat strip with keen edges (a flattened rhombus) made acrylic paint over yellow. Now the contour of an eye appears black gel varnish round green (an eye turns out visually convex). All this work of art needs to be dried in a lamp now.
  4. Further the special structure of "Base Coat" for formation of an eyeball is required. The structure is imposed approximately by a thick layer, thanks to a convex contour from black gel varnish the base doesn't follow out of its limits. Further – minute of drying in a lamp. Then it is possible to add still a drop to the center, so dimensions of an eye will increase. Then again drying.
  5. In summary white gel varnish on a contour small white points are put down, since the outer edge of an eye and without reaching the internal a little - so an eye becomes more expressive. After drying in a lamp the sticky layer is removed and oil for a cuticle is applied. A snake eye is ready.

How to make "A snake eye" you see in video below.