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Manicure a cat's eye how to make in house conditions

The manicure which is carried out in unique style a cat's eye becomes more and more demanded. Such design happens stunning, as promotes increase of level of popularity. A cat's eye assumes imitation of the stone of the same name thanks to what there is a transformation of nails. The used gel represents the magnetic covering which is a basis for creation of stylish drawings on a marigold therefore it is possible to realize various ideas. The manicure can be created in house conditions, after all procedure differs in surprising ease.

Manicure a cat's eye how to make in house conditions

Manicure example in style a cat's eye

What features of equipment need to be noted?

Manicure a cat's eye how to make in house conditions

One of varnishes for performance of this design

Before you create stylish design for the nails, it is necessary to pay attention to certain features.

The used varnish differs in density, plasticity, a variety of a color palette and existence of pigments. The covering can be stored about twenty days. Special shellac includes metal components of the small sizes thanks to which the stylish design of nails is created. The patch of light which can be created when carrying out procedure, is shown at certain foreshortenings that becomes important nuance and supplements the created effect.

The shellac allowing to create a cat's eye isn't so popular, as classical gel. This situation has to exchange in the nearest future, after all the manicure possesses the small crystals capable to create extraordinary 3D - effect. Besides drawing reminds an eye pupil at a cat.

What is required for carrying out procedure?

Wishing to realize extraordinary design for the nails, it is necessary to take care of special adaptations. So, what will be required for realization conceived?

  1. Classical set for carrying out hygienic procedures.
  2. Baf.
  3. The liquid intended for degreasing of nail plates. As a result it is possible to count on a resistant covering.
  4. Varnish which can be glossy or opaque. Be guided by features of creative idea, after all you can put drawings with a multi-colored varnish.
  5. Special magnet.
  6. Ultra-violet lamp.
  7. Basic basis.
  8. Finishing gel.
  9. The liquid allowing to remove a sticky layer.
  10. Manikyurny napkins without pile.


Wishing to create stylish design, it is best of all to choose the varnish differing in the deep color, namely green or black. You only present, the result if all of you execute correctly can turn out how stylish.

Step-by-step instruction

It is possible to do worthy effect for the marigold even in house conditions, after all the equipment a cat's eye differs in simplicity. The most important is to stock up with all necessary adaptations which by all means will allow to realize even the most extraordinary idea. Besides you will need experience therefore it is desirable to create simple drawings in the beginning, and then – it is more difficult. Be ready to that the varnish need to use correctly in order that the covering turned out accurate.


Manicure a cat's eye how to make in house conditions

As it is correct to put a magnet

  1. In the beginning it is necessary to prepare nail plates. You will need to remove former gel, to give to a marigold the beautiful form, to carry out degreasing of a nail plate.
  2. Now it is necessary to cause base and to dry a marigold in an ultra-violet lamp within 1-2 minutes.
  3. Wishing to strengthen the created effect, use a black varnish. Without fail repeatedly use a lamp.
  4. Now it is necessary to use a special varnish which will allow to create the necessary drawing. Prepare for processing of the nails a special magnet which needs to be brought close to a marigold and to hold 15 seconds. During this time he will surely attract beautiful particles, will create an interesting pattern. The ideal option is to work with each finger in turn, wishing to eliminate risk of emergence of smudges.
  5. Put the finishing covering allowing to guarantee that the manicure will remain for a long time.

Following the special instruction, you by all means will be able to do worthy design for the nails. Choosing qualitative shellac, it is possible to count on surprising result.

Important secrets

Manicure a cat's eye how to make in house conditions

Various magnets with different effect

You decided to create manicure which will be executed in equipment a cat's eye? How it is best of all to work, wishing to guarantee really surprising effect? What recommendations it is desirable to take into account that everything is successful and correct to do every time?

  1. Magnets create various patterns therefore the result depends not only on what varnish you will use.
  2. Create a pattern how finishing gel will be applied, without waiting for its drying. It is desirable to decorate a marigold in turn.
  3. Magnetic plate you keep at arm's length 3-5 millimeters from a nail within 10 seconds.
  4. The magnetic can be put horizontally, vertically, diagonalno, creating stylish manicure. Qualitative shellac thus will be able to emphasize worthy realization of effect.

How for a long time to keep result?

Even, if you use qualitative gel a varnish, it is desirable to protect the marigold. Show the maximum care in life, protecting nails from external factors, loadings, alcohol, household solvents as even the best varnish won't sustain such address. Within two days after carrying out procedure avoid negative influence of temperature. A cat's eye can remain for 14-20 days, pleasing with the beauty.


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