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Manicure Cat's eye, idea photo, technology of drawing

For the last months manicure a cat's eye became so popular that the technology of its drawing simply captivated the Internet, and many users look for a photo or video of how to create tremendous effect of "a cat's eye" usual or is delicious on the basis of gel.

Some unpack some photo of desirable manicure at all and go to salon in order that the saloon master reproduced everything on the client's nails.

As the manicure "a cat's eye" looks

The technology of drawing manicure "a cat's eye" is quite simple. Its main secret is covered in use of a special varnish and magnet to it. Feature of such covering consists that the varnish looks smooth and flickering, with the saturated dark color having silvery outflow. If to look narrowly at a photo or to look at a cat's eye on video, you will see this unusual blinking. To make such effect it is necessary to bring very close when drawing a varnish to a nail surface a magnet from a set.

Manicure Cat's eye, idea photo, technology of drawing

From where such name of manicure undertook? Everything is quite simple: at a covering on nails after drawing gel varnish is formed the effect similar to the stone of the same name, i.e. light concentrates in a small strip that does it similar to eyes of a cat with narrow pupils. If gradually to rotate a stone in relation to light, you will see as the strip moves and changes the location. Also affairs and with a varnish are.

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Features of the applied material

The main features of a covering on the basis of magnetic properties it is possible to call:

  1. presence at structure microscopic, not noticeable to an eye of the person of metal particles – they are also responsible for effect of blinking on nails;
  2. to not dried up last layer it is necessary to bring a special magnet – its influence and it is capable to make certain drawings and patterns;
  3. for uniform distribution of a metal component periodically stir up a flakonchik;
  4. for ideal manicure use varnishes of bright, saturated, dark shades as in combination with them improbable contrast to silver parts is created.

Manicure Cat's eye, idea photo, technology of drawing

Manicure Cat's eye, idea photo, technology of drawing

Technology of creation of manicure gel varnish

It is possible to make manicure with effect "a cat's eye" most in house conditions with use special varnish gel. Before starting creation of this interesting design you can see some of the training videos, and also on a photo to decide on what color of a varnish you want to get and use.

  1. First of all to you the technology of creation of manicure with use varnish gel has to be known. If she isn't familiar to you, also see some video with detailed step-by-step instructions on work. It is time for same who is familiar with such materials for a decor of nails to get down to business and, at last, to make excellent manicure in "cat's eye" style. Prepare nails in due form of use gel varnish: smooth out a surface of nails, degrease a nail plate a dehydrator, and then cover it with one layer of a basic covering.
  2. Take the necessary shade of a varnish with effect of a cat's eye and paint over each nail. Thus try not to support a nail surface and if it occurred, carefully wipe okolonogtevy the roller means for removal of a varnish. If your gel of a liquid consistence or poorly pigmented – has to be made 2 – 3 layers (each layer carefully dry a lamp) if it dense and dark is a single covering enough.
  3. After drawing the last layer bring a magnet with the name "cat's eye" of the same name as it is possible closer to the made-up nail and take about 10 seconds. When the magnetic effect proves it is possible to start drying in an ultra-violet lamp.
  4. The last stage is fixing gel varnish a top covering which prevents manicure from fast damage and provides its long to a sock.

The equipment in itself "a cat's eye" assumes the bright and fixing eyes effect, but for giving still bigger elegance can use pastes, stickers for nails, a stucco molding or other elements of a decor.

At each subsequent drawing you can make experiments. For example, you saw on a photo or video from the Internet an interesting pattern and you wish it to repeat. At the following creation of manicure twist or move a magnet for giving to nails of any interesting drawing.

Manicure Cat's eye, idea photo, technology of drawing

Pay attention as easily and it is quickly possible to make such manicure by means of a special series from Bluesky Shellac:

Manicure Cat's eye, idea photo, technology of drawing

How to achieve the additional depth of a gradient

In spite of the fact that "a cat's eye" bright and attractive option of manicure to achieve still the bigger depth and the realistic bewitching type of nails it is possible observing the following councils and recommendations:

  • apply black gel varnish on a basic covering and carefully dry it. Only after that you put a color covering with flickering effect. This equipment will strengthen 3D effect and result will be even brighter. If at creation of a black substrate any insignificant flaws were allowed, don't worry as in their final option it will be visible not. You can compare "a cat's eye" to a substrate and without it on numerous photos on the Internet;
  • use magnets with strong attractive effect is will allow to achieve desirable effect quickly;
  • carefully stir up a bottle with a varnish before drawing, and also heat it to room temperature;
  • depth of color and clearness of lines of a gradient will depend on quantity of varnish coats. The optimum option is considered two-layer drawing;
  • some specialists in manicure before final drawing a fixer remove a sticky layer, but such option works not with all producers. Check it on the tipsakh before you apply on the nails.

If you want to learn still any cunnings of manicure, pay attention to the training videos and articles with a photo on the Internet as skilled masters often experiment and spread the received results in a network.

What magnet to use

Of course, application of a magnet from a set with a varnish will be the best and most correct option at creation of "a cat's eye". But, if it isn't present near at hand or the producer doesn't declare joint delivery "a varnish + a magnet", you can take any, but the main thing that its magnetic properties were very strong.

Also you watch what drawing assumes your magnet from a set. At desire other patterns and gradients can be got separately, the benefit such accessories for manicure cost not much. About what they happen, you can also see on a photo or in video on creation of manicure.

Manicure Cat's eye, idea photo, technology of drawing