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Manicure with cherries

Manicure with cherries

Today services of beauty shops in a neyl-art became the most demanded. Ladies began to pay more attention to the hands and nails. To go with well-groomed nails – norm which doesn't even demand excessive discussions, after all female hands always draw to themselves the mass of attention. Well-groomed hands and nails - big plus. As ladies always want a variety, the speech comes about the most different designs for registration of nails. Further it is worth discussing unusual manicures with cherries, to talk about opportunities of creation of such design in house conditions.


The summer mood on nails will help to create "cherry" manicure at all seasons of the year. Bright, juicy berries will be by the way both in the summer, and in the winter. Important feature of such manicure is a large number of options, after all it can be created in the most different technicians. First, it is possible to execute cherries usual varnishes or gel options. It is possible to make them in volume equipment, it is also possible to use stickers in the form of cherries.

It is best of all to carry out "cherry" nail-design in beauty shop, so you will spend less than forces and time for creation of ideal drawing. However, if the soul demands experiments, you in a stock have couple of brushes for design, it is possible and to be trained at home. Especially in case time allows. In everything there are advantages.

You can work with different technicians. Berries can add the drawn cherries with pastes, beads or stones in tone. Good option - to decorate their leaves.

The manicure with such design will be suitable for the most different cases. It will equally well add obrafz for a beach summer party and will dilute your labor everyday life.

Color and equipment of drawing

Cherries on nails it is possible to arrange on the most different background. Most often choose transparent or white color, but not an exception and different shades pink and cream. Correctly to choose a shade, it is necessary to proceed from this, for what occasion you need such design, and also to consider your mood and a condition of nails.

If nails a little yellowish, and the hardware manicure doesn't allow to improve a situation, refuse transparent option of a varnish - of course if you don't close yellow parts of a nail plate cherries or you won't choose a service jacket, having added it with berries. If with nails there are any problems, it is better to choose color options of varnishes which give a saturated shade and completely cover nails. White or cream varnishes the very contrast in itself.

If you are going to draw on them cherries independently, be extremely attentive and accurate. On such flowers all errors are especially visible. It is better to be trained, draw berries on paper in advance - and only then to pass directly to nails.

If you after all decided to make drawing independently, stock up with thin brushes for nail-design, dotsy and acrylic paints (them it is most convenient to do a list on nails). But nobody cancelled also drawings varnishes. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to work with them because they quickly dry up.


You will find about one million the most different designs and pictures of "cherry" manicure in the Internet. Thus eyes simply run up, after all there are a wish to create also this, and that manicure. But you don't despair, after all it is always possible to combine some ideas and to receive something special. The main thing - to give vent to the imagination and to allow to reveal fully to imagination. You can carry out cherry design by means of usual or gel varnishes. Of course, for more resistant covering it is worth using the second option. It is possible to allocate the following interesting ideas:

  • The classical or color service jacket will be added without effort by juicy cherries. The French manicure in itself isn't boring, but to make it more "live" and attractive summer berries will help with bright registration. For bigger expressiveness they can be traced by means of gold, black or white acrylic paint (or varnishes). Besides, green leaves will also approach very much even well.
  • Monophonic covering + small cherries. Such manicure will perfectly look in white color, and here small berries can be red or scarlet. Cherries can be drawn independently, by means of a dots. As they small, points will be enough, and here the branch and leaves already should be represented by means of a thin brush.
  • "Cherry service jacket". You can execute very uncommon design which won't allow to start missing. In such manicure the nail plate is made out by a transparent varnish or a covering with small gloss, and on free part of a nail cherries are drawn. They can reach almost the middle of a nail if that is demanded by design. Such manicure will look equally well both on long, and on short nails.
  • Very unusually and "tasty" kapkeyka with cherries on nails look. Certainly, you shouldn't draw them on each finger. Such design loves minimalism, after all he on itself very allocated. Make such drawing on one or on two fingers, it will be quite enough.

Cherries can be bright red or very ripe, almost black, reminding sweet cherries.

It isn't obligatory to draw berries on each nail at all. Recently the design only of two nails - for example, on average and anonymous became popular. Others are painted in monophonic color. You can diversify the cherries by means of snow, it will look more than unusually.

Performance step by step in house conditions

Having considered the main designs and technology of performance, it is worth passing to the most interesting – performance of manicure with cherries in house conditions. Certainly, the simplest options which you almost for certain execute from the first will be considered.

For creation of small cherries on short nails it is worth paying attention to the following step-by-step instruction:

  • Previously prepare nails. File them, make a necessary form and process a cuticle.
  • Before drawing a varnish nails shouldn't be fat, surely wash up hands.
  • Apply a varnish which will be primary color on nails. On it you arrange future berries. Let's it dry out or dry up it in a lamp if you work about gel varnishes.
  • By means of a thin brush draw on branch nails for berries. They can be brown or slightly greenish.
  • Further by the ends of branches add red circles, it and will be your cherries. You can make them by means of a thin brush or a dots. Besides, you can make cherries, using large red pastes which can be "put" on special glue or on yet not dried varnish.
  • Now draw leaves by means of a thin brush.
  • Place small patches of light on cherries and leaves by means of white paint or a varnish, depending on with what materials you work.
  • It is possible to add design with single pastes.
  • Fix everything by means of a colourless varnish or the finish.

You can add any cherries with a beautiful and thin portrayal in gold. So cherries will look more distinguished and nobly.

It is also worth paying attention to the following simple design "a cherry service jacket" which is carried out by usual nail varnishes:

  • Prepare nails for drawing a varnish. It is possible to use a transparent covering as the basic. Let's it dry up.
  • On a corner of free edge of a nail draw a silhouette of cherry or several cherries if length allows.
  • Repeat this action on all nails.
  • Place patches of light on cherries by means of a thin brush and a white varnish.
  • Lead round in the black color of berry and make by it tails.
  • At desire diversify compositions with leaves.
  • The additional portrayal of berries and leaves can be made and by means of white color.
  • Let's a surface dry up and cover all with a transparent varnish for fixing.

At creation of drawings on nails in house conditions use only fresh and qualitative varnishes and paints.

In more detail how to draw cherries on nails, you learn from the following video.