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Manicure with a crown

Manicure with a crown

The beautiful manicure for each woman is a peculiar beauty-ritual which simply can't be ignored. Beautiful and well-groomed nails, hands always attract to themselves delighted looks. They always on a look therefore have to look faultlessly. Today women can execute manicure in salon or experiment houses. In both cases there are pluses and minuses which it is worth understanding most in detail. Among great ladies the manicure with a crown enjoys wide popularity.

Features of design

The "royal" manicure with a crown very much is loved by women of all age. Perhaps, it is connected with that they want to feel princesses – or simply it is fashion sets the special tone. The manicure with the most different crowns is considered quite universal, but thus elegant. He doesn't demand any special occasion. Such manicure will perfectly add both short, and long nails. It will be successfully in harmony with any form of a nail plate. This manicure will become the remarkable decision for study, work, everyday life or a hen night.

The manicure with a crown can be carried out in the most different technicians and styles. Such design is very easily carried out in house conditions therefore there is no need to spend a lot of money for beauty shops.

The manicure with a crown in any its execution (it be drawn, molded or pasted) always symbolizes beauty and the power. And it means that it will suit self-assured young girls who go to the purposes, without being afraid of barriers.

All specialists in manicure agree in one opinion: to draw on all fingers it is tasteless, and here to represent not elaborate and accurate crowns on two fingers - most that. It is possible to apply drawing on average and anonymous fingers.

Choosing a crown as the main design, it is better not to "mould" anything superfluous on nails, after all happens and so that less it is more successful and more advantageous.

What to choose?

It is possible to receive design of a crown on nails the next ways:

  • To represent it acrylic paints or usual varnishes. If you work about gel varnishes - certainly, the list acryle will be very opportunely.
  • To lay out small pastes or bulyonka. It is possible to use the most different colors.
  • To put a crown by means of a stemping and the necessary cliche.
  • To paste already ready option. Such accessory on gel varnish as on usual the crown will hardly last long is best of all to have.
  • To make a crown with the help gel varnishes and a foil. You gain effect the really magnificent.
  • To use sliders with crowns or other stickers in the form of separate parts.

Whatever way you chose - if you suspect that you won't consult, it is best of all to use services of masters, after all they without effort will embody all your "royal" ideas on nails. Be not afraid to combine these or those ready designs, adding something special.

Interesting ideas

Today you won't face deficiency of ideas and most different designs for nails as on their Internet there is a lot of. Further it should be taken into account the most romantic ideas of use of crowns on nails:

  • It will be rather unusual and beautiful to look design when in a standard service jacket the line of a smile is replaced with a crown. Colors you can use the most different, but here it is better to make a crown in gold or silver execution. At desire you can diversify design with small pastes or crystals
  • Very unusually the lunar manicure with a crown looks. It can be drawn or made of points – by means of a special dots. Such design of manicure can be executed without effort and in house conditions.
  • Perhaps, the manicure executed in equipment "a cat's eye" and added with a smart crown will be the most magnificent. It it is best of all to arrange only on one finger that the design didn't look too busily. Such royal attribute it is possible to lay out with the help a paste, crystals and stones (or to paste ready option).
  • Very "expensively" and expressively all black designs with gold crowns look. Such nails will definitely not disregard the owner. Most often such crown settles down on one finger, others can be decorated with a scattering of gold gloss or an easy portrayal of gold lace.
  • Brightly also the coal-black crown on a crimson varnish will stylishly look. And it is possible to represent it on a ring finger, and average is decorated often with black lace. Very attractive design will turn out.
  • Small gold crowns can be made by means of a stemping - or to draw them manually, but not on all nails.

Crowns will successfully "sit" both on continuous color, and on a service jacket therefore the choice remains for you. Besides, you can represent the most different variations of crowns on any flowers. For example, on the noble blue or indigo the silver crown in a frame of pearls and the shining crystals will look very advantageously. And here magnificent Marsala color on nails without effort will be diluted by a gold crown with stones under small rubies.

Be not afraid of experiments, the crown is an embodiment something refined, noble and beautiful therefore surely add the manicure with beautiful rings and bracelets with stones.


The manicure will look equally well both on short, and on long nails. Besides, it will look very advantageously on a shape of nails "ballerina".

If you carry out manicure in house conditions, be accurate with primary colors on which you will draw or spread crowns. If you use a white or cream varnish as the basic, take care of that the nail plate was equal. Either the cut, or hardware manicure has to be made. Besides, it is better to use gel varnishes and to draw on them special paints. Such design "will live" more long and it will be simpler to execute it. If you work with usual varnishes, you remember - very difficult to correct them therefore it is necessary to draw from the first and very quickly.

The crown on nails has to be not necessarily executed in "precious" flowers at all. Bright shades will be quite good option. Let it will be a crown of the fairy from the magic fairy tale.

The quite good decision will be to add design with various insects (for example, butterflies or bees). They can also be decorated with small pastes.

The most different designs much - don't hide your imagination and the imagination (thus doesn't matter at all, whether you do manicure or you explain wishes to the master).

How to execute simple manicure with a crown you look in the following video.