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Milling cutter for manicure: features of a choice, nozzle 

The milling cutter for manicure needs to be chosen intelligently. All machines differ not only appearance. They are developed depending on to what them it is planned to apply. There is a milling cutter for manicure and a pedicure which can carry out removal gel varnish. As one of the main indicators the speed, and also power level of a milling cutter for nails acts. Depending on your purposes, also the power of the device has to get out.

Right choice – reliable result

If for you the milling cutter for the manikyurnykh of works is means for cleaning of a nail and manicure in general, capacities in 15 W will be enough at turns in 20 thousand. If you practice nail extension or their correction, the device with higher rates will be required. It also use gel varnish for removal.

Milling cutter for manicure: features of a choice, nozzle The combined and hardware pedicure will require the most powerful device which speed of rotation exceeds 25 thousand revolutions per minute. Except this important characteristic, the device has also others. It conditions in which it is planned to operate frezer. If you work as the exit expert of hardware manicure, it is necessary to understand that the solid set will have considerable weight.

On condition of traveling, especially in the absence of the privately owned vehicle, such moment can be decisive. However if work is supposed in salon permanently, it is possible to choose the fullest set. All the same you shouldn't carry frezer around the city, dragging all weight of the device on a shoulder.

In addition you need to understand, how many money you are ready to lay out for frezer. Don't forget that the whole set which special nozzles for a milling cutter enter often is required. Depending on them, cost can also vary. Don't forget and about the country the producer. Check, whether delivery by the producer of original spare parts is carried out to your country in case of need to carry out repair.

At a choice surely look, what handle at the device. The it is easier, the it is possible to count on the smaller power and durability. Long loading can break or overheat the device. In addition It should be noted, what not all nozzles have a balance, respectively during the work vibrations can be felt. The easy handle will transfer them to the master's hand in full.

One more important criterion is a real guarantee. Upon purchase it is best of all to choose frezer which has possibility of service in your or next settlement.

Work about gel varnish

Milling cutter for manicure: features of a choice, nozzle  All know that for removal gel varnish it is quite often necessary to make additional efforts. Some of them leave rather hard therefore a number of masters for removal gel varnish use frezer. It allows to skim for simpler soaking directly of a covering.

However from in such a way removal gel varnish it is necessary to be careful. Quite often at misuse, frezer can damage the top layers of plates, and also create a large amount of dust.

You shouldn't refuse preprocessing too. It is rather simple to carry out it reasonably. To use for removal gel varnish only liquid, increasing time of its influence, too it is incorrect. It can damage and overdry a plate and surrounding skin.

The existing nozzles

The set to a milling cutter can consist of different nozzles. By means of some it is possible to carry out removal gel varnish or simply processing of a nail plate. They vary on a covering on some types. There is a nozzle:

  • the ceramic;
  • made of diamonds;
  • with a metal basis;
  • the silicone;
  • fisurny;
  • the natural.

Milling cutter for manicure: features of a choice, nozzle 

The ceramic nozzle among professionals deserved a rank of pumice of an artificial origin. Seldom what set does without it.

The ceramic crumb which mixes up with material for fixing is applied to production. This mix is used for filling of a form which is baked then in the furnace. The ceramic preparation which took place roasting process connects to the handle by means of which and its use in Fraser is possible.

Depending on what size had the ceramic crumb, nozzles will have various abrasive indicator. The ceramic crumb happens small, average and large. Most often such nozzle copes with pedicure works with a bang. This excellent means for removal of callosities, polishing of skin on the stupnyakh which excessively coarsened. In addition ceramic nozzle helps to form a valikovy form round a plate.

The nozzles, the second for prevalence entering a set for devices it is diamond. Them it is possible to process free nail edge, and also skin with damages. If diamond nozzles have the small diameter or an acerate form, it is convenient to use them when processing a cuticle. With larger samples it is possible to eliminate small callosities or rough skin.

Diamond nozzles as well as the first option are made. For work the crumb from diamonds mixes up with binding material which is located on the handle and is baked in the furnace. So, the baked nozzles are carried out. Them it is ideal to process acrylic nails, but they won't be suitable for removal gel varnish.

Milling cutter for manicure: features of a choice, nozzle  There are also nozzles from diamond of the besieged type. Fixing of a crumb on a surface is made in the electrolysis way. These nozzles will be suitable for removal gel varnish. Also them it is possible to process natural nails. The crumb can also be various: natural and artificial origin. The artificial option is less preferable because of its smaller wear resistance. It quickly enough starts crumbling and losing working abilities.

Quite often the nozzle made of metal materials enters a set for a milling cutter. They are made of solid metal. Share on one - and bidirectional. A difference that work can be conducted in one or two directions. The second option is more convenient if it is about nail processing. Their main difference from some other, that parts of a nail from under them are removed in the form of shaving, but don't raise dust. It is quite good option for the first rough processing. For example, it is about dry callosities.

Such nozzles are able to cope with nails of an artificial origin when it is required them washed down. Nozzles with a rough notch can be used for cutting natoptyshy and callosities. If you plan to work with them on gel-material, the option of average abrasivity will be required, differently it will get stuck between cloves.

Depending on a form of notches, nozzles happen direct, slanting and crosswise. The direct notch allows to carry out more rigid work in comparison with a braid. During the work with the second more than an accuracy will be required. Crosswise are the most durable.

Fisurny metal nozzles are understood as tools with small crevices. Them it is convenient to smooth out cracks on a surface of heels, and also to carry out opening and removal of rod callosities and natoptyshy. Of course, cracks on heels from them won't pass, but efficiency of the cosmetics helping to heal them will be increased.

If for a milling cutter the nozzle from silicone is offered, most often over it the crumb of small dispersion is located. Depending on abrasivity level, they make polishing and polishing of nails, will eat the top nail layer before executing building.

By means of the most rough nozzles from silicone it is finishno possible to process a foot. During the work with such nozzles it is necessary to follow a number of rules. In particular, not to stop on one place as they quickly enough heat a nail.

The least injury-causing nozzles for a milling cutter are natural. For them felt, suede or cotton is used. They are ideal for polishing of nails of a natural origin, and also for processing in the last turn. It is possible to eliminate with them small scratches or to polish nails before obtaining gloss. However they have the same shortcoming, as at the silicone – fast heating of a nail.