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Manicure with points

Manicure with points

One of invariable color trends – an ornament in peas. For long years this pattern changed various images. The tendency didn't avoid also nail service. The dot manicure even more often can be met in various types of nail design and it is a juicy highlight in onions of any lady.


Creation of dot manicure can happen both in beauty shop, and in house conditions. This equipment isn't difficult. The special device for creation of points is delicious is called dots, it is widely used by masters. The budgetary alternative – a toothpick or a needle.

It is possible to look for replacement to a dots in a box with hairpins. The rounded-off end of a hairpin or the invisible being, cloves from a hairbrush will approach. Quite good option is the safety pin with a ball on the end or even a head of an ordinary match. To draw points, big on diameter, the Q-tip will approach.

It is important to remember that dots provides you more options of a choice of design. If you use toothpicks, it is desirable to stock up with the whole packing. Becoming impregnated with a varnish, the toothpick is quickly deformed. As soon as it occurs, change it on new, differently drawing on nails will be indistinct.

What is dots?

Creation of manicure with points by means of a dots – the most convenient way, especially for those who looks after nails independently. Dots represents the wooden device with the metal tips having a ball form. Tips can be various diameter therefore, as a rule, in sets 4-5 pieces are on sale.

To use dotsy it is quite easy. The chosen nozzle needs to be dipped into a varnish, contrast to primary color and to put to a nail plate. With dotsy it is easy to transfer a pattern to a nail surface several times. Using this device you remember that the varnish can dry up. Periodically clear a nozzle by means of liquid for removal of a varnish, wipe dry and, in case of need, apply repeatedly.

How to make in house conditions?

To make ultrafashionable manicure with points independently, it is necessary to have near at hand the following components:

  • Nail varnish – 2 or more contrast colors;
  • Dots or its analog for drawing points;
  • Liquid for removal of a varnish;
  • Fixer for a top layer.

There is a huge variety of schemes on creation of a bitmap on nails. Simple options, when there is no need to fill with points all nail plate will be suitable for beginners. For the first time it is possible to cover chaotically a nail with a circular print, in drawing symmetry is optional. So you perfect technology of work with dotsy and you will be trained to combine colors of a varnish.

At first it is possible to be limited to drawing a small number of points on a nail, and then to fulfill smaller equipment. One more option – to cover with a pattern part of a nail, for example, the grown site, as in the French manicure. Subsequently you pass to more difficult versions of schemes.

Step-by-step process of creation of manicure looks as follows:

  • Beforehand modify length and a shape of a nail, get rid of a cuticle.
  • Apply a basic covering on a nail plate, wait for drying.
  • Accurately varnish a nail of primary color.
  • Wait for full drying of a varnish and, in case of need, put a layer repeatedly.
  • Pour out a little varnish of a contrast color on paper or a napkin.
  • Dip dots or other adaptation chosen by you into the poured-out varnish.
  • Accurately transfer drawing to a nail without pressing a plate. Otherwise the round form of drawing is deformed.
  • Repeat the necessary number of times given action depending on the chosen design.
  • After drying of drawing put a top layer of a fixer.

Examples of patterns on nails

Modern technicians of creation of color patterns on mnogovariantna nails. There are main types of a list of a nail among which each girl can find the most suitable for herself. Each of these options assumes use of equipment with use of a dots:

  • Monophonic varnish with ordinary circles – the simplest classical option. Circles settle down chaotically.
  • Linear arrangement of circles – one or more lines across or verticals of a nail plate.
  • Helicoid arrangement of points – a pattern in the form of a spiral. The spiral is usually drawn by a varnish of other color, and a point, without touching line border, create optical feeling of a helicoid pattern.
  • The divergence of points from the center assumes existence in the center of composition of a point of the bigger size, and around from it – several rows of the points decreasing to an outer edge.
  • The zigzag executed by points.
  • Beautiful options are the droplets, hearts, leaves created from circles.
  • The geometrical list of a nail plate forms triangular, rhombic or square figures on nails.
  • The cucumber print popular on fabrics, is applied and to registration of nails. Are used not only relatives each other of tone, but also the saturated shades contrasting among themselves.
  • Not the most simple, but original pattern – figured transition on limit of two colors of a varnish.

Skilled ladies in manicure combine at registration of nails at the same time some types of patterns. Bitmaps can be combined with other technicians of manicure as they don't overload a nail, and only add juicy accent.

Ideas of design

There is a boundless number of options of design of nails with use of above-mentioned types of patterns. By means of a tool kit of various diameter it is possible not to limit the imagination to creation only of a dot pattern. Different technicians of transformation of points to other figures create a set of ideas of registration of nails.

As well as at the beginning of the XX century, in the modern world pin up style – set of feminity and impudence – doesn't get out of fashion. The manicure for a similar image can't do without pattern in peas. Each nail is executed in different style, but on several the dot manicure, as a rule, of large diameter is surely made. Bright and bright colors of a varnish get out, various combinations of red, white and black shades prevail.

In the variety the dot service jacket can combine more than two flowers, but parameters of points, generally the small. They are applied on the grown part of a nail. Sometimes it is allocated with a contrast varnish and only then do a pattern. The dark service jacket is a separate trend and includes such interesting options which don't consist of only one circles. Special charm the service jacket decorated with points on border of the grown part of a nail possesses – the pattern is similar to pearl impregnations.

Using at the same time big and small nozzles of a dots, it is possible to create such design as a point in a point. By means of a nozzle of bigger diameter apply a large point on the chosen nail site, after drying of a varnish put with a contrast color a small point directly in perimeter of a big point. It is possible to create amusing drawings with points at the nail basis.

Points can be transformed to interesting figures. Having put dotsy a pattern, slightly pull it aside - receive a comma figure. Thus points will be transformed to other forms, creating on nails amusing patterns. If to extend a round figure in a form of a droplet or the line, it is possible to make the whole ornament is delicious.

Universal summer trend are figures of flowers. A secret of their execution – drawing points nearby from each other so that to connect them in a flower form. Then the "point in a point" technology is applied. With such design your nails will look rather originally.

It is slightly more difficult to embody idea of drawing with a butterfly. To draw a butterfly, use a nozzle of a dots of the big or average size. Having left 4 circles as a basis for wings, a needle extend edges of a form, having made it similar to raskinuty wings of a butterfly. At desire when the varnish dries up, by means of small nozzles decorate wings with an ornament from points and other figures. Will embody this equipment better over time to turn out.

As an alternative it is possible to interpret a form of a dragonfly or ladybug. They too don't get out of fashion during a summer season.

The sea palette is very actual for holiday. Embodied in a pea print, it will advantageously look both on long, and on short nails. Feature of such manicure – a different pattern on each nail, but to obligatory components is dot design.

One more popular coloring – water-melon. The French manicure on the basis of green and scarlet flowers will be perfectly added by the dot equipment executed by a black varnish. By the same principle the strawberry design is created, only the black varnish is replaced with the white. The apple design becomes by means of big nozzles of a dots and a needle, it can be executed in a big variety of shades. And those who want to embody all juiciness of summer in the manicure, can create fruit allsorts on nails.

The fashion on a gradient didn't avoid manicure with a round print. Some shades of one color of a varnish, contrast a basis will be necessary for you. You can choose the direction of a gradient, there are no strict rules. In such option of manicure of a point have to be located in the line strictly one after another. It is important to observe accuracy and in color transition therefore try to write down, for a start, on paper the scheme of manicure.

The most saturated gradient – iridescent. By means of a dots the standard bright manicure takes the updated form playing all paints. Multi-colored points will be poured in a special way on a light basis.

It is possible to draw points of one color on a gradient basis or to create a single strip from points.

For coquettes to decorate dot manicure with a bow – one of the most suitable options. It is easy to draw a bow with a needle. Having created a circle on a desirable site, extend from it a needle of 4 strips of a varnish in a bow form, paint over internal area. Patterns on a bow can also be created the third contrast varnish. Some ladies fix on a bow pastes for nails, perfectly suitable for festive manicure.

Beginners can create a small bow, using exclusively dot technology.

With arrival of holidays of the woman of fashion look for thematic options of registration of nails, often resorting to the help of a pea print. For new year it is possible to apply with dot technology on nails tremendous patterns of snowflakes. White and blue varnishes are favourites of a Christmas season. Spangles and sparks decorate festive design, it is quite often possible to meet drawing of an elegant fir-tree or a snowman.

The American holiday the Halloween pushes on realization of new ideas of dot design. It is quite simple to embody symbols of this holiday on nails because many of them have a round form and are easily created the dotsy. The most popular colors in such manicure – orange, black and red.

The black dot manicure is very laconic option. On the basis of this color it is possible to draw a pattern practically with any shade of a varnish, contrast will be always present. Similar universal option – to apply a pattern in the black color on a varnish of any tone. Classical and strict option is the manicure with a combination of black and white flowers which too offers a set of ways of drawing points.

Some ladies are fans of a leopard print. It too can be recreated on nails by means of a round pattern. For this purpose it is necessary to extend a circle form in a rough speck and smaller nozzle, in process of drying, to apply on it a varnish on some tones more darkly. The dark varnish is put for a reconstruction of characteristic leopard ensemble on each side.

Color scales of execution can be various.

Wedding dot registration of nails – a separate art form. The manicure quite reserved, preference is given to drawings, but circles too are present. Often nails are supplied with graceful pastes on the basis of classical French manicure. The patterns in the form of butterflies and flowers giving to an image of the bride tenderness and romanticism are very suitable.

Pink color is loved by many girls, and thanks to that it includes a set of shades - from gentle and yogurt to a fuchsia, there was an opportunity to play on contrast of these flowers at creation of dot design of nails. The pink varnish is perfectly combined both with black, and with white tones.

By means of dot equipment it is possible to create imitation of lace on nails, this option doesn't get out of fashion. It is also possible to decorate with a pattern in peas already ready lacy manicure. Both combinations look especially beautifully if lace is executed dark against pastel tones. White lace successfully looks against a cold color of a varnish. Twice advantageously lacy design looks on long nails which size won't be reduced visually by both vertical, and horizontal lines.

Ultrafashionable tendency is use of opaque nail varnish, such basis perfectly is suitable for manicure with circles. Singularity is here that monotone of a glossy and opaque varnish is admissible. The key effect is gained at the expense of a difference of textures. Circles are drawn by a glossy varnish on an opaque surface, creating effect of volume design.

The combination of close shades too will introduce the share of magnificence at image.


The biggest plus in dot manicure for girls – opportunity to execute it it is independent. Most of ladies start experimenting use of improvised materials – hairpins, toothpicks, needles. Then many buy dots and improve skill of creation of a pattern. Thanks to this device the dot manicure went beyond beauty shops.

Preferences in design vary depending on a season. Are popular cold tone of a varnish in the winter, it is frequent in a combination to light patterns. In summertime of year of the girl prefer more courageous, bright design. The favourite of the last season – sea manicure.

The dot equipment very much is suitable for creation of thematic manicure by a holiday or a solemn occasion. Spangles, pastes, golden or silver colors of a varnish are actively used. In the period of final it is possible hundreds of girls choose this style for nails in various interpretations.

Those who for the first time tried to use dark colors for dot manicure, remained are happy with this scale. According to girls, in such embodiment the black varnish doesn't create on hands of gloomy accent, and even on the contrary – gives a note of originality and grace.

For a daily image of the girl choose reserved pastel options of manicure with a pea print. But every time they have an opportunity to diversify it by means of experiments with a combination of flowers. Opportunity to try something new in registration of nails turns process of manicure into full creativity and brings to ladies continuous pleasure.

Dot manicure – means of addition of an image isn't simple. It is possible to call it the unique lever for realization of creative potential of each girl. This huge sea of variations and possibility of times from time to create something unique. Each beauty is recommended to try at least once on the nails this equipment. A basis of success in its application – accuracy, slowness and sincere aspiration to improve the skills, changing thus most!

How to execute dot manicure you look in the following video.