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Manicure with a dragonfly of 2018 photos new options of 115 ideas

Manicure with a dragonfly of 2018 photos new options of 115 ideas Today became very popular to do unusual manicure. Beautiful nails always draw to themselves the mass of attention, and also a lot of things tell about their owner. Further we will tell about manicure with a dragonfly, about various technicians of performance in more detail, we will share interesting ideas and councils from experts of the nail-industry.

Manicure with a dragonfly of 2018 photos new options of 115 ideas The design of nails with a dragonfly will never look is boring or banal, she be simply drawn or laid out with the help a paste and stones. It is unambiguously possible to call such manicure universal, it will be excellent addition and to daily onions, and to evening dresses.

Manicure with a dragonfly of 2018 photos new options of 115 ideas For daily options it is best of all to make a choice for gentle color scale and not really contrast insects, and here for the evening it is possible to choose safely design brighter. Dragonflies equally well look both on short, and on long nails of the most different forms. By means of these beautiful insects it is possible to supplement the most different designs of nails. Dragonflies very elegantly look on increased and on natural nails.

Manicure with a dragonfly and pastes of 2018 photos stylish ideas

But it isn't necessary to consider that pastes on nails are pertinent only at a party or on a noisy holiday – the manicure with pastes is surprisingly universal, everything depends only on quantity and the sizes of flickering jewelry.

Manicure with a dragonfly of 2018 photos new options of 115 ideas Couple of small strazik will make rather strict service jacket more refined and captivating, and a scattering of artificial crystals on nails in combination with interesting shades of a varnish and bright design will help you to become the queen of evening in club. Everything depends only on your approach to decoration of own nails.

The manicure with pastes assumes the most various designs and ideas – it can be both deliberately magnificent, and distinguished and elegant. The greatest advantage of a decor the shining stones is an absolute universality. It will approach any kind of manicure, will give a little playfulness and the shining magic. Nails with pastes look not only beautifully, but also is rather fresh and festively.

Manicure with a dragonfly on a ring finger of a photo of 2018 novelties

For certain, you were more than once convinced that the world of a neyl-art is really boundless. Today already to surprise nobody with drawings of butterflies, dragonflies or ladybugs on nails. And it is excellent because girls have a magnificent opportunity to express itself and the mood.

Manicure with a dragonfly of 2018 photos new options of 115 ideas In what a manicure charm with a dragonfly? It can be very different. It isn't obligatory to do bright multi-colored design at all. You can give preference to a neyl-art with a dragonfly in classical black-and-white tones – and it will look too very beautifully and stylishly.

We already noted that the neyl-art with a dragonfly isn't limited by any framework. You can not only use different tools for manicure (on what, for example, depends, whether there will be your drawing dot or not), but also to choose any color palette. If you don't want to do bright design, you can give preference to more reserved and quiet tones which will also be perfectly in harmony with the image of a dragonfly. Our collection of a photo will help to choose a neyl-art which will please you.

Beautiful dragonfly gel varnish of a photo of idea of 2018 novelties

One of the easiest and original ways to decorate daily manicure, to represent an ordinary dragonfly on a surface. Also you shouldn't think that this drawing can decorate only summer design.

In the rainy fall or in the cold winter, gentle and easy drawing of a dragonfly will remind of roast and solar summer, will present a set of pleasant memories and will bring to the owner good mood.

Manicure with a dragonfly of 2018 photos new options of 115 ideas Besides the dragonfly, doesn't encumber manicure with details, and on the contrary does design air and gentle. Concerning a practicality, it is rather easy to represent this drawing on a marigold and it ideally looks on the basic a covering, any color. Beginning from a bright and saturated palette and finishing with quiet yogurt shades and classical tones.

Manicure with a dragonfly of 2018 photos new options of 115 ideas That the design of nails looked ideally and pleased with the faultless look, it is necessary to put nails in order. First of all it is worth deciding on length of nails which depends on personal preferences and on type of fingers. The form of a nail plate special doesn't play value in performance of design with a dragonfly. Oval, square and pointed, will look anyway beautifully and elegantly.

Service jacket with a dragonfly of 2018 photos of beautiful manicure

Using classical French manicure, it is possible to achieve lightness of design of a dragonfly. Girls who aren't afraid to experiment, will only emphasize with the choice good taste and creativity. Such materials will be necessary for an embodiment of idea:

Manicure with a dragonfly of 2018 photos new options of 115 ideas

  1. Colourless varnish;
  2. Paint of a white shade;
  3. Thin brush;
  4. Dots;
  5. Acrylic paint (black color and shade of gold);
  6. Special stickers.

Technology of performance:
For a start it is necessary to make the French design of nails. It is good to dry everything.
Further process of dressing of nails follows. Experts recommend to put drawing near the service jacket, without taking up for edges of white color. It is necessary to put points by means of a brush. Then it is necessary to finish wings. By means of gold paint sketch internal part of wings. For full completion, as well as any manicure, nails need to be covered with a top or a varnish of a colourless shade.

In situations, when there is no special skills or on manicure there isn't enough time, professionals recommend to use special stickers or cliches (they can be bought in specialized shop). Use of these materials much more simplify process of registration of drawing of a dragonfly on nails.

Accurate and beautiful nails are a natural addition for each woman. To achieve the necessary effect and beauty, it is possible to learn to create extraordinary manicure, even in house conditions. So, as original and unusual design of nails it is possible to consider manicure of a dragonfly. If it is correct to pick up the image, a color palette, it is possible to receive as a result the real masterpiece unlike on anything another. For beginners recommend to apply such type of the image only on one finger so far (on a choice), it will give to refinement. On a photo of manicure of a dragonfly on nails it is possible to study in detail each stroke and all additions.

Stylish pedicure with a dragonfly of 2018 photos new ideas

The stylish pedicure of 2018 is a violence of bright shades and neon nail varnishes. This year it is possible to do safely a classical pedicure, but it is desirable with interesting drawing on a thumb. As well as in trends of manicure of 2018, in the field of care of a marigold standing tendencies to unusual drawings and abundance of the sparkling elements are also looked through. Obligatory this year to make a pedicure with a shimmer or a covering with the shining particles.

Fashionable must have of this year – the nails decorated with patterns from pastes. Whenever possible, do a pedicure and manicure in one style, or in close color scale. Then your appearance will be harmoniously perceived. Drawing on a pedicure can be the most various, interesting and bright. In 2018 it is worth paying special attention to design with dragonflies, they are the most fashionable and actual this summer.

Dragonfly on nails of a photo of 2018 pictures new options

Dragonflies is an idle time, but thus an original way of decoration of nails. Such design will boringly not look and will draw to itself the mass of attention.

Manicure with a dragonfly of 2018 photos new options of 115 ideas

If it is executed in bright and juicy shades, will present the mass of a positive to the owner. The most different dragonflies are perfectly combined with all color scales and the combined options therefore be not afraid to experiment and give vent to imagination.

Manicure with a dragonfly of 2018 photos new options of 115 ideas