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Manicure with a dragonfly

Manicure with a dragonfly

Today became very popular to do unusual manicure. Beautiful nails always draw to themselves the mass of attention, and also a lot of things tell about their owner. Further we will tell about manicure with a dragonfly, about various technicians of performance in more detail, we will share interesting ideas and councils from experts of the nail-industry.


The design of nails with a dragonfly will never look is boring or banal, she be simply drawn or laid out with the help a paste and stones. It is unambiguously possible to call such manicure universal, it will be excellent addition and to daily onions, and to evening dresses. For daily options it is best of all to make a choice for gentle color scale and not really contrast insects, and here for the evening it is possible to choose safely design brighter.

Dragonflies equally well look both on short, and on long nails of the most different forms. By means of these beautiful insects it is possible to supplement the most different designs of nails. Dragonflies very elegantly look on increased and on natural nails.

If you decided to choose this design, it is best of all to entrust it to the master in beauty shop but if the soul demands experiments and time allows why and not to be trained at home. Such occupation can be very fascinating.

It is best of all to represent dragonflies on gel varnishes, to draw them or acrylic paints. Such manicure will be steadier and saturated and besides, on gel any decorative jewelry perfectly keeps.

Technology of performance

Manicure with dragonflies very variable, here insects it is possible to represent on all nails or only on several, to do them modest and tiny or shining and magnificent.

  • Perhaps, the most demanded and widespread and never getting out of fashion the manual list by means of brushes is considered. In such a way it is possible to draw the most unusual dragonfly. It can be traced so in details that it will be simple be not to distinguished from the real and live dragonfly. Draw insects on nails as it was already told above, special paints. Generally, everything depends on complexity of drawing, very often it is possible to execute it and at home;
  • Unusual and lovely dragonflies it is possible to execute a stemping in equipment, but the special set which can be got without effort is for this purpose necessary. The main thing that you had corresponding cliches and then everything will turn out without problems;
  • The simplest and harmless equipment is considered use of sliders and stickers, it is very easy to use them in house conditions, and qualitative options look at all not worse than a manual list;
  • Very many experts don't use this or that equipment in pure form. Often the small portrayal paints of future dragonfly becomes, and the main part gives all the best stones;
  • On the increased nails of insects very often carry out in aquarian design and supplement them with various patterns and florets.

Dragonflies is an idle time, but thus an original way of decoration of nails. Such design will boringly not look and will draw to itself the mass of attention. If it is executed in bright and juicy shades, will present the mass of a positive to the owner. The most different dragonflies are perfectly combined with all color scales and the combined options therefore be not afraid to experiment and give vent to imagination.

Interesting ideas

Recently women have no deficiency of ideas in registration of nails, in salon can offer one million options. Further we will consider the most interesting and demanded ideas of nail-design with dragonflies:

  • Simple, but thus not dull idea - to make up all nails in one color, and on anonymous fingers to lay out dragonflies pastes and to make a small portrayal. Such option perfectly will be suitable and for short nails;
  • Perfectly such insects will look and on a gradient in the most different shades. The main thing that the design was skillfully combined and the dragonfly wasn't in tone to a varnish, differently she can simply merge with it;
  • Many girls supplement not only a classical, but also color service jacket by means of plain dragonflies. Such design looks simply, but with taste;
  • Very contrastly dragonflies on laconic white color look. But here the main thing - to take care of that drawing was executed ideally, differently all errors will be noticeable;
  • Extraordinary the option when on an anonymous finger the dragonfly with a flower is located, and others looks, are executed in sand equipment or covered with a velvet or small spangles;
  • Complex composition with a dragonfly it is best of all to have only on one finger, differently you risk to make manicure too heavy. And as these insects in itself "easy and air", the nail-design with them has to be distinguished.

If your dragonfly is laid out from stones and a paste, add fingers with several rings, but not with huge and elaborate stones. Will look also perfectly and thin gold options.

What will be required?

To execute beautiful manicure on nails with dragonflies, you will need the following materials:

  • Nail varnishes. It can be both usual options and resistant gel varnishes. For the last the base, a top and the UF-lamp are required;
  • Liquid for removal of a varnish;
  • Brushes for drawing of fine details. Surely thin and dots;
  • If necessary acrylic paints;
  • Details for dressing: large and small pastes, bulyonka, crystals, brilliant and velvet powders, vtirka, foil;
  • To decorate cliches if you decided with a dragonfly a service jacket or lunar manicure.

Also for manicure it is necessary to have a nail file of average rigidity for natural nails and more rigid for the artificial.

We prepare nails

The manicure with a dragonfly will look anyway elegantly therefore also nails have to be in the best possible way. Before drawing a varnish and drawing take care of their ideal form, file them or cut to the necessary length. To clean a cuticle least safely, make a tray for nails with oil or sea salt. Such therapy in house conditions in many respects promotes improvement of a condition of nails and their strengthening.

On the steamed-out nails it is simplest to move a cuticle by means of a special rake and to do cleaning, also don't forget to clean all agnails. In salon to you can suggest to make hardware cleaning which is considered safer and modern.

Also don't forget about personal hygiene, carefully wash hands before cleaning of nails, process nail files and tools by means of anti-septic tanks. Even houses on such things can accumulate unnecessary bacteria therefore you shouldn't neglect the health.

We carry out in house conditions

If you not really well draw and you have no free time, it is best of all to choose ready stickers with dragonflies with whom it is very easy to do beautiful designs of nails only a few minutes.

Further we will tell about several master classes which, perhaps, will help you with creation of dragonflies on nails.

1 option

This scheme will be quite difficult for beginners as assumes already available skills of drawing. It is best of all to represent a dragonfly with the help gel varnishes. We will tell about drawing on one nail:

  • We cover a nail with pink or any nyudovy gel varnish. We dry in a lamp;
  • Having chosen position of future insect, we start drawing to it a trunk and eyes by means of a thin brush. We draw wings. Colors you can choose any. It will be an initial sketch which should be dried also in a lamp;
  • Further we pass to a detailed portrayal of a trunk, eyes and pads, and also wings. It is best of all to use for this purpose black or dark brown color;
  • On yet not dried up gel we glue a decor: pastes, bulyonka and a big stone in the middle of a trunk of a dragonfly. You can also have these elements proceeding from the imagination;
  • We dry a dragonfly in a lamp. We cover it with the glossy finish;
  • Again we dry.

That drawing turned out the most live, you can be trained on paper in advance.

2 option

Also we recommend to pay attention to the simplest manicure with use of usual varnishes with which the schoolgirl will cope even:

  • Cover nails with the chosen color of a varnish;
  • Paste the stickers chosen in advance with insects on nails. Let's them dry up slightly;
  • Cover with a colourless varnish for fixing.

Be not afraid to combine the most different technicians for creation of design in house conditions, to use gloss and pastes. The imagination always plays an important role in creation of attractive nail-design.

How to make manicure with a dragonfly you look in the following video.