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Manicure on the hair dryer-shuy

Manicure on the hair dryer-shuy

The Buddhist doctrine the hair dryer-shuy part of pop culture, esoterics and design became more ancient long ago. And now "the science of water and a wind" is applied not only in the countries of Asia where it arose, but also worldwide.

Some time ago orientation on the hair dryer-shuy was used at arrangement of the house for attraction of good luck and luck, in behavior psychology for creation of the strong relations. Now the doctrine about harmony got even into the sphere of beauty. For quite some time now bases the hair dryer-shuy enjoy popularity in nail service.

What fingers to make up?

The basis for creation of manicure on feng shui remains classical is a hygienic manicure on your discretion. As a key element various colors serve here. There are some factors defining an arrangement of shades on nails. First of all, it is belonging to certain elements. Secondly, everything depends on preferences of the client – what aspect of life you would like to affect positively. And, at last, the third factor is fingers of hands. The value is appropriated to each finger of a hand. And that the most interesting, is essential distinctions between fingers of the right and left hand.

For each elements

Five elements are traditionally allocated: earth, water, fire, metal and tree. It is quintessence on which masters at creation of manicure on feng shui rely. The main thing – to define your elements, after all to everyone there corresponds the set of certain properties. Also each elements have the "spontaneous color" to which the master allocates one or two fingers, besides the main shades.

To calculate figure very simply. The special formula was for this purpose thought up. It is necessary to take year of your birth, to subtract from two last figures 4. The result of calculations needs to be shared on 9. The remainder of division will become number of your elements. In case the rest is equal to zero, spontaneous number will become 9.

For example, we will take for year of birth 1987. From 87 it is deductible 4, we receive 83 and we divide on 9. As a result we have 9 from the rest 2. So, 2 – also there is number of your elements. It was necessary only to look in the list and it is possible to start manicure!

  • 1 – The elements of Water symbolize the new beginning, wealth and an emotional maturity. Respectively, at a choice of flowers it is better to give preference to "water" shades: the blue and blue is characterized by tranquillity, white color – purity and simplicity, black – a practicality. It is also possible to use the drawings and patterns connected with water: waves, sea inhabitants, snowflakes and drops.
  • 2, 5, 8 – the Elements of Earth mean comfort and stability in all spheres of life. The most preferable flowers are brown and yellow that characterizes reliability and tranquillity, beige and brown shades – harmony and good mood. Patterns can be round or square that characterizes stones, and also it is possible to use various technicians of manicure for a sand embodiment.
  • 3, 4 – Elements of the Tree. In the Asian countries the main tree is the bamboo – it symbolizes flexibility and creativity. Various shades green and brown, and also are black color paramount. They attract composure, stimulate creative development and harmony. The floristic print with various insects and plants is welcomed.
  • 6, 7 – the Elements of Metal are inherent in people with strong character. If you want to attract wealth and determination, use all colors of silvery and golden shades, and also gray and gold, a metallic and black which besides guarantee harmony with themselves and people around, success in affairs. Decor elements from a foil, beads, pastes and kamifubik will become ideal addition to such manicure.
  • 9 – The elements of Fire are peculiar to girls with "explosive" character. Such persons attract active energy, passion and the power in the life. And for this purpose it is necessary to paint nails in all shades red, wine and orange. In addition use patterns with the image of a flame and the sun, and also pastes and other brilliant elements.

What fingers to allocate?

Under laws the right hand is considered the hair dryer-shuy the "giving" hand. That is through it your positive energy follows and comes back to the left hand with the doubled force. Therefore, the left hand – "accepting". Experts on the doctrine believe that the right hand is dominating and value of fingers on it is much more important, and the left hand only serves as reflection right.

Besides, each finger bears a certain message:

  • The thumb is responsible for intelligence, any cerebration, promotes attraction of success in the commercial sphere. Having allocated this nail you will notice, how are you went uphill, good luck will accompany you in all undertakings.
  • The forefinger – a symbol of your alter ego, the second nature with difficult character, characterizes arrogance and a sneering attitude to people around. But, having made up this nail, you strengthen determination, you will become more masterful and stress-resistant man.
  • The middle finger characterizes irascibility, tendency to the conflicts. The emphasis on this finger will involve growth in business, considerable inflow of money.
  • The ring finger gives active energy, physical force and good mood. Symbolizes the stable relations, including romantic with an opposite sex.
  • Little finger – a symbol of balance both sincere, and physical, it also characterizes a family and conjugal ties. Having painted this nail, you will find tendency to compromises and smoothing of the conflicts.

For attraction of money

To attract financial abundance to your house it is necessary to paint first of all nails according to zoning in that part of the house where you store money. It can be a study where there is your safe, or the hall where all expensive property is stored. Are considered the most suitable for attraction of commercial success a big and middle finger of the right hand. And the most correct shades for this procedure – metal: gold and silvery, yellow and gray, besides on traditional representations the hair dryer-shuy, the brightest and juicy shades of the red attract money.

For attraction of love

If your main objective is establishment of the romantic relations, attraction of love in your life, it is best of all to paint nails in a bedroom, in so-called to "a love zone" according to zoning "oh-gua". The main thing not to do manicure in a bathroom or in kitchen. Because of a close arrangement of water the love from your life will "flow away". At a choice of flowers it is best of all to rely on all shades of the red – beginning from coral and finishing Marsala is a symbol of sensuality and passion. It is best of all to accent a ring finger, after all not for nothing it is intended for a wedding ring. The little finger also plays the role in attraction of romanticism – it is responsible for establishment of the frictionless relations and origin of feelings.

Many manicurists intuitively allocate average and anonymous fingers in separate colors. As it appeared, it isn't groundless!

Combination of flowers

In manicure on the hair dryer-shuy there are main shades and colors of elements. Their correct combination guarantees success in attraction wished in your life. We considered colors of elements above, and now let's sort basic shades:

  • The beige – stability and tranquillity.
  • The white – a symbol of purity and serenity.
  • The blue – promotes strengthening of spirit and development of an internal core.
  • The blue – renders a positive effect on psychological aspect of life.
  • The green – color of vital energy and internal harmony.
  • Yellow and gold – the guarantor of physical forces and composure.
  • The red – represents passion and optimism.
  • The orange – a cheerfulness symbol.
  • The brown – warmth and friendliness.
  • The violet – a shade of the power and composure.
  • The pink – characterizes tenderness and softness of character.

Examples and master classes

Organic tools will be necessary for us for creation of manicure on feng shui. The product is more eco-friendly and natural, the effect will be vyrazhenny. For a start it is necessary to carry out usual preparatory manicure. For this purpose use a tray for hands with addition of various essential oils. For example, oil of a tea tree disinfects, and oil of a pink flower – calms and gives pleasant aroma. After that it is possible to apply on the steamed-out hands coconut oil or oil jojoba – they nourish skin and promote cell renewal.

For removal of a cuticle it is better to use an orange stick, and then at desire to correct a shape of nails a nail file. Masters advise not to carry out cut manicure as it contradicts a formula the hair dryer-shuy. Before drawing the chosen shades it is better to cover nails with transparent base under a varnish. It is possible to start use of a color varnish.

The white basis and gold spontaneous accents, combination of black base to red flowers of elements or mixture of blue and blue shades are considered as the most harmonious combinations of flowers, for example.

How to make manicure on the hair dryer-shuy you look in the following video.