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Manicure for hair

Manicure for hair


Now in salons such service as manicure for hair is quite often offered, after all thanks to it it is possible not only to paint the ringlets, but also to add them healthy gloss, and the most important – to restore their damaged structure.

It appears, the manicure can be done not only for nails, but also for hair: for the first time such procedure started being carried out only on light ringlets, but now it is available both to blondes, and to brunettes.

Very often girls confuse manicure to usual coloring, but these are absolutely different methods: in the first case curls manage to give only a shade and to cure them of damages, and in the second – to find the most different colors, but to damage their structure since paints contain harmful chemicals.

Manicure of hair: pros and cons

In total there are two types of care of ringlets by means of use of means for manicure:

  • The color: allows to make a natural shade deeper and more beautiful;
  • The colourless manicure for hair adds them gloss and shine.

All procedures of manicure for hair are united by one: they are aimed at restoration of structure because in their structure, unlike simple paints with oxidizers, there are substances which aren't reacting with ringlets, and influencing them by means of penetration of cations of amino acids which treat each hair.

Manicure of hair: pluses and minuses

The technology of manicure for ringlets has the mass of advantages in comparison with other techniques of leaving:

  • Thanks to it it is possible to paint a head of hear not only without having damaged it, but also having restored from roots to tips;
  • Specially created paints for manicure allow to paint over completely a gray hair, and they are quite resistant;
  • The means used for procedure strengthen tips, and also do ringlets healthy and shining.

It should be noted that ways of drawing manicure for hair depend on what means are for this purpose applied: the purchased are usually distributed by a special brush on all length and maintained before half an hour, and for house longer time of influence is necessary.


Manicure for hair


Rules of drawing manicure:

  • At first we wash the head two times with shampoo, then we blot hair with a towel;
  • Evenly we distribute mix on locks, having receded from roots on 1 cm;
  • We leave structure to be absorbed for 15 minutes, previously having put on the head a hat for a shower and having wrapped up with a towel;
  • We remove warming, we maintain still 5 minutes;
  • We wash away means, using shampoo then we put a nutritious mask.

Manicure for Perfetto hair

This means is developed by the Japanese company Number Three-003 and is very often used in salons for biolamination. The manicure has 34 shades which can be mixed to achieve desirable color, or it is simple to make colourless coloring.

That gives Japanese manicure for hair:

  • Beautiful and natural color;
  • Elastic and strong locks;
  • Restoration of the injured ringlets;
  • Strong tips without sections.

Manicure for Lombok hair

The following option of a preparation for manicure is suitable for those who wants to have brilliant healthy ringlets, having made for it a minimum of efforts. Its main advantage is not only effective impact on the damaged locks, but also low cost, however it is necessary to use it a little differently, than other means:

  • We wash out hair the degreasing shampoo, slightly we dry them the hair dryer;
  • Monotonously we apply on curls on all length, then we put on a thermocap or we warm up ringlets the hair dryer within 20 minutes then we leave under a cellophane hat for the same time;
  • We wash a head of hear without use of shampoo.

Manicure for Moltobene hair

The painting ink containing plant extracts which, in turn, strengthen ringlets from within is a part of this means and does them brilliant outside. The preparation has the rich palette including 34 shades, and each structure is created on the basis of nutritious oils. It has some advantages:

  • Long preservation of color (till 6 weeks);
  • Possibility of use of nutritious masks after manicure, thus a shade won't be washed away;
  • Fast restoration of the damaged locks: in most cases there are enough 3-4 procedures.

Manicure for hair with oils

The easiest way of performance of manicure – to use nutritious oils which regenerate structure and revitalize locks: kastorovy, burdock, peach, apricot or jojoba. How to do natural masks:

  • We take any oil (100 g) suitable as hair, we heat it on a water bath;
  • We distribute on ringlets, we put on a hat and we leave to influence for 60 minutes;
  • After the specified time we wash away with shampoo.

Manicure for hair with milk

To humidify dry and to restore rassechenny hair, it is enough to use the simple recipe if there is no opportunity to buy means for manicure:

  • We warm 100 g of fat milk to warmth, we add to it couple of egg yolks and 1 tablespoon of natural honey;
  • Properly we shake up, we impregnate with mix of a lock and we leave for 1 hour;
  • We wash away, using shampoo.

Manicure for hair with honey

This means, besides moistening of curls, helps and to get rid of dandruff:

  • We heat to 38 degrees 100 g of honey, we stir with egg;
  • After beating we process all head of hear, having paid special attention to head skin;
  • Having kept 1,5 hours under a hat, we go to wash the head.



If to do procedure of manicure regularly, it is possible to achieve the most positive changes:

  • Hair are completely restored on all length;
  • There is a gloss and volume;
  • Rassechenny tips are revitalized, their repeated damage is prevented.

Manicure for hair: responses of our readers

Lyudmila, 28:

"Long ago I use manicure of Moltobene, and very much with it it is happy. After the first time ringlets started shining that wasn't earlier, but the most important – the "wooliness" which so bothered to me disappeared, and now I can do a beautiful hair"

Margarita, 23:

"I liked the simplest house means with milk. The only minus – after drawing can flow down from hair but if to put on a hat with elastic bands, skintight to the head, problems won't be"

Olga, 30:

"Because of abuse of paints I strongly injured hair, but, fortunately, to me they managed to be restored by means of castor oil which I applied 2-3 times a week as a mask. Effect tremendous: ringlets became silky and brilliant, fragility decreased and they stopped being such rigid, as earlier".


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