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Manicure with ice cream

Manicure with ice cream

The beautiful manicure is obligatory attribute of any stylish image. Today very popularly to draw on the marigold various confectionery, including ice cream with multi-colored balls.

Ideas of design

The modern fashion on drawing of sweets on nails is very various, it is possible to realize any interesting idea.

Practically any summer image can be combined with such manicure, and the owner of such fashionable marigold on a beach in combination with a bathing suit will look very stylishly and is fresh.

Ideas of design of manicure with sweets can be the most various, but after all it is possible to break them into small groups:

  • With ice cream. Hit of summer 2017. Volume or flat, figured or smooth, balls of ice cream can be drawn, and can be put by means of a cliche. They can be in a usual glass or in ice cream cone.
  • With cake. Usually in such design the brightest colors of a varnish – green, pink, red and blue are used. Interesting idea: on four of five fingers cakes are drawn whole, and on one - bitten. Any woman of fashion won't refuse manicure with such decor.
  • With donuts. Different in the size and diameter, with a posypushka or without, with glaze of any color - the manicure with donuts remains to one of the most favourite designs of the last years.
  • With cotton candy. Such design perfectly will be suitable for lovers of a glamour or Barbie style. Bright pink luscious cotton candy on a white background looks very effectively both on paper, and on nails.

Novelties of year

Hit of the last summer is the design with ice cream. Stylists on the models showing Spring-summer 2017 clothes prefer to see bright and cheerful manicure with a favourite dessert.

Classical drawing bright and contrast drawing on one ring finger when coloring the others in uniform, for example, pale yellow or dairy-pink – such option looks "quiet color" very cheerfully and fashionably.

Modulation from pale to bright color, beginning from a thumb and finishing with a little finger also looks very interestingly. On one or two fingers it is possible to draw ice cream, for example, in a wafer cup, and it is possible to adhere to the same flowers, as the main background, but to use brighter shades. For example to make a background gentle-lilac, and to decorate balls of ice cream in blue, violet and purple.

One more fresh idea consists in use of the brightest and acid shades. Lovers of night life will estimate bright design of nails with use of the shining varnish. Eating a daylight, the luminescent varnish will be allocated very brightly at night.

It is also possible to use various designs on different nails. The lunar design will look very gently together with the French manicure, and the tiny horn with ice cream in the top left quarter of a nail will be a juicy highlight in all image.

Various strokes, peas and bends will interestingly look as a background for the main drawing, the main thing - competently to pick up color that there was no merge or excessive pretentiousness.

For lovers of experiments there is one more interesting image: to cover four nails with absolutely black varnish, opaque or brilliant, and on one to draw a horn with ice cream. With such rather strict, but thus simple design it is possible to come to work or to go for appointment.

To lovers to draw sweets on nails you shouldn't overload an image with numerous drawings on all fingers. If, for example, to draw all sweets in a row, simply merging mass of bright flowers and as it won't be possible to make that emphasis in drawing will turn out.


The modern market offers a huge number of jewelry for manicure by means of which it is possible to embody the most interesting ideas. For example, powder can serve both means of a decor, and way of additional strengthening of nails.

Acrylic powder – the most plain decision. By means of it it is possible to create design "ice cream with sprinkling". She creates additional volume, easily allocates the necessary parts of drawing. Also there is a brilliant powder which shines at a daylight.

Pastes – an excellent way of dressing of ready drawing. Stones of different flowers can be used as ice cream balls.

The confetti can be applied as topping to design of nails with ice cream, a donut or cake. Looks very brightly and festively.

Using stickers, it is possible not to put drawing independently, and already to buy the ready. Today the range of stickers with the image of favourite sweets is really huge.

Masters of manikyurny service often use spangles for creation of an interesting background to the main drawing. For example, the opaque colors used for the main drawing perfectly it is combined with easy gloss and blinking of a background.

Metal application will be suitable for creation of more strict design whereas bright paints on nails look is inappropriate. Using silvery, black and white varnishes it is possible to create a reserved image, thus having applied the most trend subject.

Step-by-step management and master classes

If there was an idea to create manicure with ice cream, it is worth thinking of materials which, perhaps, can be useful in advance. The simple step-by-step management will help women of fashion to make independently to itself such manicure in house conditions.

  1. Before drawing a varnish it is necessary to put a nail in order: to wash hands with soap, carefully to dry up nails and to remove all dirt under them. Using a file, to give to long part of a nail the corresponding form. Then we delete a cuticle from a nail plate and a special soft nail file we grind a nail surface, clearing it.
  2. Then it is necessary to degrease nails. Using napkins, we wipe nails special liquid.
  3. Drawing a primer or the bond provides gel varnish the best coupling with a nail, it doesn't exfoliate and not less than three weeks will strongly keep.
  4. Then we put a basic basis or a top covering.
  5. After end of a preparatory stage we pass to causing base gel varnish to nails. It is put by means of a usual brush and then is located in an ultra-violet lamp for 30 seconds.
  6. When the basic covering completely dries, it is necessary to put a layer of color gel. It is necessary to cause average quantity of a varnish as the big drop will be smeared on all finger, and the insufficient quantity will "polosit" on a nail.
  7. Then we put the main drawing, in our case – three balls in ice cream cone. For balls we use acrylic powder, and a cone we draw gel varnish a special thin brush. We apply drawing on ring fingers of both hands. All other fingers are simply painted in monophonic color.
  8. Final stage is drawing a top covering over the main drawing, you shouldn't forget to cover also a cut of a nail, and then to polymerize.

How to draw on nails ice cream horn in equipment velvet sand you look in the following video.

Master class in creation of the drawing "Velvet Ice Cream"

  1. For a start it is necessary to prepare materials: the powder "velvet", tweezers, a brush, top base, a varnish of primary color, and also color on a decor on the discretion.
  2. After causing top base and its drying it is necessary to cause primary color. To the first layer to allow to dry completely, and after drawing the second layer to strew it with velvet powder. For example, it can be sprinkling for ice cream.
  3. By means of tweezers we correct fibers on drawing, then the brush shook accurately off excess material.

Master class in creation of the pattern drawing "Ice cream"

  1. We will prepare some bright varnishes, a top covering, a stamp, a metal disk, in advance we select a cliche with the image of ice cream. We will prepare all necessary materials and we break to a preparatory stage.
  2. We delete a cuticle, we polish nails, we file excess edges. It is necessary to degrease a nail surface.
  3. After drawing and drying of a top varnish we start causing background color. If the nail is only intended for drawing one on each hand, it is worth making up and drying up all nails in advance, and then to start drawing.
  4. On a disk we fill ice cream drawing with multi-colored varnishes. We collect paint on a stamp by means of a touch. Then the exact accurate movement we transfer drawing to a nail plate.
  5. After drawing drawing we allow it to be dried under a lamp within 30 seconds.