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Manicure with mica - luxury and gloss

 Than the popular manicure with mica attracts women? The answer is clear: brightness, sparkling, volume effect. Having for the first time seen such design, can seem that its performance will require special materials and a difficult technique. At all not! In house conditions it is possible to create the same beautiful manicure!


Manicure with mica - luxury and gloss


 Mica in the nature is the mineral having layered structure. Slices of mica have specific nacreous gloss therefore are used not only in the industry and construction, and and in art. 


Design of nails with mica: features and types


 Of course, apply the material on appearance reminding a natural mineral to a neyl-art. Manikyurny mica is small thin plates films of a different form. They have bright color and beautiful holographic effect. Plates beautifully sparkle in rays of light, create visibility of dimensions.


 Producers noticed the increasing interest of lovers of manicure in this material and expanded the range. Now on sale there is a synthetic mica of different shades and the sizes. There was an opportunity to create new volume designs of unsurpassed beauty!


Manicure with mica - luxury and gloss


There are two types of mica for manicure: usual and liquid.


 Usual (loose) mica is the small plates reminding foil slices which have rather dense, firm structure. In jars large slices which can be cut with cuticle scissors come across. Loose mica is used in aquarian design, when building. Parts should be covered with a thick layer of gel or a top that on a surface there were no roughnesses and hillocks.


 Liquid mica is a brilliant powder which has softer structure, lays down on nails evenly, beautifully glints in the sun. There are also other names which were thought up by manicurists: wet gloss, liquid foil. Such material is suitable for work about gel as a varnish, creations of design on natural nails more.


House manicure with mica: three technologies of performance


 Experts advise to do manicure with mica in house conditions on gel a varnish. Brilliant material is strongly attached to a sticky layer. Therefore we will tell about three most popular technicians.


Design with use of usual mica



 Initial processing of nails is always very important. Polishing of nails, drawing a primer and base – stages obligatory, but on them we won't stop.

  • We apply color gel a varnish on a basis with a thin layer. We dry in a lamp exactly two minutes as the instruction specifies.


  • Orange stick we take mica slices from a jar and we distribute them on a plate. We fill with them all basis completely or part of a nail, depending on the conceived design. Thin plates it is possible to cover densely a nail or accurately to stack them at rather long distance from each other. We try not to go beyond edges of a plate and on lateral rollers.


  • We cover a nail with food wrap, densely we press. A finger we straighten slices as far as it is possible a little. Slices of mica are densely pasted to a nail, the surface becomes less hilly.


  • We place the finger wound by a film in a lamp, we dry about 20-30 seconds.


  • After drying we remove a film. We are convinced that all slices laid down evenly. 


  • We paint a nail the finish, we send to polymerize in a lamp for 2 minutes.


  • After that attentively we examine a basis, we are taken place on it by a nail file if suddenly slices of mica are seen over the finish.


  • For reliability we are taken place on a basis the bafiky. We shake dust. We are convinced that a surface smooth. 


  • The design is ready. Small nacreous parts are sealed under a finishing covering. At desire it is possible to draw in addition gel with paint patterns.


  • We cover nails with one more layer of a finishing covering, we remove a sticky layer.


Design with liquid mica


 Soft, thin, small parts published remind spangles. Food wrap for manicure in this case isn't required. Liquid mica can be leveled on a surface a brush. This type of brilliant material is recommended for performance of design not only on long, but also on short nails.



 We will describe the scheme step by step.

  • We apply the chosen color of shellac or gel of paint on base. We dry in a lamp.


  • Flat brush we take slices of mica and we impose them on a sticky layer. Properly we level, we shade, evenly we distribute on a surface. We send to dry approximately for 20 seconds.


  • We cover from above with a finishing layer. We dry and admire result!


  • If you noticed some roughnesses, hillocks on a plate, it is possible to polish them bafiky. But in most cases in it there is no need. There is usually enough also one layer of the finish, but for reliability it is possible to put also the second.


  • Brilliant drawings with mica


Manicure with mica - luxury and gloss


How to cover with mica only certain elements of design? How to create a brilliant edge of a nail in a service jacket?

  • We paint a basis in the chosen color, we dry.
  • Carefully we remove a sticky layer.
  • We do drawings gel by paint: flowers with wide petals, strips or geometrical figures.
  • We dry images, but we don't remove a sticky layer.
  • Now we apply mica on drawings, we shade a brush. Parts stick only on those sites where there is a sticky layer.
  • We brush away the mica remains from a basis a dry brush, we block a top. We remove stickiness.
  • Now it is possible to decorate a basis with thin patterns, monograms, vegetable motives.
  • We cover ready design with one more layer of a top.

 Very beautifully the French manicure with the brilliant line of a smile looks. When building the free edge is done long and transparent, sealing mica of one or several flowers in gel. On natural nails it is also possible to make a service jacket, using the third way of drawing described above. For this purpose on a surface of ready manicure we trace the line of a smile gel paint or gel is delicious. We dry in a lamp and we cover with mica. Parts will stick only to free edge where there was a stickiness. It was necessary to dry a layer in a lamp short time (no more than 30 seconds) and to put the finish over ready design. The result is presented on a photo.


Manicure with mica - luxury and gloss


There is one more easy way of performance. It is possible to mix transparent or color gel with liquid mica and as a result to receive a new shade with deep microgloss.


 To make the increased nails with mica it is necessary to study technology of building. Independently more difficult to make it. The skill and ability is necessary quickly to simulate a plate form. But as a result we will receive design of improbable beauty!


Manicure with mica - luxury and gloss




Manicure with mica - luxury and gloss


Manicure with mica - luxury and gloss


Manicure with mica - luxury and gloss