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Manicure with palm trees

Manicure with palm trees

Manicure with palm trees it is bright and is always very effective. Fashionable sign: if you see palm trees on nails of the lady, she almost for certain or is sent on leave, or dreams of it. If you think of getting nails with tropical design, this article for you. Thus doesn't matter at all, you go at the sea in the summer or in the winter – this remarkable design will become fine ornament anyway. It should be taken into account all actual fashionable tendencies.

Features of summer option

Tropical motives in the form of palm trees for nails is a wide choice of opportunities for an embodiment in reality of ideas of the skilled manicurist. Such design can be executed in the most different technicians, and everything can be made in house conditions. The gradient, volume or usual manicure – all this perfectly is suitable for creation of ideal drawing. What exactly to choose – the decision for you.

This manicure equally well looks both on long, and on short nails.

Against the nature

Such manicure will ideally look on any sea coast. The beautiful palm tree against the blue sky with white clouds will make your nails the most real masterpiece. The sky can be lit up by a red decline. The sea is that will also be ideally suited for a charming landscape on nails. Dawn, a decline, the sun is fine additions which organically and naturally fit into the nature surrounding palm trees.

On a monophonic basis

Very stylishly and always palm trees against one color fantastically look. The shade can be any which is pleasant to you. Pink, blue, yellow and even violet colors will look very effectively. Gracefully also palm trees on nails of a pastel shade will stylishly look. Ombre – a fine background for drawing in the form of a palm tree.

The two-color

Excellent choice for idea of manicure with tropical trees. You will need to choose only two colors: palm tree and background. And they can be any. Even the white palm tree against black nails will look though is rather extravagant, but is precisely unforgettable. Red, green, yellow, brown, blue colors will look too very well.

The manicure with palm trees can be made on one or on two fingers on a hand. You can also choose manicure with drawing in the form of a palm tree on each nail. If you on holiday, it is possible to afford the "maximum" manicure. If you go to work, but you dream of that palm trees flaunted on your nails, manage a minimum. Apply a palm tree on one or two nails on a hand, and the others let will be monophonic.

Such modest, but very interesting manicure will pleasantly remind you of holiday or will help to dream of the following.


Palm trees is not only bright and rebellious iridescent paints. It is the whole gallery of opportunities for different styles and their design embodiment. Depending on style to which you adhere in life, it is possible to choose thematic design – up to casual style with its reserved tones. Think over the fashionable actions for month or week, and then the choice will be obvious: long-term manicure or not. It is worth understanding subjects in more detail.

With pastes

To go on a party or appointment to nails to palm trees is an excellent thought. Simply decorate the manicure with the pastes suitable on a color combination. It is possible even to pick up options in the form of stars. Pastes are a highlight which will make manicure brilliant in literal sense of this word. Such manicure will better look with a background of black or bright color.

With fruit

Such manicure effectively looks with different fruit. Pineapple, yellow banana, green a kiwi, orange orange or a bright lemon are interesting. They will become harmonious addition to summer design. The juicy water-melon, ripe cherry or a beautiful cheesecake – all this reminds us of summer therefore for manicure such options will be as it is impossible by the way. It is possible to use one fruit for each nail, and it is possible to alternate them to several exotic trees. Ripe fruit against a palm tree – excellent idea.

Design novelties

The industry of a neyl-art so promptly develops, what the even advanced woman of fashion will hardly manage to try everything. Today the remarkable manicure can be made by means of the most different the technician. It is possible to enjoy original trees and a landscape, as if it not manicure, but the most present photos. So, it is possible to allocate different fashionable tendencies.

In style of stockings

Appeared quite recently, but already popular tendency to create effect of kapron stockings on nails is picked up by many women of fashion. This equipment received the simple and clear name – "kapron" or "stockings". Such manicure looks with palm trees very elegantly – and even it is noble. The most habitual color – black, but red and white also fantastically look together with palm trees. Such manicure is ideally suited for evening issue.

The volume

The 3D - manicure with palm trees in a leading role will look very interestingly. Drawing as if comes to life on nails, giving them an unusual charm. Game of paints and their combination will make the business. As a rule, on nails the area on which there is a palm tree with leaves is convex. Such manicure – quite courageous decision for women who aren't afraid of a creative in the image.

The manicure with palm trees is a suitable choice both for young girls, and for adult women. Such design can be picked up for each woman. Styles and color combinations can be listed indefinitely. Accurate handles with the palm trees flaunting on them will perfectly supplement your image and to emphasize beauty. The photo gallery will help to make to you a right choice.

Step-by-step management and master classes

Beautiful nails in beach subject can be made not only in expensive salons. It is possible to get stickers in the form of palm trees and to make such manicure very easily. You will be able to make everything in house conditions. Thanks to a master class at you easily it will turn out to draw charming palm trees. It is worth reviewing a concrete example.

You need the following:

  • stick for removal of a cuticle;
  • nail file;
  • the degreasing means;
  • basic covering;
  • white, transparent and nyudovy varnishes (or any other color – on your discretion);
  • acrylic paint of black, brown, violet or other color, brush for drawing, a top covering.


  • take nails in warm water;
  • remove with a stick a cuticle;
  • give to nails the complete form;
  • grind and degrease nails;
  • put a basic covering.

Define number of nails on which palm trees will be represented. For example – make two nails on one hand with palm trees, and others let will be simply nyudovy or transparent. Operations procedure following:

  1. Varnish nails – depending on your color preferences.
  2. Carefully dry nails;
  3. Surfaces on which palm trees will flaunt, cover with an opaque top.
  4. Again dry nails.


  • Draw with a brush krone of a palm tree which will consist of five branches.
  • Apply with strokes palm tree leaflets on each branch.
  • Towards the basis of a nail draw a palm tree trunk. It can be direct or bow-shaped. It isn't obligatory to draw identical palm trees on all nails at all. Each drawing can be unique.
  • Carefully dry nails.

Final stage:

  • Cover ready manicure with a top layer.
  • Other nails which don't participate in creation of drawing, cover with beige, pink, yellow or other varnish – on your choice.
  • Dry nails.

Your beach manicure with original palm trees is ready. Such manicure can be decorated with pastes or spangles – depending on your tastes. Color combinations will bring something new in such equipment. The red-black or fulvous scale will look absolutely in a different way.

You can not doubt that next time your palm trees will be even more beautiful. Everything comes with experience.


Many women consider that palm trees on nails it is fashionable and beautiful. Such manicure can be carried out in the most different styles, up to the evening. If you are afraid to appear at once with bright manicure, try more gentle of tone. Besides, such manicure can hint your chief that it is time for you in holiday. Today many girls choose such unusual beach manicure. He will remind of summer holiday even in gloomy cloudy days that for certain will lighten mood.

The following simple master class will teach you to do tropical manicure independently.