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Manicure with peonies

Manicure with peonies

The fashion often changes, and it affects manicure. If before the girl preferred abstractions, now even more often on nails at young ladies flower drawings meet. The fashion on flowers didn't die away at all times. Today the manicure with peonies enjoys wide popularity.


Under flower manicure it is possible to choose any colors. Such manicure lightens mood even in rainy and cloudy day. But at a choice of flowers it is recommended to consider a season. It is tulips, a lilac in the spring. In the summer - camomiles, roses and peonies. In the spring - dahlias. In the winter carnations or roses will approach.

There is the Chinese list is when drawing goes water color dab. It is possible to represent both simple drawings, and difficult.

Very fashionable flowers on nails are peonies. Every year this flower on nails of beauties changes. In 2017 the peony became more east. The list of the East places emphases on all smallest details. Only the real master can put such drawing.

One of the most fashionable shades in manicure still remain pinkish color. The peony will well look on short nails, on the long. However for the long more difficult patterns are possible. To apply one more decor, it is necessary to think and look narrowly well because it is important not to break east list


Fashionable it is considered registration in style of a usual service jacket, with a white and transparent varnish. On nails of ring fingers the peony in gentle tones becomes. Such manicure is universal. It will be suitable both for daily occurrence, and for a solemn holiday.

Fashionable trend is the manicure with use of a pastel varnish which differs in a pinkish shade. On averages and anonymous nails peonies do in a dark gray shade. This manicure will approach for any holiday. It isn't necessary to forget and about a classical snow-white service jacket.

It is possible to add the drawings executed in the Chinese equipment. In house conditions to make it it is difficult, it is better to entrust such work to the skilled master.

Green varnish now too in a trend. The anonymous nail can be covered with a black varnish, and as design to represent a peony. The hole on an average nail can be laid out accurately pastes. Then the manicure will be fully complete.

For most of neyl-designers flowers — a subject boundless. Flowers happen both realistic, and invented. You shouldn't forget and about a cat's eye.

The neyl-art on a bright background is fine. It becomes popular in the spring when all nature wakens from a winter dream. The background can be taken any: from blue to the bright lilac. There are options when the main varnish of one color, and flowers are on a light background.

Options for a holiday

Good option - patterns in a service jacket which is made in white and turquoise flowers. It is possible to add the Chinese list. Perfectly white and red shades are suitable for manicure. They can be primary colors in a neyl-art, all attention – on large peonies.

Use 3D - design

Now the flower design in 3D - equipment wins popularity. Volume parts consist of gel, it perfectly holds a form.

This manicure will suit not all as some details will cling to clothes, but it well looks on long nails.

It is possible to add pastes or bulyonka to volume florets of a peony.

Options in pastel shades – also a trend of this season. It perfectly looks and with volume elements. Cores of florets of peonies can be darkened, and then the manicure will be more volume. And in the middle of a peony it is possible to place a white stone and white bulyonka. This manicure most of all is suitable for appointments. There is a festive option - in green-lilac scale.

Service jacket with peonies


  • On nails the golden-green service jacket, but at each nail - the design becomes.
  • Average nail - pastes and a peony of a gentle-violet coloring.
  • Anonymous nail - brilliant pastes, and from above they are larger.

The opaque varnish continues to win hearts of beauties.

Combinations of luster and opaque options, white and red shades will be pleasant to all. On a nail of a ring finger it is possible to add volume peonies with a list and patterns.

Not really usual service jacket with peonies on anonymous nails also wins hearts of beauties. Small pastes will be able to add an image.

It is necessary to tell and about abstract design. It is absolutely free style, the portrayal of details isn't necessary here. It is possible to reproduce this neyl-art and at home. At abstract design there are a lot of fans. The neyl-art with an abstract peony will be ideally suited for daily occurrence.

The peony as design on nails is an excellent decision! Experiment, choose the option which is most suitable for itself – and you won't be disappointed.

In more detail how to draw peonies on nails you learn from the following video.